North American boxart
Developer(s) EndgameEnterprises
Publisher(s) EndgameEnterprises
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Summer 2016
Genre(s) Sporting
Series Fantendo Sports

Fantendo Sports Mix, also known as Fantendo Sports Mix (EEdition), is a Fantendo game developed by Endgame Enterprises and published by Fantendo. It's the remake of the old and shitty one. It's the Fantendo version of Mario Sports Mix.


Fantendo Sports Mix's gameplay is the same as Mario Sports Mix, except there are more sports to play like Golf, Boxing, Badminton and others. This time there are new stat features, Effectiveness, Accuracy and Invasion. Effectiveness is how effect stats effects can harm or aid you. Accuracy is how much eye sight you have to do a move correctly. If the accuracy is lower than the amount that the move can be used properly, sometimes the functions can mess up sometimes (like if Unten's eye sight is very low, sometimes the controls can be reserved). Invasion is how much speed you have to dodge incoming attacks (like if a characters if gonna be attacked by another, if you skid, you can dodge. Sometimes you can dodge more incoming attacks at once). Golf is where you use a club to hit the ball straight to the hole. Boxing is where two characters face off each other with gloves used for punching the light out of the characters (maybe even breaking bones, well if they have any). Badminton is like tennis but you use a birdie as the ball.


Playable Characters

Image Character Bio Fatal Fanish Icon
200px Unten TBA TBA TBA
200px Netnu TBA TBA TBA
200px Fantendo Sports Mix (EEdition)/Slimery TBA

Slimery turns the basketball into a frost bomb and slam dunks it. If he fails to do so, the bomb explodes and he will be frozen for a few seconds. (Basketball)
Slimery's hockey puck turns into a frost bomb and he knocks it into the goal. If the opponent touches the frost bomb, they will be frozen and the move will fail. (Hockey)

200px Aran TBA TBA TBA


Image Sport Icon Trophies Stages
200px Basketball 90px TBA TBA

Party Modes

Image Party Description HMP? Similar to...
200px Dodgebomb TBA 2-5 Players
1 controller
2-4 (survivors)




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