FSR StoryMode

The Story Mode of Fantendo Sports Resort is split into "episodes", with ten in all. It follows Unten and the other originals as they get an invite to a Sports Resort. As they settle in, they find that there are Beorn Androids trapping them inside the Resort, with White Goddess revealed to be behind it as she brings out a bunch of doppelgangers of the group. The only way out is to win the resort sports.

Unlike other games in the New Fantendoverse, this will not have a very in-depth story mode. It also does not tie into The Threat arc in any way, instead focusing on a enemy foreshadowed in Fantendo - Genesis.

When playing the game, the game lets you switch between playing Blue Team and Red Team. Who you play as effects your ending for that day, but the player cannot have only one team win every single day, with the game forcing you to play as the other team if the player wins all four days as only one team.

You should probably read Fantendo - Genesis and Fantendo Now to properly understand what's going on. Maybe some other Fantendoverse material too.

Episode 1: White Out

Unten, Rachel, Strafe, Sakeena, Reese, Aurora, Leah, and X-Ray arrive by boat to an island, with a rather large building in the distance.

Unten: This is it right? I don't wanna go on another boat ride.
Leah: Hmm, would have thought you would have liked the ocean.
Unten: If this another joke about me being blue, you can stop it right now.
Rachel: This is the place, don't worry.
Unten: Do we even know who sent the invites for this place?
Leah: Jesus christ, we're already here and you wanna back out of this now?
Unten: Fair point.

The group walks up to the resort and enter inside.

Unten: Huh... kind of quiet in here.
Sakeena: It's not quiet. Look, there's a guy with a robotic arm over there.
Robot Arm Guy: Name's Aran.
Leah: What happened to your arm?
Aran: Really? You just met me and want to get straight into the background of how I lost my arm?
Leah: It's a question, Jill.
Aran: Jill?!
Strafe: She calls me Jack. Just roll with it.
Aurora: So uh... are we the only ones here?
Aran: We are a bit early... Hey, check out this robot I found lying around. Looks 80s as fuck, haha.
Unten: Can we get her working?
Aran: Why?
Unten: I dunno, maybe we're supposed to find it and fix it.
Aran: You all realize I need tools right? And not "tools", I mean tools.
Leah: You beat me to my own joke...
Strafe: Oh hey... more guests.
Unten: Oh hey, it's the... the...

Unten snaps his fingers.

Unten: RTAverse guys!

Amy, Tayshaun, and Krystal walk into the resort.

Amy: Hey guys! Been a while, huh.
Rachel: Yeah, it has...

Aran looks into the other rooms of the Resort while the groups catch up. He spots Fera, Aura, and Abigail in a room, chatting.

Aran: Hey ladies...

Abigail slams the door.

Aran: Mm. Alright...

He spots a disheveled scarecrow in the hallway.

Aran: Bit far from the corn field, aren't you?
Scarecrow: H-heh... I guess so...
Aran: What's your name?
Syi: It's Syi. Sir, please don't talk down to me.
Aran: Yeah, alright.

Aran looks back into the lobby, noticing a couple more faces. 3.14, Volt, Iron Mask, and Scarlet have shown up.

Volt: So... we all got invited to this? Why? I'm just a drifter.

Thorn jumps onto the couch next to him.

Thorn: Yeah, me too, but who gives a shit? Probably the nicest place to crash for a bit.
Volt: Who... are you?
Thorn: Nobody you need to worry about.
Volt: Oh, okay.

Aran looks into a almost hidden room, finding a giant laboratory. He finds a couple of tools and grins, working on the robot.

Unten notices someone walking to the resort.

Unten: Who is that? Does anyone know?

Everyone shrugs.

Unten: Huh...

A boy with blond hair with a black shirt and jeans walks in.

Boy: Why are you all here?
Unten: We got invites.
Boy: This place has been abandoned for years. Whoever told you to come here...

A sudden white light fills the room, revealing White Goddess. Nobody gasps because none of them who the fuck White Goddess is. Leah looks visibly uncomfortable though.

White Goddess: Glad most of you could make it... to be frank, I would have thought you would all be too busy, with saving the world for those two buffoons who thought they could keep me caged...
Aurora: (leaning into Strafe) Do you know this woman?

Strafe shakes his head.

White Goddess: You might not know me, but I'm your mother, Strafe.
Strafe: Alright, that's some grade-A bullshit there. My mom is Palutena, not whoever the fuck you are-
White Goddess: Ah, typical Palutena, I knew she would get to you first.
Strafe: Can you tell us what the hell this is about?
White Goddess: I've been building this up. A plan to kill you with identical strengths to your own, doppelgangers if you will. There's one for every one of you...

Aran walks into the room with the robot, now functioning.

Aran: Oh, is this a bad time...?
White Goddess: There's one for even the robot and the boy with the red streak in his hair.
Boy: The name is DREW. If you wanna kill us-
White Goddess: Yeah, that's literally exactly what I'm doing. Pay attention DREW.

Palutena, The Fan, and The Enemy appear. White Goddess smirks.

Palutena: Micaliye!
White Godess: Ahh... sister.
Palutena: You better put a stop to this or I'm gonna come over there and-
White Goddess: You'd have to get past this god-lock barrier first. That is, if you're willing to risk your own godhood...
Palutena: What the hell do you mean...

Three Beorn Androids fly up in the air, across from Palutena, The Fan, and The Enemy.

White Goddess: Beorn Androids. They have the ability to descend gods and goddesses, as well as to kill their descended victims.
Palutena: You must be bullshitting.

Rose Reaper steps out of the shadows.

White Goddess: I found her. My daughter. She's been a great help in securing Beorn blood... haha, what a luxury it is to use that. I wonder which Beorn that could be...
Unten: Wait a second... I lost a bunch a blood a while back when were captured by the military... you don't think...?

Rose flashes a grin.

Iron Mask: You told us it was for a donor!
Rose: Oh, but it was. Three, actually.
Scarlet: She isn't lying, to be frank...

Scarlet chews on a french fry.

White Goddess: Doppelgangers...

The doppelgangers appear out from the shadows. The group is taken aback except for Leah.

Leah: Goddamn it, it's just Beth.
Unten: What?
Leah: You get a weird looking doppelganger, Sakeena gets a weird looking... and oddly sexy doppelganger, and Strafe gets a weird alien for his. Me though, I have to get fucking Beth Operatino. As if I really need the Twisted Cross interfering with my summer vacation...
Unten: (to Rachel) What the hell is she talking about?

Rachel shrugs.

White Goddess: And now... we begin the bloodbath... in three... two...

Rose looks at Strafe and feels a sudden guilt for what she's been doing.

Rose: Mother... stop. Don't you feel this is too sudden?
White Goddess: Sudden? I've been formulating this for a solid year.
Rose: I think we should give them a chance... this is a sports resort after all...

White Goddess sits down.

White Goddess: Hrm, I guess that could work. Eight rounds of sports... with a final ninth if it comes to a tie. Not sure why you'd want to save them but maybe it's just to agonize their pain further... aha, I like this!
Unten: Oh shit, do we have do sports?
Strafe: I guess!
Unten: I can't do sports!
DREW: I can.
Unten: I mean no offense, we barely know you and...
Rachel: Maybe you should let someone else be the leader, Unten. It is your vacation after all...
Leah: Finally my time to shine...
Unten: Yeah, DREW should lead.
DREW: I can promise you I'll try my hardest to succeed.
Unten: You are our leader then.

Leah sits on the couch, sulking. X-Ray kisses her, instantly perking her back up.


Episode 2: Round 1

Unten and the other guys get ready to play some sports in the locker room.

Strafe: Wait, if you knew this was a sports resort, why did you come?
Unten: Uh...

Unten thinks about Rachel in her sports bra.

Unten: I just wanted to hang around with you guys.
Strafe: Aw that's sweet.

Strafe scruffs the top of Unten's head.

Unten: Hey hey, knock it off.
Strafe: Sorry... just admiring the hair.
Unten: Stop.
Strafe: Alright, alright.
Reese: Why isn't PalmMan here?
Unten: Why the hell do you care? He's on a romantic get-away with DragonMan.
Reese: Honestly, I just thought it was because he didn't like us.
Unten: Maybe that too...

Unten scratches his chin.

Reese: Wonder what the girls are talking about.
Unten: What are you some kind of creep?

Unten thinks about Rachel again.

The girls and boys reassemble onto a basketball court. DREW looks at the robot.

DREW: She can play sports right?
Robot: Can I? Ah jeez, I don't even know! I'm so alive at the moment I feel like I can do anything!

The Robot attempts a backflip but falls flat on her back.

DREW: Can you grab a ball?

The Robot picks up a ball with ease and sets it down.

DREW: Okay, good.
Unten: So uh... what's your name, robot.
Robot: It's Cura!
Unten: Oh, that's a nice name.
Cura: Oh... thank you...
Aran: Hey, get your head in the game.
Unten: What did you do to even fix her, anyway?
Aran: Some tinkering here and there... nothing much if you know your stuff. It's all outdated and simple stuff to fiddle around in this day and age. Primitive even.
Unten: Mhm.
Kendrew: Ahem!!

Unten and the others turn around.

Kendrew: I believe it's time to play some dodgeball?
DREW: Mmhm. Surprised you want to jump right to it, considering how badly you'll lose.
Unten: Do you know him...?
DREW: Dude's just a bully. I dunno what he's doing here, but it feels like he's always had it out for me.
Unten: Right... we should probably get started.



Unten: Hey, we actually did it!

DREW nods.

Kendrew: We've still got 8-9 rounds to go. Consider yourselves lucky.

Cura blows her tongue at the Red Team.


DREW: Agh!
Kendrew: Keep it! We'll be blowing you to the next galactic cluster at this rate!

Cura folds her arms.


Serah sits outside the resort, inside the god-lock barrier. Silence sits next to her.

Serah: Hey, get out of here, you weird... bug thing...
Silence: Sorry. My senses trace high levels of cosmic energy out in the sky and I can admire that.
Serah: Senses...? How can you see with those eyes?
Silence: I don't actually see, hear, feel, taste, or smell anything, I lack those senses. I can however sense magical energies that allow me to communicate so long as there's mana in my bloodstream. The staff I carry lets me do a lot with that.
Serah: Oh... that's weird. Anyway I was here first.
Silence: Mhm. I guess I should leave then, admire the stars another night?
Serah: Well, there's enough room on the bench for you, I guess.

