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Fantendo Smash Stars Crash is the sequel to Fantendo Smash Stars, and it has some new features which differentiates it from the SSB games. It is being developed by Eternity Enterprises and published by Fantendo. It was announced in a trailer that was released during an Eternity Enterprises showcase. 

Default Characters

Image Character Description Franchise
Unten by Tom Unten

Unten returns to battle!

He hasn't changed much since the first game, but he was given a bit more strength. 

NinJon NinJon

NinJon comes out of the shadows!

He, like Unten, hasn't changed much since his last appearance. Like in the previous games, he uses his ninja speed and weapons to fight.

Mika Sho FJR Mika Sho

Mika Sho blazes in! 

Mika returns to the game! She hasn't changed much either, but she became more of a faster fighter and not as strong, to balance it out. 

The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho
Fandro FJR Fandro

Fandro blobs out!

The valiant blob makes a return to the series, and he doesn't seem to have changed much either. However, his flying has been toned down to make him more balanced.  

Fandro RPG
Hugo by Tom Hugo

Hugo smashes the competition! 

Like the others, Hugo hasn't really changed, but he has gotten a bit stronger then his past incarnation. 

Mewshi3D Mewshi

Mewshi scratches in!

Mewshi is the only character that got reworked entirely. His moveset was changed a lot to differentiate his moveset from Yoshi's moveset in the Super Smash Bros series. 

Mewshi the Dinocat
General Scotch by Tom General Scotch

General Scotch finishes his journey!

Scotch's moveset has been updated too, as it focuses more on his darkness powers then anything else. 

General's Journey

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