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Fantendo Sports Show
Fantendo Sports Show
Genre(s) Sports
Original Language English

The Fantendo Sports Show is a program broadcasted on Channel 3 of Fan TV. It is run by Clyde1998, of Flame Games & FTV and McQueenMario, of EEA Inc.. It's hosted by Clyde, of Flame Series & Clyde (series), and 3.14, of the 3.14 Series.



Crossbar Challenge

Crossbar Challenge is similar to Soccer AM's Crossbar Challenge. The guests each have 3 attempts to hit the crossbar.

Star in a Sports Car

Star in a Sports Car is similar to Top Gear's Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car. The guests has each go to complete a lap around the track. The car is a Caterham 7 CSR. The track is 1.16 miles long and has 8 corners.


Guest Series? When? Times Hit Time Notes
McBoo McBoo Show 1 1 1:17.2 TBA
YoshiEgg Nook YoshiEgg Show 1 1 1:17.1 TBA
Clyde Clyde (series) Show 1 2 1:15.9 Presenter
Sports-Stig Guy None Show 1 3 1:15.6 Presenter
RedYoshi RedYoshi Show 2 TBA TBA TBA
Vulcan Project Vulcan Show 2 TBA TBA TBA
O'Lantern McBoo Show 3 TBA TBA TBA
Flame Clyde Show 3 TBA TBA TBA
Pesh Pusher's Pile Show 4 TBA TBA TBA
Pashie Pusher's Pile Show 4 TBA TBA TBA
4.13 3.14 Show 5 TBA TBA TBA
Pi.EXE 3.14 Show 5 TBA TBA TBA


Sport Challenge Where? Description Result Notes
Cricket Hit 6x6s in a Over. TBA Clyde's first challenge was to hit "6x6s" in Cricket. TBA Show 1
Golf Hole in One. TBA Clyde's second challenge was to hit a "hole in one" in Golf. TBA Show 1
Motorsport Beat a lap time by 20 seconds TBA Clyde's final challenge was to drive a car around the track, and beat it by 20 seconds. TBA Show 1


Two Sports in one!

Sports Idea Who Between
Football (Soccer) & Tennis Play Football with a Tennis ball.

Power Lap Board

The Test Track

The Test Track is 1.16 miles long, featuring 8 turns.

Corner Names
  1. Flame Corner
  2. Rocket Turn
  3. Fan TV Turn
  4. DS Turn
  5. Nintendo Corner
  6. Wii Turn
  7. Second-to-Last Corner
  8. Fantendo Corner



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