Silence nods as he sits down.

Serah: That's got to be horrifying, having no vision, no sound, no smell, no touch, no taste...
Silence: If I was born with them and then they were taken away, maybe. White Goddess never bothered to give me those things though...
Serah: Surely you want those things though?
Silence: I don't know what they're like so... I dunno.
Serah: So I'm the alien to you.
Silence: You're not alien if I know you.
Serah: Well, the name is Serah.
Silence: The name is Silence.

Serah stares out in the distance.

Cura jumps in a room on a sleeping bag, excited she's about to go to sleep. Aurora and Amy look mildly irritated.

Amy: I'm pretty sure Krystal packed a gun, don't make me ask for it...
Cura: Sorry, I'm just excited. I dunno what I'm gonna dream about or anything!
Aurora: I know what I'm gonna dream about...

Aurora thinks about Fera's strong arms around her.

Amy: Yeah, yeah.

Krystal fixes out her hair as she sits in only her underwear.

Amy: God, why did we get paired together with the robot?
Krystal: Why so irritated?
Amy: I just wanna sleep.
Krystal: Mhm.

Krystal gets in her sleeping bag.

Krystal: Night.

Aurora plays a couple notes on her guitar before getting in her own sleeping bag. Amy and Cura get in their sleeping bags as well as the lights in the resort shut off for the night.

Episode 3: Round 2

Azure, Kendrew, and Emma sit down at a breakfast table.

Azure: It's rather strange why White Goddess recruited us for this mission, to be completely honest.
Kendrew: Listen, I don't care about the logic behind it. I just want to save Pilato.
Azure: Yes, but couldn't she just kill them herself? Why make so many deals with so many people?
Emma: Perhaps she's too much of a coward... not like me.
Azure: I'm led to believe there's a lot more going on here than I was initially told.
Kendrew: I think we all believe that... but if one ounce of her isn't telling us bullshit, then I can't... fucking take any other risk. I know she's not. She gave Emma metal bending powers and-
Azure: I don't doubt her... I'm just wondering why she hired a bunch of doppelgangers.

Kendrew slams the table.

Kendrew: We are not! Doppelgangers!
Azure: That's what she calls us.
Kendrew: Yeah, and we really care what she says. We all know this is just a way to repay/pay off things.
Emma: I don't really care, to be frank, about these metal powers, I'm sure I could have paid a scientist to recreate them. I am interested in trashing that Sakeena girl...

Emma holds out her nails.

Emma: These look good, right?
Kendrew: I just want to save my brother, I don't care about any of this other nonsense.

Emma scrowls.

Emma: I'll pay you if you tell me how goddamn great these nails are.
Kendrew: They look fantastic.

Emma pays him forty bucks.

Unten, Cura, DREW, and Sakeena sit at a table, eating breakfast.

Unten: To be frank, the food is quite good.
Sakeena: What was up with White Goddess and Strafe?
Unten: Hm?
Cura: She claimed to be Strafe's mom right? And then Strafe denied it, so... who's right?
Unten: I think I would trust Strafe's word over hers.
Cura: Why?
Unten: She trapped us in here to play sports.
Cura: Oh yeah, good point.
DREW: Unten, out of keen interest, why do you not like playing sports?
Unten: Oh shit, you can talk!
DREW: ...yeah, I've been talking since we met.
Unten: You're just so quiet though...
DREW: I don't really think so?
Unten: You didn't talk when we were getting ready for the night.
DREW: I just... don't talk when I don't have anything to say, honestly.
Unten: Fair enough, I guess.

A boat washes in the ocean nearby. A rabbit eared woman with black hair that seems to be fading stands up in it.

Woman: That fucker...

The boat hits the shore.

Woman: Thinks he can just abandon the Misfits...

The woman enters the Resort's entrance, storming in. She grabs Aura.

Woman: Have you seen Aran?
Aura: Aran's over there...

Aura points over to the left, where Aran is flirting with Aurora and Fera, who don't seem interested.

Woman: Thanks.

The woman slams her fist into Aran, throwing him into the wall. Aran falls on his face, glancing at the angry woman.

Aran: Oh hey, Melissa.

Aran weakly waves.

Melissa: Why did you abandon the Misfits to do this vacation resort thing?
Aran: Abandon? Listen, I don't even know how I got here-
Melissa: You got crazy drunk and washed up here, didn't you.
Aran: Yeah, that sounds logical. My doppelganger tho... she's smoking.

Melissa slaps Aran.

Aran: Owww...
DREW: Well, now you're trapped here like the rest of us.
Aran: Yeah, I haven't caught you up to speed.
Melissa: Fuck. I'm stuck with this asshole?
Unten: Hey, welcome to the club.

White Goddess suddenly appears.

White Goddess: Seems like we have a new guest.
Melissa: If you intend to keep me...
White Goddess: Haha, keep you? Dear, I hope to kill you. You can't escape the resort anyway, I destroyed your boat and I know you can't swim out of here...
Melissa: Damn it!
White Goddess: Your doppelganger is Pixel. She's... interestingly psychotic and under my control.

Pixel appears.

Melissa: Mmhm. Not really a doppelganger, honestly, but it'll do.
Pixel: Heh, I can't wait to kill you... maybe I won't wait. I can probably kill you with the ball...

Pixel suddenly freezes.

White Goddess: Settle it down...


Kendrew and his team stand in a basketball court.

Kendrew: Alright, we gotta win. We gotta keep winning. We can't let Blue Team just fuck up everything we got going for us, okay?

The rest of the group nods. Azure writes things down on her notebook.

Kendrew: We just can't, okay?

Kendrew stares at DREW.

DREW: Yes?
Kendrew: Not even you are gonna stand in my way.



Cura: Oh hey, we did it!
Unten: No surprise.
Melissa: This is all to it? This will be easy.


Kendrew: Haha yes!
Azure: Marking that down as a victory.

Cura kicks the ground in defeat.


Silence and Serah are out on the bench again. Serah holds a potato in her hands.

Silence: A potato?
Serah: How can you tell?
Silence: Magic senses. I'm not as senseless as I would appear.
Serah: Right.
Silence: I don't know what you look like, to be honest. I have no idea what you're wearing or anything of the sort.
Serah: So, how can you tell I'm human or holding a potato.
Silence: Both carry different energy wavelengths to me.
Serah: Do you want to know what I look like?
Silence: I won't understand, but you can try.
Serah: Well, I've got pale skin. I have brown hair, orange eyes, though these are just colored contacts. I wear a sleeveless sweater, I've got a bandana around my neck... I wear long pants.
Silence: Well, jeez, what are you doing alone at night with a potato?
Serah: I dunno, I found in the garden. It reminds me of my baby... that's all we had to eat.
Silence: Mhmm.
Serah: Honestly, I know you can't feel my hand or anything but I can feel yours... can I just...

Serah holds Silence's hand.

Serah: I don't want anything else tonight.
Silence: You want to hold hands with me?
Serah: I know, I know, it's silly but I just feel so alone sometimes... so I'm glad you showed up, even if you're an alien... honestly, maybe you're not all bad.
Silence: That's surprisingly accepting.
Serah: Maybe too accepting...

Serah lets go of Silence's hand before suddenly wanting it back. She grips onto it.

Unten sits in a room with Reese, Strafe, Aran, and Volt.

Unten: Some day that was.
Strafe: So... is she your girlfriend or something, Aran?
Aran: Melissa...?
Reese: Yeah.
Aran: It's nothing serious. Me and her work on the same team.
Strafe: She seemed pretty mad.
Aran: Yeah, she takes it very seriously... But I don't think we're in a romantic relationship, she seems to like that puffball more than me... Firball, I think his name was.
Strafe: So Volt! You've been awfully quiet.
Volt: Me? What do you want with me?
Unten: Chill.
Volt: Sorry, I've been just... on guard lately.
Unten: Why...?
Volt: Absolutely no reason.
Unten: Cool. Lights go out in... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Lights go out. Volt attempts to sleep but stares at the ceiling.

Volt: Ho boy.

Volt thinks about The Threat, her four eyes looking at him lustily.

Volt: They're gonna have to know at some point. Someone will, anyway...

Volt tightly closes his eyes.

Episode 4: Round 3

Syi groggily heads towards Unten, DREW, and Cura's table.

Syi: M-morning.
Unten: What's up?
Syi: I miss her. Hene. She's my girlfriend. We didn't exactly meet the best way but boy...

Syi pauses for a bit.

Syi: She had a heart just as fine as her ass...
DREW: Uh... a little too much detail there...
Cura: What's an "ass"?
Syi: I truly want her ass...
Unten: Uh...

Unten covers Cura's ears.

Cura: I just want to know what an ass is!
Syi: Oh sorry, I have no idea what came over me... I'm just hungry I guess.

Syi heads out with her metal plate to the breakfast line.

Unten: Poor girl, deprived of her ass...
DREW: She was talking about a donkey right? Not...

DREW sees Syi hugging Abigail's ass as she looks on extremely awkwardly. Unten waves his hands to signify that they're not part of this.

Blue Soup lays on the floor helpless as Emma Alloys and Synth watch onward.

Blue Soup: Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Emma glances at her nails.

Emma: These look good to you?
Synth: I have no idea. I'm not a "human", whatever that is.
Blue Soup: Please god, help me up!

Kendrew enters the scene and stares at Synth.

Kendrew: Who... are you?
Synth: The original. I don't know who this Volt guy is, but I came first.
Kendrew: Jesus christ, I don't know why she calls us doppelgangers.
Synth: Pretty sure she's all wacked up in the head.
Blue Soup: (still on the floor) I dunno, it makes sense to me.
Kendrew: Yeah, how?
Blue Soup: It's clearly a psychological thing. She's probably felt like she's Palutena's doppelganger for a long time and wants to get out those feelings in a harmful way through people who she despises, using doppelgangers to do what she's always wanted to do to her sister.

Kendrew scoffs.

Kendrew: Nah, that's just dumb.
Emma: The less I know, the better. I don't care about this shit.

Blue Soup shrugs on the floor.

Blue Soup: Ya'll gonna get up me up from the floor or whatever?

Azure walks over to him and helps him up.

Azure: Honestly, no manners with you people...

A submarine heads towards the island. It's revealed to be two F.A.N.T agents: Alena Carter and Jake Skett.

