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Fantendo Speedway
North American boxart.
Developer(s) Orange Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) LG Kex, SP1DR, Storybook
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan July 2, 2012
25px-Flag of USA July 10, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe July 17, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia July 21, 2012
Single-player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Optical Discs

Fantendo Speedway is a crossover kart-racing game, and a spin-off of the Fantendo Kart series. The game is being developed by Orange Productions and is scheduled for a July 2012 release.

Unlike in North America, both Japan and PAL regions use the prefix "Fantendo Kart" for the title, with PAL regions being Fantendo Kart Speedway and Japan's being Fantendo Kart: Ultra Rush!.


The gameplay is similar to all Fantendo Kart games, with 8 characters racing around a track, to be the first to finish.

Along with racing around the track, there are items that one can use to help the player, defend or hurt other players.

Other modes in the game include an "Elimination" mode, where players must race through a track, but must avoid being in last, or else they'll be eliminated, a "Battle" mode, where players must fight each other in a small arena, and a "Mission" mode, where players must complete special missions given.

Playable Characters

Like any Fantendo Kart game, Fantendo Speedway has playable characters which act as the driver of the vehicles. Each character is classified into one of three weights: Small, Medium or Large.

There are a total of 25 default characters and 24 unlockable characters. Along with this, however, Fantendo Speedway also features DLC, or Downloadable Content, which can be bought at the respective system's DLC shop for a set amount of points.

Default Characters

As stated above, there are a total of 25 default playable characters in the game.

Unlockable Characters

There are a total of 22 unlockable characters in the game.


In total their are 8 cups split evenly into 2 leagues of 4 cups each, each with 4 courses.

Stat League

Power Cup

Float City (Pikachu Fighters)
Treasure Town (Team Gemstones)
McBoo's Mansion (McBoo's Mansion)
New Canvas (Doodlemen)

Skill Cup

Middletown (David)
Canyon of the Serpents (Sk8 and the Board of Powers)
Kangdara (Kid Kiba)
Lillipup Town (Faitingu)

Speed Cup

Pushopolis (Pusher's Pile)
Tricky Track (Jack)
VineVille (Ella-Metals)
World of Dreams (Open Canvas)

Health Cup

John Mogwai Land (John Mogwai Land)
Animetropolis (Hooves)
Badeed: Revisited (Agent RX)
Pixellion (Retro.)

Fantendo League

Classic Cup

Poisonous Pond (Micool the Master)
Dig Dug Desert (Doodlemen)
Nadian Raceway (Meta-Form)
Kid Base (Litle P and Sandslash)

Retro Cup

Castle Street (Litle P and Sandslash)
Balloon Bros. Paradise (Pikachu Fighters)
Dark Space (PichuQuest)
Half-Moon Bay (The California Chronicles)

Fanon Cup

Pouch Town (PichuQuest)
Madness Mountains (Bearded Smiley)
Sunspring Outskirts (DREW)
Skylight City (Shadows of the Night)

Super Fanon Cup

Dimensional Vector (Jack Elemental)
White Goddess's Palace (Fantendo)
"The Game" (Game Freak)
Paper Peak (Paper Fantendo)

Downloadable Content

Main article: Fantendo Speedway/DLC

As the LG Kex, SP1DR and Storybook all support DLC data, several characters and courses have been released. Once connected online, the main menu will gain an extra button, that, when pressed, opens up a smaller version of the respective console's version of the DLC page. All packs are free.



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