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Clyde1998 Talk - We're completing this very soon


(intro & music)
CLY: Hello! Hello and welcome. Today we're going to start with a segment we didn't do in the last show - "Cross-Sports". So, we sent 3.14 out to see what that is!
3.14: Yes. Cross-Sports is a sport played with two sports - like playing football with a tennis ball. We're going into the car park to see who will win. Me, or Clyde.
CLY: Yes, so we needed a team. No worries, because we're going to use are teams from the Fantendo Football League, so if you've never watched it, never heard of it, or you don't even know what it is- this is your chance to see the rubbish in the league.
3.14: Rubbish?
CLY: Well the teams look like this: For Illogical FC: Nitro, 3.14, Heart, Game & Cactus, Strafe, Bonehead, Silence (C), Rise, Platina, Kanow, Pi.EXE. And for Team Flame-Scotland: Bowser, Some Random Guy for England, Baby Clyde, Banana Jr., Fire Master, Baby Yoshi, me (C), Snow Master, Yoshi, Fire Clyde, King Boo. So we play 30 minutes - 15 each way - Extra Time!
3.14: This is what happened!
McBoo: I'm ref.
CLY: Why?
McBoo: I am that's why. 3, 2, 1... GO!
(after 5 minutes)
CLY: GOAL!! Scotland 1-0 I.F.C.!!!!!!!
3.14: Shut Up you Scottish Turd!
(after 30 minutes)
3.14: Yes. 6-1.
(end film)
CLY: 6-1 to you?
3.14: No...
CLY: 6-1 to us?
3.14: Maybe!

CLY: Right 3.14 took the challenge today - serve an ace at Sports Stig Guy.
3.14: Yes. And it turned out the camera's weren't on, and it was raining!!
CLY: So, now it's time to see our guests - Vulcan and RedYoshi!
(They appear on stage!)
CLY: So it's great to have you here! Now, one of you are in the FFL, one of you isn't!
RY: Yes, I'll take commentator role if you want.
CLY: I'll ask your boss first!
RY: Thanks!
VUL: We'll walk you team Clyde!
CLY: We drew 4-4, in a friendly.
VUL: We weren't at our best!
CLY: Now this fits in well - Crossbar & Lap here we go!
(Tape on)
(Pictures of the events)
(Tape off)
CLY: Vulcan you got 2 hits of the bar - RedYoshi: 1. Your laps - Vulcan you did 1... 17... dead. Red Yoshi: 1... 17... ... 1! It's been fun having you!

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