Alena: They're trapped in there, right?
Skett: Yep...
Alena: Looks like a vacation resort... might be a nice mission for you and me.

Skett laughs.

Skett: If I wanted a day off, I'd just ask for one.

Alena kisses Skett.

Alena: Alright, we should probably head in.

Unten, Strafe, and Sakeena sit on the lounge couch extremely lazily.

Unten: Do ya'll even wanna do this?

Strafe groans.

Strafe: No.
Sakeena: No...

Aran pops out from behind the couch.

Aran: NO!
Unten: We should just go and leave.
Strafe: Yeah, we should... too bad we're stuck here, with all the killer robots and doppelgangers.
Unten: Oh yeah.

Alena and Skett enter the building through the front door.

Unten: No, no! Turn back!

Doors shut.

Unten: Gah.
Alena: Hey, you look familiar.

Unten points to himself. Alena shakes her head and points to Aran.

Aran: Finally come back for me, huh?

A quick cut to Cura and Rachel happens.

Cura: Look, look! I drew this!

Cura shows Rachel her drawing of crying Cura being pointed by a ton of hands with scowling faces with the words "TOO REAL" scrawled fiercely.

Rachel: That's uh... very lovely. Um, how about something more... cheerful...
Cura: Like what?
Rachel: How about a palm tree? We got a ton in the resort.

Aran suddenly slams into the wall.

Rachel: Aran?!

Rachel looks to see Skett brushing off his hands.

Skett: Don't mess with Alena again.

White Goddess appears and glances at Alena and Skett.

White Goddess: God, why do you people keep showing up? I'm gonna have to make this fucking bubble people-proof. Anyway uh... shit. I didn't honestly expect you guys. Beorn Android MK. I and II, I guess you two will have to be their doppelgangers.
Skett: Can someone catch me up with what's going on?


Kendrew and his team appear on the soccer field.

Kendrew: Jeez, we got two new people to deal with.
Emma: I don't like the robots. They haven't said ANYTHING about the purse. DOES IT MATCH MY EYES OR NOT, ASSHOLES?!

The two Beorn Androids stand silently, creepily.

Kendrew: We have other concerns right now.
Emma: Well, does it?
Kendrew: Yes, yes, it matches it very well.

Kendrew sticks out his hand as Emma passes him 30 dollars.



Cura: Why don't they call this football?
Alena: We're... close to America right?
Skett: Eh, most of us are Americans.


Emma: Boom! Ya'll lose, especially that dork in the glasses.
Skett: Don't you EVER talk to her like that!
Emma: I meant the one who... uh... uh...

Emma stares at Sakeena, literally unsure how else to describe her. Sakeena looks at her oddly.

Sakeena: (to herself) Is she coming onto me?


Serah lays back on the beach as the sun goes down. Rachel walks down towards her.

Rachel: Hey, uh, long time no see.
Serah: Oh, hey.
Rachel: Just enjoying the sun set?
Serah: Yeah, haha.
Rachel: Mmhmm.

Rachel sits down.

Rachel: Does it weird you out now that there's so many aliens among us now?
Serah: ...well, yeah.
Rachel: Even I haven't really gotten used to it... still makes me pause when I see Unten or a new person from outer space.

Rachel sighs as she lays back.

Rachel: You still hate aliens, right?
Serah: Not as much as I used to.
Rachel: Oh, really? What made you change your mind?

Serah thinks about Silence and quickly shakes her head.

Serah: Just... accepting it I guess. I mean... they're not gonna go away, so why bother scaring them?
Rachel: Hmm.
Serah: We gotta be weird and strange too, right?
Rachel: Heh, no doubt about that. I remember that night we both got really drunk and-
Serah: Mghhh! Shut up about that! I don't want to think about it.
Rachel: Right, sorry.
Serah: Anyway... this has been nice.
Rachel: Hey, just because we're on opposite sides doesn't mean we're not still friends.
Serah: If only everyone realized that...

Kendrew, Deimos, Tr'p, and Red Money sit in a room.

Kendrew: Who's Red Money?
Deimos: I think it's the goat girl.
Tr'p: It is the goat girl. Why is she in here?
Red Money: Hey, hey, name's Red Money and I ain't a girl.
Kendrew: Maybe it's a twin thing?
Deimos: Maybe. Oh man, have you seen that Melissa girl?
Kendrew: Not particularly one to be objectifying women.
Deimos: Oh you want her to yourself, I see how it is.
Red Money: Yeah, typical leader thinks he can get away with it too, I bet.
Kendrew: Ya'll got some weird issues.
Red Money: Tomorrow, I'm gonna go see if that Dust Bunny wants any Red Money.
Deimos: Dude, you're like 12.
Red Money: Young money.
Tr'p: Just turn the lights off. Ugh.

The lights go off as the group goes to sleep.

Episode 5: Round 4

White Goddess checks into a dark lab.

White Goddess: Elfain...?

A woman suddenly wakes up, shuffling a bunch of papers into the air.

Elfain: Wuzzap...?
White Goddess: I need you to well... make more forces for me.
Elfain: Oh fuck you. You locked me in here, made me figure out how the hell to use this blood you stole from the US government who stole it from an alien...

White Goddess puts her finger on Elfain's lips.

White Goddess: Shh... shh...

Elfain looks annoyed and unhinged.

White Goddess: I dunno, it's day... 4 of 8 or 9? So, I dunno how many more "guests" we're gonna have and we're already cutting into resources like the Beorn Androids for Sports. See, I want it to be an equal fight...
Elfain: This is so stupid.
White Goddess: Yeah, maybe to a scientist like you. So... consider that another guest comes crashing down, that's it. We're out of Beorn Androids and anything else... unless you wanna play ball.
Elfain: Ugh.

Elfain slams a wrench into a yellow Beorn Android head.

Elfain: Actually, why can't you go in there and play sports?
White Goddess: Peh, that wouldn't be fair!

Elfain rolls her eyes as she looks at blueprints for a Beorn Android MK. IV.

Kendrew sits down at a table with Emma, Angela, and Virus.

Emma: Oh there you are.
Kendrew: Where's everyone else?
Emma: Azure's off doing some weird shit, you know her...
Kendrew: No... I don't. I barely know any of you.
Emma: Well, maybe that could change...

Emma brushes her hair back.

Kendrew: I'm not here to make friends. Especially with you.
Emma: Why me especially?
Kendrew: You've been paying me money to be your friend. It's shallow as a wading pool, what you are on the surface and underneath.
Emma: Well, someone's not getting their payment for being my friend today.
Angela: Can I have his?
Emma: Mmm... sure, but you gotta be my best friend today.
Angela: Can do!

Angela attempts to release a dove out from her sleeve but it falls lifeless onto the table, both Emma and Kendrew scooting away in disgust.

Angela: Ah well...
Emma: Is that dead?
Angela: Well I can check if you want...
Emma: Don't touch it!
Virus: All doves will die and ravens will be borne from their ashes... the skies will go dark and red...
Emma: Hey, hey. What the hell are you talking about?
Virus: What's gonna happen when I get my godly powers back.
Emma: That has zero relevance to whatever we're talking about. If you wanna be part of the discussion, be part of it, don't try and make a new one.
Virus: You'll see... you'll all see!

Virus laughs manically before being slapped by Angela.

Angela: Nobody likes that, quit it.

Virus gives them all the stink-eye.

A orange haired woman wearing a white jacket stands in front of the island on a rock in the distance.

Woman: An unbreakable shield is no match for me...

She jumps into the air, sweeping towards the resort shield.


The shield shatters, causing her to crash through the goddamn roof.

Woman: Azeria Sudurrak...
Unten: Hey woah, what the fu-

Amaia slams her elbow into Unten, sending him flying back.

Unten: AHHHHH!!!

Unten slams into Rachel.

Rachel: Ow, what the-
Unten: It's that woman!
Woman: Oh hey shit, I just slammed Unten into Rachel. Sorry about that. Name's Amaia, just so you know who to get mad at.
Unten: Wait, how did you even get in here?
Amaia: Eh, shattered the shield around the resort.
Cura: Woah, nice.
Amaia: I'm pretty cool, I know...
DREW: Yeah, yeah. You're not the first person to break in.
Amaia: Never said I was.

White Goddess appears, spooking DREW.

DREW: You gotta stop doing that.
White Goddess: Gonna have to make a new shield and now I'm out of resources for doppelgangers... hope you're happy. Beorn Android MK. III, you know what you gotta do.
Amaia: Eh.


DREW and his team appear beside the pool with Kendrew's team.

DREW: Ah jeez, swimming? I hate water.
Emma: I hate those robots too... there's three of them now...

The three Beorn Androids stand silently, creepily. Emma shivers.

Unten: So uh... where's everyone's swim outfits?
DREW: Well, they're full body.
Unten: Oh, that's fine, I guess...

Unten thinks about Rachel, kind of sadly.



Rachel: That is Blue Team for ya! Eat it!
Unten: Haha, yes, eat it...
Cura: Lunch was just an hour ago though, that ship has sailed...


Emma: Angela, you're getting Kendrew's money.
Angela: Oh thank god, I really needed it.
Emma: Why?
Angela: Oh you know... haha... money issues...
Emma: There are issues with money? Impossible...


Serah sits at the bench with Silence, leaning on his shoulder.

Serah: So... does it matter much that you don't know what I look like?
Silence: I don't know about you in the same ways you know me, but I think I can say it doesn't really matter that much to me.
Serah: Have you ever like... wanted to know though? I dunno why I'm getting so held up over this.
Silence: It's all alien to you, even how I'm speaking to you right now.
Serah: Wait, you haven't moved those lips once...
Silence: I've been communicating with you telepathically.
Serah: Woah, no shit? I haven't even noticed.
Silence: Heh, you've been doing it too.
Serah: Oh shit... have I been saying stuff? Weird stuff?
Silence: Nah, I don't think so. Whatever leaves your mouth leaves your brain.
Serah: Just the stuff that I say?
Silence: Yeah.
Serah: Oh, that's a relief.
Silence: Us telepathics have our own thoughts... not everything is a open secret.
Serah: Do... you have things you want to say to me that you've been keeping in there?
Silence: Do you?
Serah: Haha, I don't know... maybe sometime later.
Silence: Alright then.

Fera, Thorn, Alice, and Syi get ready for bed.

