The Fantendo Sports Show, Episode 1 is a Episode of the Fantendo Sports Show, broadcasted on Channel 3 of Fan TV. It's hosted by Clyde, of Flame Series & Clyde (series), and 3.14, of the 3.14 Series.

The Show

Script is Here.


The Guests are:

Crossbar Challenge

The result was:

  • MB: 1
  • YE: 1

Star in a Sports Car

The times were:

  • MB: 1:17.2
  • YE: 1:17.1


Sport Challenge Where? Description Result Notes
Cricket Hit 6x6s in a Over. TBA Clyde's first challenge was to hit "6x6s" in Cricket. Completed, 1 Over Left. TBA
Golf Hole in One. TBA Clyde's second challenge was to hit a "hole in one" in Golf. Completed, First Shot. TBA
Motorsport Beat a lap time by 20 seconds TBA Clyde's final challenge was to drive a car around the track, and beat it by 20 seconds. N/A Snowed Off

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