Here is the script. But before you read it here's a note.

This program may contain violence, swearing, & scenes not suitable for children under the age of 25. Thank-you I'm only 11!


(Intro Video and Music)

CLY: Hello, and Welcome to the first ever Fantendo Sports Show episode. We will be reviewing (thinks) sports in the next few months, with the help of 3.14.

3.14: Thanks, Clyde. Now have you ever wished that you could hit 6x6s in Cricket? Well Clyde went to find out. I mean, how hard can it be?

(Cut to Video)

CLY: Right, my first challenge.

(Passed Paper)

CLY: Oh. Hit 6x6s in a Over, within 10 hours. Is this quite easy then?

Crew Member: Yes! What did you Clyde?

CLY: ****** Hell! (Walks to Cricket Pitch) That’s bigger than a normal pitch! Who will be bowling?

(Sports-Stig Guy Walks forward.)

CLY: He’s named Sports-Stig Guy? Well lets get to work.

(9 hour 45 minutes later appears on Screen)

CLY: 5x6s – One more will and I’ll pass! (Hits 6) Yes! Yes! (Falls to Knees) I made it!

(End of Video)

3.14: So, you made it in time?

CLY: Yes, with one over left!

3.14: Is it time?

CLY: Yes, now it’s time to meet my guests. They’ve appeared together in the McBoo’s Mansion series, in the YoshiEgg series & there here tonight welcome McBoo & YoshiEgg Nook.

(They sit down)

CLY: Welcome. So, why did you invite each other to each other’s series?

YE: Well, no major reason – we’re just friends.

CLY: That’s it?

MB: Yes, it’s a simple as that!

CLY: Sports then, what’s you favourite?

MB: We’ll hang gliding has to be mine.

CLY: Interesting – You can have a go at that after the show – if you want. YoshiEgg Nook, how about you.


CLY: OK then, worst sports?

MB: It has to be High Jump! Everyone accuses me of Cheating!

YE: Really?

MB: Yes, didn’t you know?

YE: No.

CLY: OK, you’re not just here to chat. You’re also here to do some challenges. Here we have the boards for “Star in a Sports Car” and “Crossbar Challenge”. We’re going to show you the lap first. OK? Right the car is a Ford GT – more of a Super Car.

(Cut to Video)

CLY: Ready? 3. 2. 1. Go!

(CLY): (You’ve got to get it perfect to do anything right!)

MB: Round here, power, power! No swearing it’s a family show. Holy ****! That’s scary!

(CLY): (It is! And Across the Line!)

(End of Video)

CLY: Right, YoshiEgg Nook. Here we go

(Cut to Video)

CLY: 3. 2. 1. Go!

YE: Too much power!

(CLY): (It’s a super car, not a road car!)

(YE): (Yes, but it's much more powerful!)

(End of Video)

CLY: And there we are. The times. McBoo first. It was 1 minute… 17… point… 2. YoshiEgg Nook. 1 minute… 17… point… … 1. Now the crossbar. Quick clips here. McBoo you hit 1, YoshiEgg Nook, the same.

MB: Well done.

YE: Yes! I won something.

CLY: Now, you see my lap. I know the track so I should win. Lets see. A very quick video. 3.14! Can you read this out?

3.14: Clyde, you did it in. 1:15.9! And the crossbar was 2

CLY: Thank-you very much for coming McBoo & YoshiEgg Nook!

3.14 Two quick challenges, the Hole in One. Here…

CLY: First shot, so we didn’t show you what happened. And Beat a lap time by 20 seconds, that I failed badly.

3.14: You never started.

CLY: Snow stopped me! So we show you this… just now we showed you our Ford GT. Now some one will have drive it.

3.14 Yes.

CLY: Some say that he has a green eye, and that he died watching Britain’s Got Talent, that was renamed Britain’s Got No Talent. All we know is he’s called Sports-Stig Guy! However, the lap wasn’t recorded, as the camera’s were off, for some-reason, but he completed the lap in 1… 15… point… 6. He also hit the bar 3 times!

3.14: Anything else.

CLY: No. So We’ll see you next time, for another Fantendo Sports Show!


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