Fera: Hey... we all come from different planets, isn't that something?
Thorn: Mhmm... isn't that something.

Thorn tosses a knife up in the air and keeps catching and tossing it.

Alice: I don't think Syi would like that-
Syi: I can speak for myself.

Thorn pauses.

Syi: If you could not do that...

Thorn laughs.

Thorn: You afraid of a little knife?
Syi: No... I'm just worried it's gonna land in your hand...
Thorn: Nah... don't worry about that. I know how these knives work.
Alice: Well, they're still dangerous...
Fera: Enough about the knives!
Syi: Hey... you know who has a really nice butt?
Alice: Can we... not talk about this?
Thorn: What are you, some kind of prude? If she wants to talk ass, we should let her talk about ass.
Alice: We literally just stopped the knife talk.
Thorn: Well, there's a lot you can talk about ass...
Alice: Stop! Ugh! Turn off the lights!

Fera begrudgingly turns off the lights. Syi turns to Thorn in the dark.

Syi: (whispering) It's Rachel.
Thorn: (whispering) Hmm... haven't looked at her too closely... but maybe you're right...
Syi: (whispering) Not as good as Hene though...
Thorn: (whispering) Hene Quarters?

Syi sits in silence, amazed at her pun.

Alice: Please go to sleep...

Episode 6: Round 5

Aran walks towards DREW's table only to get slapped by Melissa.

Aran: Ow, what the hell was that for?
Melissa: You know what you did.
Aran: Sheesh.

Aran gets slapped by Skett and Alena.

Aran: Why did you guys slap me for? I only hit on her once in New York!
Skett: Eh, I don't have a punching bag.
Alena: I just like the stinging sensation my hands get when it goes across your face. Makes me feel ALIVE! and other things.

Alena and Skett giggle as Aran sighs and sits down with DREW, Cura, Unten, and Tayshaun.

Aran: Anyone else want to slap me?

The entire room gets up.

Amaia: Haha, I'm gonna enjoy this...

Amaia cracks her knuckles, causing Aran to gulp.

Unten: Alright, everyone in a single file line...

Aran sighs before getting slapped by Rachel.

Unten rests lazily on the couch. Tayshaun walks over.

Tayshaun: What up?
Unten: Ugh, why do you have to bother me...
Tayshaun: Sorry. It's just DREW and Cura are doing... I dunno what they're doing actually.
Unten: I'm waiting for someone else to drop in today.
Tayshaun: Like Amaia and those other people?
Unten: Yeah. Maybe a old friend of mine will show up.
Tayshaun: Good luck with that...
Unten: Thanks!

Tayshaun walks off but bumps into Tyshawn, his doppelganger.

Tyshawn: Man, you are scrawny as heck. I could crush you right now just by patting your head.
Tayshaun: To be honest, what's your beef with me?
Tyshawn: Beef? Midula is planning to attack Zanduzk, the planet me and my wife live on. I don't know why you're planning such a foolish attack, but I might as well stop it right now by taking out their main weapon...
Tayshaun: Woah, woah. Midula's not planning to attack anything at the moment. Who told you that?
Tyshawn: White Goddess...
Tayshaun: Dude, you got duped! Who else got duped? We're all... well most of us anyway... good people.
Tyshawn: Wait, are you pulling my leg? Midula isn't planning to attack Zanduzk?

Tayshaun shakes his head.

Tayshaun: I wonder who else is here for the wrong reasons...
Tyshawn: So if White Goddess was feeding me a bunch of lies, that must mean...
Tayshaun: She's probably lying about everything.
Tyshawn: But Emma's metal bending powers. Those are real...
Tayshaun: It's a complicated matter and I'm just the messenger for Midula but maybe it's time for you to reprioritize...

Kendrew drops down from the ceiling. Tayshaun jumps back a bit.

Tayshaun: How long were you there?
Kendrew: Does it really matter?
Tyshawn: Kendrew, she was duping me... how do you know for sure she'll save your brother?
Kendrew: Do you think I know? I don't. But if I'm given this chance to save him, I gotta take it.
Tayshaun: Would you kill me if it came down to it?
Kendrew: I have to. I don't want to harm anyone here but...

Kendrew sighs.

Kendrew: She's my only hope left.

DREW and his team appear beside the volleyball net with Kendrew's team.

DREW: Volleyball?
Rachel: Oh yeah, I remember volleyball! Me and Serah were on the highschool volleyball team.
Serah: Oh yeah, I remember that!
Unten: You know what I don't remember? That girl in the cap and surgical mask...

Unten stares at Jacob's Ladder.

Unten: Hrm.
Kendrew: Look, let's just get this over with, okay?
Cura: I like talking to you guys... but alright...
Kendrew: Oh you haven't even said anything until now!
Cura: So? I like listening too.

Kendrew grumbles.



Thorn: Think you're right about Rachel, Syi.
Syi: You should see Hene...

Syi appears lost in thought.

Syi: If only she were here.
Silvia: Some miracle you guys won, considering two of your team members were staring at someone's ass...

Silvia looks hurt.


Emma: Have you guys seen Rose Reaper anywhere?

Jacob's Ladder suddenly leaves the room.

Emma: Wonder where they went... and this mysterious Jacob's Ladder person... seems kind of unfair that Blue Team got another member.
Unten: Oh shut up, you guys had Rose Reaper!
Emma: That's because we're better, am I right?

Silence permeates throughout the room. Silence walks off.

Emma: Am I right? Tell me I'm right. Tell me that was right. Tell me that it was right. Tell me that I was right...
Unten: You were right!
Emma: Haha, see, it wasn't that hard!

Emma breathes in happily.


Aurora sets out on the bench, restless.

Aurora: Ugh...

Aurora lays down on the bench, curled up.

Aurora: Augh!

Jacob's Ladder sits down next to her. Aurora sits up.

Aurora: Oh shit, what up?
Jacob's Ladder: That might be a better question for me to ask you.
Aurora: Haha, you know me...
Jacob's Ladder: No, I don't?
Aurora: Oh shit, yeah. I don't. Fuck. What's your name?
Jacob's Ladder: I'm... Jacob's Ladder. But you can just call me Ladder.

Internally, Jacob's Ladder knows she should have picked a better name.

Aurora: Well, Ladder... actually, can I just be left out in the cold to die over night?
Ladder: It doesn't get that cold here.
Aurora: (to herself) Shit.
Ladder: What are you all worked up about?
Aurora: won't tell anyone right?
Ladder: Yeah, I promise.
Aurora: Haha, okay! Good. Um.

Aurora takes a deep breath.

Aurora: So there's this girl I like.
Ladder: Oh, interesting.
Aurora: But you see... I'm a girl and I don't know if she swings that way and I don't want to ruin our friendship and-
Ladder: Well, you probably aren't gonna have that great of a friendship if you just keep that bottled up inside. And if she doesn't want to be friends after a confession, a honest one... well, she probably wasn't really much of a friend.
Aurora: Shit, you're right... huh.
Ladder: Don't rush into it. But do tell her how you feel.
Aurora: Thanks Ladder!

Cura rests in her sleeping bag as Aurora comes in. Amaia sits in the room with Amy and Krystal.

Amaia: Oh hey Aurora, what up?
Aurora: Not much. Say, do you guys know who Jacob's Ladder is?
Amaia: I just got here. I barely know you.
Krystal: To be honest, you are kind of forgettable...
Aurora: Hey woah, what's this conversation turned into now?
Amy: Uhm... well...
Aurora: I play the guitar, I got this thing bolted to my head...

Aurora points to the thing on her head.

Aurora: And I've got rainbow-ish hair too! What do I need to do be more memorable to you, Krystal?
Krystal: Just throwing something out there, but tentacles?
Aurora: Ugh.
Amaia: I mean... Koloro has rainbow hair too... and Borealis...
Aurora: So wait, you know them but you don't know your roommate?
Amaia: Heh.
Cura: I remember you Aurora.
Aurora: Well of course, you're a robot.
Cura: Is that a bad thing?
Aurora: I didn't say it was... I was just pointing it out.
Cura: Oh, okay!

Aurora gets in her sleeping bag.

Amy: Krystal, don't you think you should sleep in something more than your underwear?
Aurora: Hey, she can sleep in that if she wants.
Amaia: What's your problem with it?
Cura: Yeah, I see no problem with it.
Amy: I'm the only straight woman in here, aren't I?
Aurora: Yeah, you might be.
Amaia: I'm pan...
Cura: Peter Pan?
Amaia: No...
Krystal: Go the fuck to sleep!
Cura: Okay!

Cura shuts off, her head slamming against the floor as her body falls back.

Krystal: Sheesh...

Episode 7: Round 6

Elfain sneaks into DREW's room and attaches some lobes to his head. She pauses for the machine attached to lobes to finish and then heads into Cura's room, unscrewing the top of her head carefully and examining her head, writing several notes. She then leaves and leads into her lab with her notes and a tape of brain scannings from DREW.

Elfain: Looks like Cura had a really primitive emotional matrix in her, typical considering Earth was only developing technology like that in the 80s and yet to perfect it...

Elfain holds up the brain scannings.

Elfain: Now to etch this onto a new emotional matrix...

White Goddess appears suddenly.

White Goddess: How's Beorn Android MK. IV going?
Elfain: Haha! Well... I am working on it, basing it off this old robot design me and a bunch of scientists developed a while back... we never made it for budgetary reasons but I was thinking I could adapt it to fit the Beorn Android frame...
White Goddess: Project SCYPLO...
Elfain: Right. It uses a thing called the Hammerspace Matrix, able to pull limbs and weapons from other dimensions.
White Goddess: ...huh. Okay.
Elfain: So yeah... I'll work on that.
White Goddess: I'll give the necessary materials for it, it just needs to be done by tonight, you understand?
Elfain: Y-yes mam...

Aran sits in the cafeteria, eating really early in the morning. He looks tired but he eats away. Melissa Dust enters in, causing Aran to suddenly eat a lot faster.

Melissa: Jeez, what the hell are you doing up so early?
Aran: I'm eating early so I can avoid getting slapped by everyone in the resort.

Melissa wraps her arms around Aran's neck.

Melissa: You've pissed a lot of people off...
Aran: I know...

Aran stops eating and sighs. Melissa sits next to him.

