Toge Kurihara
Br'er Rabbit
Symbol FSB SportsResort
Universe Fantendoverse
Court Thorny Court
Original Alice Harumi
Appears in Fantendo Sports Resort
Debut Fantendo Sports Resort (2015)
Finisher Pricked Death

This is the page regarding Toge Kurihara's appearance in Fantendo Sports Resort; for Toge Kurihara's main page, click here.

Toge Kurihara is a member of the Red Team. She was revealed on 11/28/15. Her "original" is Alice Harumi.


Created in a briar patch by some cruel god, Toge Kurihara has become somewhat of a trickster over her immortal lifespan, often needing to outsmart whatever adversary comes to her. However, she is also an amoral character as well; her actions can be seen as good or evil. In the case of working with White Goddess, she doesn't actually care about getting after Alice Hamuri, what she wants is to take White Goddess' power for her own.


Stat Bar
Strength RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Speed RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Stamina RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty



Thorns grow on the side of the court, causing anyone to get close to the edges to be trapped inside. In swimming and racing, this makes the path just that much tighter and narrower.

Alternate Costumes

Name Info

Alice Harumi Colors

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Alice Harumi.


Devil Girl

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off nothing really in particular except for the general concept of a demon girl.


Koakuma Outfit

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Koakuma from the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.


Yamiko Outfit

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Yamiko from the Master of Four Seasons series.


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