One Hit Wonder
Symbol FSB OneHitWonder
Universe One Hit Wonder
Court Megalovania Court
Doppelganger Beorn Android MK. III
Appears in One Hit Wonder

Fantendo Sports Resort

Debut One Hit Wonder (2015)
Finisher Zulatu Bakar Harritzekoa

This is the page regarding Amaia's appearance in Fantendo Sports Resort; for Amaia's main page, click here.

Amaia is a member of the Blue Team. She was revealed on 4/18/16. Her "doppelganger" is Beorn Android MK. III. She is a secret character that appears at the start of Day 4 in story mode.


Amaia is headstrong by nature - a trait which has only been further emphasized after learning how to wield Magia. Her ability to defeat any enemy or shatter any shield with a single strike when given enough time to prepare has often resulted in her being absolutely convinced that she can defeat some of the most powerful beings in the universe, and will always be among the first to move onto the front lines of a battlefield, however powerful the opponent may be. She will even go up against deities without hesitation. This usually doesn't end well, of course...

She came to the Resort to fight White Goddess, her headstrong nature getting the absolute best of her. Although she manages to break through the shield surrounding the resort, she quickly finds she is not all that.


Stat Bar
Strength BatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Speed BatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty
Stamina BatterySportsResortBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprtyBatterySportsResortEmprty



Amaia supercharges her current action using gathered Magia, allowing her to hurl dodgeballs at high velocity or gain a burst of speed whilst swimming, among other things. Though an incredibly potent boost, it leaves her rather drained for three seconds.

Alternate Costumes

Name Info
AmaiaSportsResortAlt1Nagi-Hezurrak Arropa UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off her Nagi-Hezurrak Arropa or Lazy-Bones Clothes alternate from One Hit Wonder, which itself is based off Sans from Undertale.

AmaiaSportsResortAlt2Leona Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Leona from Ikari Warriors/The King of Fighters.

AmaiaSportsResortAlt3Frankie Foster Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Frankie Foster from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

AmaiaSportsResortAlt4Team Unten Shirt UntenCoin250 Coins

Gives her a Team Unten shirt and a nice new more blue team-inspired outfit.

AmaiaSportsResortAlt5Purple and Orange UntenCoin250 Coins

Not really based off anything. Makes her outfit and hair orange and purple.

AmaiaSportsResortAlt6Princess Bubblegum Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

Based off Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time.

AmaiaSportsResortAlt7Mysterious Outfit UntenCoin250 Coins

A strange outfit that doesn't seem to resemble any character.

AmaiaSaitamaAltBurusoila Gizon Mozorro NetnuCoin250 Coins

Based off her Burusoila Gizon Mozorro or Bald Man's Costume alternate from One Hit Wonder, which itself is based off Saitama from One Punch Man.


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