Aran: I don't even remember how I got here, i didn't mean to abandon you guys... but everyone's made up their minds about me. I hit on their girlfriend like a year ago, I wound up on a resort I couldn't escape... ugh.

Aran glances at his cybernetic arm.

Aran: I just feel like something's missing, you know? I've come to terms with this but I still wish I still had my old hand, my old arm... I've thought about replacing my other limbs with cybernetics but I'm worried it'd be just as hollow feeling as the cybernetic arm that clings onto my shoulder... but other times I feel like it would just fix that feeling. That disconnect.
Melissa: Hm.
Aran: I wonder how Alcyone feels about her situation; she can't be too happy with it, right? But I'll never really know. Everyone has a different viewpoint about things.

Melissa shifts her right arm away.

Aran: Where did your right arm go?
Melissa: I didn't want you to feel lonely about it.
Aran: Oh...

Aran hugs her.

Aran: Thanks. I should really say... you look smokin' in that outfit, you should wear it more often.

Melissa smiles and then slaps him.

Aran: I deserved that.

Aran smiles at her as he gets back to eating.

Cura, DREW, and Unten lay on the couch lazily.

Unten: I just realized we've been here almost an entire week now.
Cura: I like it here... it feels friendly and there's so many robots here...
Unten: I mean, as a prison it's not the worst one I've ever been to... still shudder thinking about that time me, Rachel, and Robyn were caught by the military...

Unten shivers.

Unten: But man... I yearn for the outside.
Cura: What's the outside?
DREW: You've never been outside the resort, have you?
Cura: No... what is it?
Unten: It's just... this huge, bigger than one person could ever hope to see and experience, journey... some people settle down somewhere like Chicago or New York or even Seattle but... it's massive and you're not stuck anywhere.
Cura: Huh.
Unten: Maybe we should... I dunno, go check out the world once this is done. I mean, you deserve that, don't you? You were stuck here in the 80s and maybe it's time to get caught up.
DREW: I'd like to go home, to be honest...
Unten: What's that like?
DREW: Peaceful. I'm a person that's mostly to themselves... I don't really find comfort in the presence of others. But... you two feel kind of different.
Unten: Friends?
DREW: A little bit, yeah.

DREW smiles.

DREW: You're good people. I don't think anyone here isn't, except for maybe like... White Goddess but even then...
Unten: Even then...? She trapped us here...
DREW: If Kendrew can change... maybe anyone can.
Unten: Wishful thinking...

Thunder roars in the distance.

Unten: Oh wow, it's really storming, isn't it?

Thunder strikes the sea as something blows in air and slams onto the windows, the speed, shattering the shield around the resort. A blue creature named Riddle goes through the windows of the resort, spooking the shit out of Fera and Krystal.

Krystal: I got this.

Krystal cocks her gun as Fera attempts to push it away from her.

Fera: Stop! What's your name, friend?

Riddle jumps and down.

Unten: Oh god damn it, it's one of those silent characters, isn't it?

Riddle shrugs.

White Goddess comes into Elfain's lab.

White Goddess: I'm gonna need you to do something about our new guest.
Elfain: Not to worry, I already worked on making a clone or doppelganger machine. Just gotta...

Elfain presses a bunch of numbers and activates the machine.

White Goddess: Did you finish this while you were here?
Elfain: You locked me pretty much in here, I have a lot of spare projects. This is one of them.

The cloning machine opens to reveal a leaking black monster that doesn't resemble Riddle at all.

Elfain: UH!!!
White Goddess: Good enough!

White Goddess teleports with "Blink", leaving Elfain in her lab. Elfain looks distraught.


Kendrew, Azure, Tr'p, and Silvia stand in a circular Stratosball stadium, glancing around it.

Kendrew: The hell is this?
Azure: Stratosball, often played on Sylphiu. The rules will be explained if you need them, don't worry.
Kendrew: I'm not angry.
Azure: Didn't say you were.
Kendrew: Yeah, but you implied it.
Azure: Sorry you heard something I didn't say.
Kendrew: Urgh!

Unten, DREW, Cura, Scarlet, and Syi enter the arena. Scarlet chews on some fries.

Azura: You're gonna get fat eating those.
Scarlet: Oh shut up, fatty. You're just mad that you can't model anymore.
Azura: Not after you burned the whole damn place down.

Leah leans down from the stadium seats, sitting next to X-Ray, and cups her mouth.

Azura: Leah... I've done research on you...
Leah: Yeah, so what fatty?
Azura: Why the hell does everyone call me fatty? Am I fat?
Leah: Nah, you got some hips and curves in there. I just thought that's what models called each other instead of "motherfucking piece of shit".
Azura: You know, I'm glad that in like five minutes, I get to utterly destroy you both with a winged ball.



Leah: Take it up with the birds if you're gonna talk shit, Azura. Hey, can I have a fry?
Leah: Damn.
Cura: Good game.
Unten: ...when did we get all nice with you people?
Cura: Hey, Red Team doesn't want to be here as much as us. I just thought... you know, be polite.
Syi: Eh, it's hard to forgive. I mean sure, it's possible but...
Silvia: Kidnapped by a goddess too, huh?
Syi: Y-yeah.
Silvia: Mhmm.


Tr'p: Cower, you goddamn losers.
Kendrew: You guys played well considering we didn't really know anything about this sport before playing it...
Unten: Haha well, you guys won so...
DREW: Handshake?
Kendrew: Eh, why not.

DREW and Kendrew shake hands.


Serah and Silence sit on the bench again.

Serah: You know... I have something to say. I wanted to say it two nights ago but I thought it would be too soon.
Silence: Mhm?
Serah: I think I like you. Like... not on a "oh, you're a good person" level, or even as a friend... it's not exactly platonic.
Silence: Funny thing, I was gonna tell you that two days ago too.
Serah: Really? Oh my god.
Silence: Bad oh my god or good oh my god?
Serah: It's good. So... what do you wanna do now?

Silence holds his hand out.

Serah: Mhm.

Serah grasps his hand and holds it as they stare out into the ocean.

Serah: You know... I used to be a mother once, the father was an neglectful scumbag, tried to convince me to not have the baby but I did it anyway. Baby died a couple weeks later. I was so depressed...
Silence: Oh...
Serah: Sorry, probably not good date talk but... I never told anyone. There's something about love that makes you spill out your darkest secrets, to have the other person reassure you that you're still someone despite what they've done.
Silence: I guess it's no secret I envy Strafe for having the better mother... the one that formed me made this, this unapproachable mess.
Serah: You're rather friendly, all things considered.
Silence: She made me like this because she felt like she didn't deserve better. How I am... what I'll always be... it's all because she didn't think she deserved anything more.
Serah: But you made the most of it.
Silence: Yeah...

Silence thinks for a bit and then turns his "gaze" to her.

Serah: I had nowhere to go, so Rachel helped me get a job. Really shitty one at a gas station... you know the Six attacks, right?
Silence: My mother has her cell next to hers.
Serah: Oh...
Silence: So... then what happened?
Serah: I found out she had her own kid. Adopted but still her own, as far as the law was concerned. Kid's at a interstellar college or something but... it felt crushing in a way. I had my kid and I failed to raise him, Rachel had hers and she... she did just fine but she misses her. I don't know why it gets me angry... and I feel stupid for doing so, but she'll never understand how I feel about it.
Silence: Nobody on that team understands how good they have it... do they?
Serah: Mm... the way we were raised enhances our perspectives. It sometimes blinds us, but in character endurance places like this... maybe they'll understand then.
Silence: Do you mind if I...?

Silence rests his head on Serah's shoulder.

Serah: No...

Serah rests her head near Silence's, staring out into the waves.

Fera, Thorn, Alice, and Syi sit in a room, discussing things.

Thorn: We've got two or three days left.
Alice: Do you honestly think White Goddess will stick to her word? I don't believe her.
Fera: I don't either.
Syi: Well... I'm not exactly the best person to be having an opinion on whether a goddess' intent is true or not, but... yeah, I don't she'll keep that promise.
Thorn: So... we should probably plan on something if it comes down. Which it will.
Alice: Ugh... this stresses me out. Why are you and Fera all about battling? Can't we just work it on in a party or something?
Fera: A party...
Syi: A dance, perhaps... this sounds pretty okay...
Thorn: Like a dance is really gonna quell over our bad bloods.
Alice: Well, nobody really wants to be here.
Thorn: I still don't trust this peaceful option, but you go for it if you want. I'm going to bed.
Alice: Thorn... please pick up your knives first.

Thorn rolls her eyes and picks up her knives, which are scattered all around the floor.

Thorn: Is it really too much to ask for to have dozens of knives laying around for intruders to step on?
Alice, Fera, and Syi in unison: YES.

Thorn rolls her eyes again.

Episode 8: Round 7

Elfain is working on Scyplo's frame. We see Rose Reaper in the shadows.

Elfain: I know you're there, Rose.
Rose: Huh? How did you...?
Elfain: Literally everyone wants to hide in the shadows when they're an edgy teenager. I've done it.
Rose: I'm not... ugh.
Elfain: So what's up?
Rose: I dunno, White Goddess told me to check up on you. You're unusually chipper.
Elfain: Haha, why wouldn't I be? White Goddess literally gives me all the resources I need aside from more Beorn Blood, which nobody can seemingly replicate. She says she doesn't know how... which is weird, considering Beorns don't look that hard to create... must be their descension power stuff.
Rose: Mhmm.
Elfain: Sorry, am I babbling? I'm babbling.
Rose: I... just feel kind of bad about this whole thing, really. If I didn't give White Goddess those vials, would she be putting any of them or you in this? I tried to make it up by playing for both sides but...

Rose sighs as she brings out the Jacob's Ladder outfit.

Elfain: Ah.
Rose: I just want to take it back but.. she's my mom. And well... my adoptive mom was shot and I never met her before and I just wanted that sense of family I guess.
Elfain: I understand.
Rose: Thanks.

Rose heads back into the shadows.

Unten sits on the couch before being handed a flier by Syi.

Unten: Oh hey, what's this about?
Syi: It's for the dance tonight.
Unten: Dance...?

Fera walks into frame.

Fera: Yeah, it's gonna be a big dance. Both Red and Blue teams are invited. It's gonna be a nice little social.
Unten: Oh, sounds neat!
Fera: Heh, you sound excited. You looking forward to dancing with someone?
Unten: Just my good friends... hah...
Fera: Oh, that reminds me, have you seen Aurora?
Unten: She's over there.
Fera: Thank you...!

