Catalyst Blue
Symbol SSB Fracture
Universe Fantendoverse
Court Catalyst Court
Doppelganger Orithell
Appears in Fantendo Visual Novel - Fracture

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
Fantendo - Genesis
Fantendo - Labyrinth
Fantendo Now
Fantendo Sports Resort

Debut Fantendo Visual Novel - Fracture (2015)
Finisher Time Whiplash

This is the page regarding Reese's appearance in Fantendo Sports Resort; for Reese's main page, click here.

Reese is a member of the Blue Team. He was one of the first twenty characters to be revealed at E3. His "doppleganger" is Orithell for reasons they both don't know or understand.


Reese is a catalyst, a person that can control time on both a conscious and subconscious level. In the old universe, Reese and other catalysts created a "fracture" that was eventually allowed the Shattering to manifest as Clockwarx. He has a more tamed out version of his powers in the new universe, but can still manipulate a small area of time. He used to run a band but it kind of fell apart as his cousin Aurora went off to college. He finds himself at the resort and in the line of fire of his doppelganger Orithell, neither able to understand why they've been able paired up.


Stat Bar
Strength BatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Speed BatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Stamina BatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty



Can quickly redo up to three moves with faster timing. Landing these makes these moves more powerful and faster.

Alternate Costumes

Name Info
ReeseSportsAlt1Reese II/Rhyse Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

An outfit based off Reese II/Rhyse, Reese's sister.

ReeseSportsAlt2Reese III Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Reese III from Fantendo Smash Bros. Struggle.

ReeseSportsAlt3Sketch Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

An outfit based off Sketch from Paintverse.

ReeseSportsAlt4Genesis/Labyrinth Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Reese's outfit in Fantendo - Genesis/Labyrinth

ReeseAliBabaAltAli Baba Outfit NetnuCoin250 Coins

Based off Ali Baba from Magi


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