Vanessa Ridley
Butterfly Freak
Symbol FSB SportsResort
Universe Fantendoverse
Court Monarch Court
Original Aran Leverletto
Appears in Fantendo Sports Resort
Debut Fantendo Sports Resort (2015)
Finisher Butterfly Assault

This is the page regarding Vanessa Ridley's appearance in Fantendo Sports Resort; for Vanessa Ridley's main page, click here.

Vanessa Ridley is a member of the Red Team. She was revealed on 11/21/15. Her "original" is Aran Leverletto.


Vanessa was supposedly raised by butterflies, or so the stories about her tell. She shows the ability to control butterflies and communicate with them, how she does isn't quite clear. She is quite reserved and doesn't seem to be really aware of what's going on nor does she really like doing anything she's doing. It is very rare to see her speaking more than three words at a time. One can push her into being incredibly dangerous very quickly.


Stat Bar
Strength RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Speed RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Stamina RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty



She gets a bunch of butterflies to attack for her, creating walls around her and then spreading out at bullet speeds. She also ascends into the air while doing this, spinning.

Alternate Costumes

Name Info

Space Pirate Captain

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Ridley from Metroid.


Robo-Armed Freak

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Aran Leverletto.


Pastel Goth

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off the Pastel Goth look.


April O' Neil Outfit

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off April O' Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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