Fera rushes over to Aurora.

Unten: Wonder what that's about.

Rachel rests on the top of the couch.

Rachel: Hey, Unten... hearing from people you've been kind of... condescending.
Unten: Really? How so?
Rachel: Well... it's just like, your attitude in general lately?
Unten: I dunno... I'm not trying to come off like that but maybe it has to do with kind of the lack of leadership I've been able to exert lately?
Rachel: Mhm.
Unten: I'll try and be better about it. Wasn't really aware I was coming off like that.
Rachel: Excited for the dance?
Unten: Yeah. It's after the sports today, right?
Rachel: Mhmm.
Unten: I'll see you there, I suppose?
Rachel: Well, what else do I have going on?

Unten nods.

A knight in armor stands in front of the shield.

Knight: Some kind of strange god is keeping everyone captive... Elena, can you disrupt the shields?

A voice from inside his helmet speaks, presumably Elena.

Elena: Yeah, give me a sec hon...
Knight: Pretty strong shield, you sure you can break it?
Elena: Pesh, you keep underestimating me.
Pesh: Heh, I guess that's true.

The shield goes down and Pesh walks through the front door.

Pesh: Hello?
DREW: Sup.
Pesh: Oh hey, now I can get you all out of-

Pesh turns around to see the shield already back online.

Pesh: Okay, that's stupid. Why is it already back up?

White Goddess suddenly appears.

White Goddess: That would be my doing.
Pesh: Really insistent on keeping everyone here, huh?
White Goddess: With their killer Doppelgangers. Pesh, I assume that's your name, not that I already know it, meet Scyplo.

Scyplo flies in.

Scyplo: Heyo!
White Goddess: I imagined something a lot more intimidating. Gonna have to ask Elfain about that...

Pesh sighs.

Pesh: Well then, let's get this all over with...


DREW, Cura, Rachel, and Sakeena line up with Kendrew, Emma, Blenda, and Serah.

DREW: So what's the sport today?
Cura: Tennis!
Emma: Haha, I know this sport pretty well... I'm gonna complete dominate it.
Sakeena: Mhmm.
Emma: Mhmm what?
Sakeena: Well, you are rich, I don't think I can truly trust your skills considering you pay people to be your friends...
Emma: That's... irreverent! They're better than your friends that you don't even pay!
Rachel: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's spike!



Blenda: Good game. I guess your bonds are stronger than the ones bought by money.
Emma: Nothing but chance.
Sakeena: Emma...
Emma: Don't talk to me.
Rachel: Come on, we got a dance to go to.
Sakeena: Haha, yeah! Woo!
Cura: Eee!


Blenda fires a pistol into the air.

Blenda: We WIN! YEHAW!
Rachel: Careful with that thing!
Emma: Oh, it's not like I can't pay your medical bills.
Rachel: You would do that for me?
Sakeena: Ah, come on Rachel, we got a dance to go to.
Cura: Oh yeah, the dance!


The cafeteria has been converted into a dance hall. Unten walks up to Strafe.

Unten: So... what's up?
Strafe: Not much. Gonna ask Rachel after she's done dancing with Tess.
Unten: Say... I bet you and Tess would make a cute couple.

Strafe laughs and ruffles his top fur.

Strafe: Not really interested.

Unten grimaces.

Unten: Ah jeez...

Syi and Thorn are dancing together.

Syi: Thanks for dancing with me Thorn... Hene's not here so...
Thorn: Hey, it's cool.

Syi nods.

Syi: I wish she was...
Thorn: Sigh...
Syi: Yes?
Thorn: I was just... kind of feeling the air there, you know, sighing.
Syi: Oh...
Thorn: So... you two did a lot of butt stuff, huh.
Syi: Well, it's something we both like.

Thorn smiles.

Syi: Say, what do you like?
Thorn: Erm... well, I have my preferences like everyone else but in terms of relationships... just not my thing.
Syi: Aw, I feel bad for you.
Thorn: Don't... I'm fine with being a lone wolf.
Syi: You sure?
Thorn: Positive.
Syi: Well hey, whatever works for you.

Syi smiles at her.

Aran and Melissa watch as the others dance with each other.

Aran: Do you wanna?
Melissa: Mmm... I dunno.
Aran: Look, I'm not asking you to sleep with me.
Melissa: Phh...

Melissa stands up.

Melissa: You crave my attention don't you?
Aran: Why does that matter?
Melissa: Oh nothing... it's just interesting how I can turn a cybernetic knife wielding thug into wanting me so bad...
Aran: Well then, if that's how you're gonna see it...

Melissa smiles as she takes his hands.

If player didn't see Aurora's confession in the Hot Spring.

Aurora inches closer to Fera, who suddenly spots her.

Fera: Aurora! My friend!

Aurora blushes as Fera hugs her.

Fera: Come on, let's dance.
Aurora: I suppose, yeah...
Fera: Something on your mind?
Aurora: Haha... maybe a little.

Serah and Silence dance closely.

Silence: Perhaps when this is all done, I can finally see you.
Serah: How so?
Silence: White Goddess created me, so surely she can give me sight...
Serah: That would be neat... if it doesn't happen, I won't be mad. I fell in love with you like this, not despite your condition.
Silence: Thank you.
Serah: I love you.
Silence: I love you too.

Strafe dances with Sakeena.

Strafe: So... how's the fanfiction's going?
Sakeena: Ha, well... writer's block...
Strafe: Huh, you think being at a resort packed with 80+ people would have a lot of writing options.
Sakeena: Eh, I did this a while back... so the idea's not too new.
Strafe: Hm.
Sakeena: Am I okay?
Strafe: Yeah, you're perfectly fine.
Sakeena: I just feel so out of place with everyone... everyone's showing a bit of skin, even you, with the neck...
Strafe: Oh...
Sakeena: I'm just joking but the clothing does kind of weird me out just a bit. That's... just not the environment I grew in.
Strafe: Well, you do whatever you feel is right.
Sakeena: Hah. You know... I never thought I would get to meet the people I called heroes and be so close to them... or be part of their group, even.
Strafe: Did it work out like you imagined?
Sakeena: Better.

Unten and Rachel dance.

Rachel: Strafe said you seemed kind of antsy lately.
Unten: Well, I thought about what you said and... I'm scared I'm too controlling or whatever and it's just... it stems from Zeon I think.
Rachel: You don't move on very quickly, do you?
Unten: It was my home and my friends. And now it's all gone...
Rachel: Well, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.
Unten: ...You look great by the way.

Unten immediately wishes he didn't say that.

Rachel: Oh, thanks.
Unten: Is... this too basic?
Rachel: Nah, I don't think so.
Unten: Okay... haha...
Rachel: You okay?
Unten: Just... stress.

The party ends. Rose Reaper sits, unsure what to do. DREW walks in.

DREW: Oh, hey.
Rose: Hey.
DREW: You're Rose Reaper/Jacob's Ladder, right?
Rose: How did you-
DREW: It's not that great of a disguise.
Rose: Well...
DREW: What are you doing out so late?
Rose: I could ask the same.
DREW: Went to go grab some water.
Rose: Just... stressing, I guess. It's gonna be the ninth day soon... and she's probably gonna kill you all anyway and that's not fair-
DREW: Well, we can only do our parts presented to us.
Rose: I guess that's true.
DREW: I mean, that's what Red Team's here for... that's what everyone's here for.

Rose Reaper sobs.

Rose: I just... I just wanted to be part of a family again. I killed so many people in the past to find out who killed my parents, and they weren't even the real deal and now it's happening again.
DREW: I'm sorry.
Rose: No... I'm sorry. Agh!

DREW hugs Rose.

Rose: ...Thanks...
DREW: I'm gonna go... perhaps you should think about getting to bed too.
Rose: Sounds good.

Episode 9: Round 8

Palutena, The Fan, and The Enemy all meet at a table located in Kolob.

Palutena: They've been trapped in there for 8 whole days...
The Fan: Well, at least we know who the perpetrator is this time.
The Enemy: Hey, how was I supposed to know?
The Fan: You couldn't... but my point is, Palutena, that we've been through this before and it's gonna turn out fine. If you have to risk your god powers...
Palutena: I don't want to risk my god powers, why can't you two do it?
The Fan; Haha, well you see...
The Enemy: We kind of run this whole universe, there's less stakes pulled if you do it...
Palutena: Oh, so, Skyworld suddenly doesn't matter to you two?
The Fan: Well Skyworld is critical to have, yes...
Palutena: Look... I'll give up my god powers if it comes down to it but...

Palutena sighs.

Palutena: I can't keep having faith in my sister to do the right thing. How did you two... get along after so many years of fighting?
The Fan: We accepted we were opposite forces of nature... there must be order and chaos. It is unavoidable. Once we got past our own egos, we could work together to create a better, stronger universe.
Palutena: If only things could be that simple between our family...
The Fan: Yeah, that is one big mess from start to finish...

Palutena glares at him.

Paluten: I hope they're alright...

DREW, Cura, Unten, and Strafe all sit at a table, eating breakfast.

Unten: Y'know, this is a pretty good resort to be kept prison.
DREW: Yeah, I guess.
Unten: What's got you down?
DREW: Dude, this how I talk.

DREW cracks a smile.

Cura: Everything's kind of coming to a end today, huh?
Unten: Ha... I wouldn't count on it. Game's pretty close.
Cura: True... seems kind of stupid to do a 8 match game if you're anticipating a nine match instead...
Strafe: To be honest... do you guys know why Leah calls me Jack? It's baffled me since we met.
Unten: Me? Absolutely not.
Cura: I just met you guys like three... four days ago...?
Strafe: EIGHT.
Cura: Right, right.
Strafe: You're a robot... how do you not know this...
Cura: I dunno, I am a imperfect version of what was originally envisioned.
Strafe: I'm not mad at you, I'm just kind of feeling down on this whole situation and... ugh.
Unten: What's really bothering you?
Strafe: Her.
Unten: Her?
Strafe: Rose Reaper. We have the same father, the same shitty ass father. She never had to live with him but she got to see him kill her adoptive parents off, undergo a vigilante persona to try and find him... but he's dead now. Me and Leah left him behind in Noah to be killed by the Rascals.
Unten: Isn't that a good thing though?
Strafe: It's not enough to see a hated person die sometimes. Sometimes... you want to be the one to do it.
Unten: Ah... I get that.
Strafe: With Doomulus Grime?
Unten: I don't know if he's truly dead, but I haven't seen him for a long, long time... but he still haunts me.
Strafe: Like any good fear.

