Fantendo Sports Wii
Developer(s) 12 11 6
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Genre(s) Sports

Fantendo Sports Wii is the first game in the Fantendo Sports series.


Image Name Type How to unlock Helper/Ref
DREW Tennis Tennis Racket Starter
Dodgeball fantendo sports wii Dodgeball Throw Complete Dodgeball tournament on easy mode. Blue and Red (Hood'ems)
Ella metals hockey Ice Hockey Racket Play one match on any other sport.
Thunder v bit Netball Ball Starter
Golf fantendo sports wii Golf N/A Starter Paratoad
BaseballFSW Baseball Racket Starter


Image Name Description Pairings How to unlock
Hood'em mr wrinkle Mr. Wrinkle Mr. Wrinkle, from Hood'ems is here! After watching a soccer match on TV, he got into sports and joined the crew!

Ball - Mr. Sew'n

Throw - Ninja

Racket - Robot

Hood'em mr sew'n Mr. Sew'n Mr. Sew'n from Mr. Sew'n's Takeover is here! After hatching another plan to take over the world, he decided he would use sport as a distraction, so if someone accused him, he could say "No, I've been doing sport."

Ball - Mr. Wrinkle

Throw - Robot


Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
Hood'em black Ninja

Ninja, the master of hiding in Hood'ems, is here to play! After discovering his talent of amazing speed, Ninja started playing sport, as his speed always helped him win.

Ball - Robot

Throw - Mr. Wrinkle

Racket - Mr. Sew'n

Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
Hood'em robot Robot Robot, from Hood'ems is here and ready to rumble! After breaking down, Mr. Sew'n found him, and reprogrammed Robot to help him win the sports.

Ball - Ninja

Throw - Mr. Sew'n

Racket-Mr. Wrinkle

Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
3.14 3.14 3.14 from the 3.14 series is here! 3.14 has decided to try his luck in sport, to see how successful he is.

Ball - Strafe

Throw - Geo

Racket-Litle P

Akro Bat MM Akro Bat Akro bat, from McBoo's mansion is here! After escaping from McOober, Akro Bat found a path that lead Akro to a sports arena.

Ball - McBoo

Throw -


Strafe Strafe Strafe from 3.14 is back! This time, he has lost his guns, and is in need of some entertainment... sport!

Ball - 3.14

Throw - Litle P


Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
ACL-Bit2 Bit Bit is here! When Bit was playing, he found a door, and when he went through it, found himself ready for sports!

Ball - Lep

Throw -




Emerald tennis Emerald the Sceptile A speedy Sceptile and hero of his world, Emerald is the leader of Team Gemstones and has saved his world many times. Now he's here and ready to play some sports!

Ball - DREW

Throw - Bearded Smiley


Drew basketball DREW Whilst searching for his friends and family DREW stumbled upon a sports stadium. So he decided to take a short break and play some sports!

Ball - Emerald

Throw - Blaze

Racket - Bearded Smiley

Bearded smiley boxing Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley, the most annoying person in the Fantendoverse has taken a short break from annoying Uilee Tea. He now has appeared to play some sports with others from around the Fantendoverse.

Ball -


Throw - Emerald

Racket- DREW

Blaze dart Blaze the Lucario Blaze was searching for Emerald so he could attempt to destroy him, Blaze stumbled upon a sports stadium and decided to take part.

Ball - Bearded Smiley

Throw - DREW

Racket- Emerald

Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
Thunder the yoshi pepper Thunder the Yoshi Thunder is back! Luigi is on holiday, so Thunder is free to have fun at the sport center!

Ball- Jocket

Throw- Ella


Lep football Lep Lep, is here! After coming home from Chicago, Lep found a sports centre. He decided he would like to try it out.







Vizro boxing Vizro Vizro is here! Vizro is practicing for when he has the game of football with the other Pokemon.







Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
Fitro football Fitro Fitro is here! After finding out that they had football at the sports centre, what could he do but join?

Ball- Vizro

Throw- Bit



Ella metals hockey Ella Metals Ella is here! While looking for metal, to bend, she found the sports centre, and found her strength against metal helpfull when her opponents use metal block!

Ball- Andy

Throw- Thunder

Racket- Jocket

Litle P Art Litle P Litle P is here! While being Detective P, Litle P detected something awesome! It was the sports centre!



Throw- Strafe


Mcboo-idle-ML McBoo McBoo's here! While tourists were looking for ghosts in McBoo's Mansion, McBoo decided to take a trip to the Sports Centre.

Ball- Akro Bat



GeoShapeyton Geo Geo the polynoid is here! The Evil Polynoid left clues that he was in the sports centre, but it was a red herring. Geo decided to play sports anyway!

Ball- Litle P

Throw- 3.14


ToadTheif ToadTheif ToadTheif is here! Not being such a thief today, but playing sports! Starter
Teardrop ball Teardrop Seaside

Ball- Inferadness

Throw- Arcois

Racket- Borealis

Inferadness ball Inferadness

Ball- Teardrop

Throw- Borealis

Racket- Arcois

Arcois Arcois

Ball- Borealis

Throw- Teardrop

Racket- Inferadness

Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
Borealis golf Borealis

Ball- Arcois

Throw- Inferadness

Racket- Teardrop

Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.
David white shirt


(He wears a white shirt in golf)

Dudle 3D Final Dudle

Ball- Dudlette

Throw- Scribboy

Racket- Scribblry

Dudlette 3D Final Dudlette

Ball- Dudle

Throw- Scribblry

Racket- Scribboy

Scribboy 3D Scribboy

Ball- Scribblry

Throw- Dudle

Racket- Dudlette

Scribblri G Scribblri G.

Ball- Scribboy

Throw- Dudlette

Racket- Dudle

Attempt to play any sport with any of the types stated on the left.


Some of these locations are Fantendo, some are Nintendo.

Image Name Descripton Sports compatible How to Unlock
Dodgeball fantendo sports wii Bowser's Castle Bowser's Castle from Mario Sports Mix is here!




Play one match of compatible sports.
Golf fantendo sports wii Golfing Green


Volley Ball


Mr. sew'ns backwards coaster Mr. Sew'n's Backwards Coaster The best HWoF ride is here! Hit the ball between the two karts.




Sew'n spin Sew'n Spin A spinning stage? Your background view will constantly change, but don't let it distract you! All Starter
H20 H20 Colisium A colisium? In the future? Watch out, it may just flood. All Starter
Bear coaster Bear-Coaster The Bear coaster? Being moved about while aiming for the target? Darts Starter
Techno-City(FantendoSportsWii) Techno-City The ! sign on the signboard will light up when Waddlebots and Robolt Hammer Bros. will come. It only run to the right(When you are on Blue Team), but when the team has made a score, the way they goes will be reversed, running to the left(When you are on Blue Team), explaning the reversed No Turn-Back signboard. You can take Waddlebots/Robolt Hammer Bros. out with your Item or Dodgeball! Dodgeball Play as Toad-Theif 20 times.
DimensionChoron Dimension Choron A place that is only accessible through warp pod. All the contestants will be 3D and "flat" at once-This place is 4D! All Play as Geo 2 times.

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