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The Half Measure Clone
Symbol FSB SportsResort
Universe Fantendoverse
Court Nuclear Court
Original Riddle
Appears in Fantendo Sports Resort
Debut Fantendo Sports Resort (2015 - 2016)
Finisher Don't Blink

This is the page regarding Blink's appearance in Fantendo Sports Resort; for Blink's main page, click here.

Blink is a member of the Red Team. It was revealed on 5/10/16. It's "original" is Riddle. It is a secret character that appears at the start of Day 6 in story mode.


A half baked clone of Riddle that was meant to be a test to see if White Goddess and Elfain could just clone any newcomers to the resort, Blink is an experiment that has gone horribly wrong. It drips nuclear sludge from it's filthy mouth and can't speak in anything except gibberish. It is absolutely miserable, yet forced to play these games because of it's existence.


Stat Bar
Strength RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Speed RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Stamina RedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyRedTeamEnergyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty



The lights go off and Blink actually takes out team members with this Finisher, forcing them out for at least a minute of the game, like a slasher movie monster.

Alternate Costumes

Name Info

Honey Sludge

UntenCoin250 Coins

A yellow sludge comes out of Blink's mouth.


Riddle Colors

UntenCoin250 Coins

Makes Blink somewhat resemble what he was supposed to be: a clone of Riddle.


Flickering Pixels

UntenCoin250 Coins

Based slightly off Flicker from Fantendo - Genesis and 3.14 Worlds.


Smile Colors

UntenCoin250 Coins

Makes Blink resemble Smile.


Computer Virus

UntenCoin250 Coins

Seriously distorts him.



UntenCoin250 Coins

Seriously distorts him.


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