The group sits in silence.

Cura: Well, I hope I don't have that feeling towards anyone!
DREW: I mean... people can change. Kendrew was just a big old bully until lately...
Unten: I highly doubt someone like Doomulus Grime could ever change.
Strafe: Ugh... I'm sorry for bringing everyone into such a dark conversation...
DREW: No, there's no problem with that. We're all here for each other... whether we like it or not.

Leah spins around a pole with X-Ray following her.

Leah: Hey fuckos!
Strafe: Hey Leah.
Unten: Mph.
Leah: What are ya'll talking about? How nice Rachel's butt is or some guy shit like that?
Strafe: That's the same shit you talk about!
Leah: Okay, I'm honestly offended that you confused X-Ray with Syi. Also, that's gay stuff, not guy shit.
Strafe: No, we weren't talking about guy shit, we were talking about revenge and whether certain people could change or not.
Leah: I wouldn't know anything about that. Well, you four keep babbling away.

Kendrew, Azure, Emma, Silence, and Serah pace around the room.

Silence: I don't want to destroy my half-brother.
Serah: And Rachel's a dear friend of mine, more so than ever now that we've caught up...
Azure: Alright, I know what everyone else is gonna say.
Kendrew: Well, is that wrong? Nobody wants to fight these people. They're not as bad as we made them out to be.
Emma: Well, what are we supposed to do? Besides give me more cash....
Azure: Hrm... there must be some way out of this...
Emma: You're a lawyer right?
Azure: Why would I be a lawyer?
Emma: I dunno, you look like one, what with all the devil horns and tail...

Azure groans.

Serah: Did we sign a contract. Tell me we did and that you can find a loophole.
Azure: We never signed contracts, no. But...
Silence: We all know that she isn't gonna let us keep what she promised if we fight back.
Serah: FUCK! Okay. I'm fine.
Azure: I'll see what I can do.

Silence hugs Serah.

DREW, Kendrew, Blue Soup, Unten, Cura, and Blenda arrive on the racing track.

DREW: This is it, huh.
Kendrew: May the best team win.
Unten: That's oddly sportsmanship of him.
Cura: No, it's not, everyone's been warming to each other over the past couple days.
Blue Soup: Let's do a good race, alright?
Unten: Let's.



Unten: Aw crap, we're tied.
Cura: That means we get to spend a extra day here!
DREW: That means we get to spend a extra day here...
Blue Soup: That means we get to spend a extra day here? Why did nobody tell me this?


Blenda fires a pistol into the air.

Blenda: We WIN! YEHAW!

Unten snatches the gun from Blenda.

Unten: These things aren't toys... anyway, we're still tied.
Blenda: Danggit!


Iron Mask walks outside of the Resort, enjoying the night air when he spots Titanium Cage.

Iron Mask: Oh hey, you're my doppelganger.
Titanium Cage: Yeah, haven't been doing a great job at it, I know.
Iron Mask: No- hey look, it's okay.
Titanium Cage: Is it? All I do is get dragged from person to to person; captive, trapped, a cage bar blocking my depth perception constantly.
Iron Mask: Yeah... being trapped with people you don't like...

Iron Mask closes his eyes and breathes.

Iron Mask: I've been there before.
Titanium Cage: Really?
Iron Mask: My adoptive father abused me in ways that made me unsure of whether I really wanted to go through my change, because that would mean I'm the same gender as him, that would mean I'm not too far away from being him... but I went through with it because I knew that I wasn't going to be him. In that moment, I realized I shared nothing with him and I could finally break free and become my own person. I could be a better man, a better person.
Titanium Cage: And I've changed too, but I still feel trapped...
Iron Mask: Do you know how to remove the cage from your head?
Titanium Cage: No... yes... well, I don't know... Liameno instructed me how but I fear it's rigged to explode or something.
Iron Mask: I can take that risk for you if you want.
Titanium Cage: N-no...
Iron Mask: Alright. Do you want me to keep you company so you don't feel alone?
Titanium Cage: I guess...

Iron Mask sits down next to her, watching the ocean weave.

DREW has a dream where he's walking on sandy hills. He slopes down the hill as sand gets in his shoe. As she empties it out, he sees Cura buried in sand.

DREW: Cura?
Cura: Oh hey DREW! I'm... regressing. Back to my natural state. It's better for me this way.
DREW: No, no, what?

DREW attempts to dig Cura out of the sand but she is soon swallowed by it.

DREW: What is going on?

Unten rolls down the hill.

Unten: Dream. Happens to me all the time. I guess we're having a shared experience right now...? Not sure about Cura.
DREW: What the-

DREW spots a giant "graveyard" of torn apart Beorn Androids.

Unten: What the...

Standing in the middle is Scyplo, who is meditating.

Unten: Probably not within our best interests to awaken him.
DREW: No duh.
Unten: So, there has to be a reason we're sharing a dream right now...
DREW: I feel like something's connecting us, but I'm not sure what.
Unten: Can androids even dream of electric sheep? Or at all for, that matter?
DREW: Cura stated she had a emotional matrix... such a thing, I feel, would be on a another level of understanding.
Unten: Right- oh god.
DREW: What?

A giant skeletal Doomulus Grime arises from the sand, with Cura inbetween it's teeth.

Unten: Cura!
Cura: (screaming) DREW! UNTEN!

DREW and Unten run towards Doomulus Grime, summoning a red sword made of flames and a blue bulky one, respectively.

Unten: DOOM!

Doomulus Grime looks at the two and laughs.

DREW: You fought this?
Unten: Haha, well, not exactly...

Unten and DREW jump into the air, preparing to strike.

Unten: We make things out to be much worse than they are.

They strike Doomulus, lights shining from his head as he implodes. The dream ends as the three awaken, wide awake.

Episode 10: Terms and Conditions

Unten, Cura, and DREW walk into the lounge.

Unten: Same dream?
DREW: Same dream.
Cura: Same dream!
Unten: Okay so, it's round 9. It's 12:01, a new day has started, but many of the major players won't be up for a while.
Cura: Wait, we're the major players.
Unten: I meant everyone else.
DREW: What...?
Unten: Look, brush past it.
DREW: ...Let's get back to the dream.
Unten: What was Scyplo doing there?
DREW: I don't know. He's based off the Beorn Androids, but was he dreaming along with us too? I don't know...
Unten: So can robots and androids sleep?
Cura: Well, usually they can't, but the emotional matrix allows some kind of level of that, yeah.
Unten: Mhmm.
Cura: Thanks for saving me from that skeleton guy.

The three hug.

Unten: Why were you burying yourself in the sand like that...?
Cura: Haha... well... I don't know, to be honest.

Unten looks to DREW concernedly.

Cura: But enough about that...

Kendrew, Emma, and Silence approach Azure.

Kendrew: Well, what's the outcast?
Azure: Haha well...

Azure throws her hands up in the air.

Azure: We gotta fight back.

White Goddess approaches Elfain, who is sleeping.

White Goddess: Come on, wake up.

Elfain keeps sleeping.

White Goddess: Oh god, I probably worked her out to death...

White Goddess sits down for a moment.

White Goddess: This whole thing was a terrible idea but I went along with it because...

White Goddess stops for a second.

White Goddess: ...what other choice did I have? No one can build an empire anymore... not with those three around, squandering space that should be mine.... I take out their heroes and blast them back into the stone age and take uphold of balancing...

White Goddess grumbles.

White Goddess: Better to control things myself than to let those auto-pilot gods wreck it in a thousand years.

White Goddess leaves.

Blue and Red Team meet in a gym.

DREW: Well, this is it, isn't it? The final sport?

Kendrew is holding a dodgeball.

Kendrew: Nah.

Kendrew drops the dodgeball. White Goddess glances at him.

Unten: Uh...
Kendrew: Yeah, I know what's gonna happen next, but I refuse to finish this.
Azure: As do I. No contract, no obligations. Next time, come up with a terms and conditions.
White Goddess: Phahah, this is absurd. Do you think you can just walk away from this?
Emma: We're not walking away, oh no...
Kendrew: We're gonna fight our way!

Kendrew releases pillar of flame into White Goddess' chest, which heals instantly.

White Goddess: Well, so what? I still have four Beorn Androids to work with.

Beorn Androids MK. I, II, III and Scyplo burst out of the walls, whirring and beeping.

Unten: We should probably-
Cura: We should probably help Red Team, yeah.
DREW: ...!

Beorn Android MK. I blasts into Kendrew but DREW jumps in front of Kendrew, repelling it away with a wall of flame.

DREW: You good?
Kendrew: Yeah, let's do this.

Aran and Melissa Dust fire off particles and projectiles out of their hands as Kendrew and DREW blast fire out of their hands against the Androids. Cura gets on Scyplo's head and starts beating him.

Cura: Take that! Take that!
Scyplo: Ow! Ow! Stop!

Cura stops.

Cura: Hey... wait a second...
Scyplo: I'm not really sure what's going on... it feels like something activated the instant I was told to fight...
Cura: Oh, you just became self-aware.
Scyplo: Self... aware?
Cura: Yeah, you're asking why you're fighting because your personality kicked in.
Scyplo: Why am I fighting?

Beorn Andorid MK. II is tossed onto the wall by Thorn, who throws throwing knives into it like a dart board. Thorn and Syi walk up to it.

Syi: No ass, no class!

Syi slams a thorny vine into it, pulling it apart.

Thorn: That was really good.
Syi: You think so?
Thorn: I know so.

Syi high-fives Thorn.

Cura: He wasn't like... your brother or something like that?
Scyplo: No... but that's somewhat disturbing.
Cura: They're good people... we're fighting those robots because White Goddess trapped us all here and now she wants us to fight to the death but we're not gonna do that.
Scyplo: I... see.
Cura: You wanna go fight some-

Unten suddenly air kicks Scyplo, causing him to fall into the ground with a hurt foot.

Unten: OW GOD! Cura go beat him up! Agh!
Cura: Unten, no, he's on our side, I think.
Unten: What makes you say that?
Cura: I was just talking to him and he seems like a nice guy.
Unten: And you couldn't tell me earlier because-? Ah god...
Cura: Well, you literally jumped and kicked him before like... asking me anything.
Unten: Fair point...

Strafe helps Unten up.

Strafe: Let's go beat my aunt.

Rose Reaper swoops down from the ceiling.

Rose: Mhm. It's better if you say "my mom" but I guess only I can say that... wait, where's Silence?

Unten hobbles for a bit.

Unten: I can go look for them, my leg's pretty bad so I probably should do something other than fight...
Rose: Yeah, you go do that. Me and Strafe will attempt to get up close.
Strafe: Hang on a second, why are you calling the shots now? I came up with this first?
Rose: I caused this whole damn mess and you bet I'll end it.
Strafe: I guess that makes sense.
Rose: Next time this happens I'll let you call the shots.
Strafe: Alright, fine.

Unten walks into the resort, looking around for Silence.

Unten: Jesus christ, where could Silence be?

Unten opens up the locker room where Silence and Serah are sitting, Serah noticeably pregnant.

Unten: ...yo Silence...
Silence: Oh shit, is Round 9 finally happening?
Unten: Apparently not the only round that happened today...
Silence: Yeah, yeah. Serah stay in here, Unten apparently needs me for something-?
Unten: It's a warzone out there dude, with your mom at the forefront! Go, go, go!
Silence: Oh SHIT. Okay!

Silence heads out as Unten curiously steps inside.

Unten: So... uh... what really happened here?

Serah snickers as she whispers into his ear. Unten looks more and more visibly disgusted.

Silence, Rose, and Strafe stand with both Blue and Red team behind them, the Beorn Androids destroyed. Scyplo, DREW, Cura, and Kendrew walk towards the front.

White Goddess: What think you have any chance against a goddess? If you defeat me now, your brothers will die, your legacy will never be restored, and you'll have me think of another revenge.
Scyplo: You know, we can end this right now.

White Goddess looks visibly distraught before looking boldly again.

White Goddess: Take away my powers, take away my goddess powers, but you'll still never truly kill me. Nothing truly dies.
Strafe: Enough with the waxed poetic! Jesus christ, no wonder my mom didn't like you much.

White Goddess attempts to strike Strafe with a beam of light but it is blocked by a flying cage. Everyone redirects their attention to Titanium Cage, who no longer has the cage over her head and is furious.

Titanium Cage: All my life I was told by other people that I could do nothing to stop their unfair treatments of me and the ones I loved. I'm done with that shit though.

Rose blasts dark magic on White Goddess, holding her back as Scyplo steps forward. Strafe and Silence nod.

Scylpo: I could end this nightmare right now, sure... but would it be worth it? You think you're tough but deep down you're afraid of whatever comes next. The blood in my system could depower you forever. Yet...

Scyplo stands back.

Scyplo: I'd rather have you deal what we had to deal with. Ultimately all you did was put a bunch of people in a nice tropical prison. As I understand it, you already dealt with it for a while now... but this time there won't be a Rose Reaper to bust you out.

Scyplo walks away as the shield around the resort shuts down. The Fan and the Enemy take White Goddess who screams at Scyplo, but Scyplo walks away with a smile on his face.

Amaia: Aw, that's it? I wanted to use my sick punching moves on her and shit!
Scyplo: I have the feeling we'd all regret what we do afterwards. She's a troubled soul and needs proper treatment but until then... she's best in a prison.

The groups linger around for a bit as they wait for rescue. Rachel walks over to Serah.

Rachel: Woah! You're a mom again!
Serah: Supposing everything goes right, I'll have three.
Rachel: Three...? That's a lot...
Serah: Yeah, I know... this time I have actual help though.

Silence puts his arm on her shoulder. The two smile at each other.

Rachel: Neat, neat. So... you communicate through telepathy?
Silence: (visibly moving his mouth) Eh, if we want.
Rachel: Wait...
Silence: I asked Palutena for senses. Palutena forced White Goddess to finally give me them and... wow! It's amazing.

Serah giggles. Rachel nods.

Unten approaches Scyplo.

Unten: Hey uh... good job on that.
Scyplo: Job on what?
Unten: Not descending her. I regret doing that to Six a lot.
Scyplo: Six?
Unten: Ah... it's a whole big story. I'll tell it to you while we wait at the fruit bar or something...

Cura walks in.

Unten: Hey, Cura!
Cura: Hey...

Cura looks distraught.

Unten: You okay?
Cura: Yeah...? Maybe? I dunno.
Unten: What's wrong with the teenage robot?
Cura: I'm just... I know I'm gonna get left behind. I was made at the resort, I don't belong anywhere else... and that saddens me considering how many people I made friends with and...
Unten: Cura... you don't have to stay here...
Cura: I... don't?
Unten: There's more than just the resort, the whole world's here to explore!
Cura: I... huh.
Unten: Take it from me, it'll be weird at first but once you find a place, you'll know it's home.
Cura: Right. Thanks!

Cura speeds off as Unten smiles.

Unten: So about that story...

Iron Mask approaches Titanium Cage, who holds her cage and loops a couple chains on the top.

Iron Mask: Where are you gonna go now?
Titanium Cage: I dunno. But that's the exciting thing, I think.
Iron Mask: You nervous?
Titanium Cage: Haha, am I.
Iron Mask: You can contact us here.

Iron Mask hands her a slip of paper with the Wasteland Warrior's calling card on it.

Titanium Cage: Thanks. For... everything, really.
Iron Mask: Not a problem.

Scarlet walks into the scene.

Scarlet: Yo, when are we going? Damn place is already out of fries if you can believe that.
Iron Mask: We're going now...

A portal opens up and Iron Mask and Scarlet jump in. Orithell is seen with Reese.

Orithell: Well, it was nice knowing you.
Reese: Hrm?
Orithell: I'm leaving. I gotta go.
Reese: I feel like I barely knew you though...
Orithell: Yeah, we didn't exactly get a lot of time to talk but maybe we'll see each other soon.

Orithell jumps in as Reese trods off.

DREW talks to Kendrew.

DREW: So, is your brother gonna be alright?
Kendrew: Yeah, Palutena took care of that.
DREW: Good.
Kendrew: Hey, sorry things didn't get off to the best start with us... but maybe we can talk more soon. You are going back to Sunspring, right?
DREW: Mhmmm... I dunno... I kind like it here now... besides, there's a couple of house keeping duties here I should probably help with...
Rose: You're planning to stay at the resort too?
DREW: Where did you come from?
Rose: The shadows.
DREW: Mph.
Rose: Anyway, you're planning to stay at the resort too, did I hear that correctly?
DREW: Well... I mean, not if you're gonna be here.
Rose: Aw come on, it'll be fun.
DREW: Someone might get the wrong idea...
Rose: Nah, it'll be fine. We got a lot of people staying here because they don't have anywhere better to go. Blenda, Silvia, Deimos, Ryth, Stella...
DREW: Well... I mean...
Rose: Come on, it'll be fun.

DREW rolls his eyes and begrudgingly accepts.

Syi sees a boat roll into the harbor of the resort and excitedly runs to the dock with Thorn following her closely after.

Syi: She's here!
Thorn: Henequarters?

Syi giggles as she sees Hene get off, hugging her.

Hene: You missed me?
Syi: Mmm... I sure did...

Both grab each other's asses.

Hene: Who's that?
Syi: That's my friend uh... Thorn.
Thorn: Heyo.
Hene: Nice to meet you Thorn. Perhaps one day we'll meet again.
Thorn: Heh, maybe. I'm a bit of drifter, who knows where I'll go next.
Syi: Thanks for being there for me, Thorn.

Syi hugs Thorn. Thorn smiles slightly.

Hene: Well, come when you're ready Syi.
Syi: Alright!

Syi runs off with Hene as Thorn laughs, walking in the distance alone again. She passes by Fera and Aurora, who kiss as they get contact information.

Unten, Sakeena, Strafe, Rachel, Reese, Leah, Aurora, and X-Ray leave. They see PalmMan sitting cross with DragonMan next to him who is busy working on a laptop.

PalmMan: Really cool to disappear at a resort for nine days, guys!
Rachel: Didn't you get the invite...?
PalmMan: I... did? Where?
Rachel: It was a letter.
DragonMan: My bad, I just throw everything that gets in our mailbox out.
PalmMan: ...why? I've never noticed this, this is the first I'm hearing about this...
DragonMan: Well, old-fashioned mail is obselete, so I discourage the use of it in lieu for email.
PalmMan: How is it that you're so smart yet so dumb?
DragonMan: I don't know, you tell me.
PalmMan: Eh... I'd rather I do this.

PalmMan kisses DragonMan.

Unten: Oh right, they're gay! I keep forgetting that.

PalmMan and DragonMan frown as Unten cluelessly looks onward.

Leah: To be fair, I never really see either one of you. Haha, I forget a lot of people that way.
Aurora: You remember me, right?
Leah: Yeah, I remember you... Aura.
X-Ray: Aurora.
Leah: Really? Those names are really close together, can you blame me?

Elfain and Scyplo discuss things.

Elfain: So it worked.
Scyplo: What did?
Elfain: The emotional matrix I put in you. It was supposed to activate in battle.
Scyplo: The emotional matrix?
Elfain: It's like a robot brain for a personality. I developed it with a bunch of other scientists. Earth was working on a primitive one too. I put some of DREW and Cura's brain scans in it.
Scyplo: So...
Elfain: You're free now! Free to whatever the hell you want now. I designed you with the secret plan to get everyone out, now you gotta find your new purpose.
Scyplo: Mmm... where would I find that?
Elfain: I dunno, you might have to look around on Earth a bit. Just remember that you matter. You mattered then, and you matter now.
Scyplo: Thanks.

Scyplo takes off as Elfain takes off on a boat.

The Fan and The Enemy watch as the sun falls.

The Fan: Well... now we know of two now.
The Enemy: Both are gonna need a great deal of convincing if we want to take down the Threat.
The Fan: There isn't really another method is there? God knows we've tried...
The Enemy: Well... I think I have an idea but I'm not entirely sure. We should see if we can get any information from White Goddess.
The Fan: Mhm.

The story closes with a sprawl of photographs of the various characters at the resort, showing Cura and Scyplo's separate travels, and then one last one with White Goddess talking to Six in her cell as Six listens intently.


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