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Fantendo Smash Stars is a fighting game and first in the Fantendo Smash Stars series.


The game plays mostly like Super Smash Bros Brawl.  There are five gamemodes, all of them playing similarly to SSBB. The gamemodes are Brawl, Target Test, Events, Fading Stars, and Training Mode. 

Starter Characters


Image Character Moveset
UNinTENded Unten
  • Neutral: Beorn Blast
  • Side: Beorn Dash
  • Up: Beorn Dive
  • Down: Beorn Charge
  • Final Smash: Hyper Unten
ZeritaNvF3D Zerita
  • Neutral: Claw
  • Side: Shadow Kick
  • Up: Claw Spin
  • Down: Claw Dash
  • Final Smash: Catonea Swarm
DataYE Data
  • Neutral: Energy Beam
  • Side: Hyper Shot
  • Up: Rocket Boots
  • Down: Titanium Smash
  • Final Smash: Missle Mayhem
NinJonByPlazzap NinJon
  • Neutral: Shuriken Throw
  • Side: Sword Slash
  • Up: Ninja Vanish
  • Down: Bomb Blast
  • Final Smash: Ninja's Doom
Mika sho 2014 Mika Sho
  • Neutral: Fire Blast
  • Side: Flame Rush
  • Up: Levitate
  • Down: Burning Fist
  • Final Smash: Inferno 
YErubberYE Rubber
  • Neutral: Sword Slash
  • Side: Motor Dash
  • Up: Rubber Jet
  • Down:Rubber Spike
  • Final Smash: Putty Smash
Nyntendo X 6 Nyntendo X
  • Neutral: X Blast
  • Side: X Cutter
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Fairy Blitz
  • Final Smash: Ultimate Xterminating Oblivion
Flip Flip
  • Neutral: Banjo Smash
  • Side: Cobby Whip
  • Up: Frog Jump
  • Down: Hat Throw
  • Final Smash: Frog Swarm
Untitled21 Scratch Kat Scratch Kat
  • Neutral: Pixel Blast
  • Side: Marshmallow Throw
  • Up: Pounce
  • Down: Dawg's Rifle 
  • Final Smash: Pixel Frenzy
Lumalee2 Lumalee
  • Neutral: Fire Blast
  • Side: Ice Blast
  • Up: Cosmic Thrust
  • Down: Cosmic Shield
  • Final Smash: Luma Energy
WhiteLumoshi White
  • Neutral: Boom Stick
  • SIde: Splash Potion
  • Up: Dragoon
  • Down: Light Claws
  • Final Smash: Fire Arrow
Squav 1 Squav
  • Neutral: Light Blast
  • Side: Exulbore
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Avocado Throw
  • Final Smash: Avacorn 
KidKiba Kid Kiba
  • Neutral: Bite
  • Side: Vamp Dash
  • Up: Bat Form
  • Down: Nightmare Slash
  • Final Smash: Ultimate Nightmare
Hugo by Tom Hugo
  • Neutral: Super Punch
  • Side: Vision Punch
  • Up: Punch
  • Down: Smash
  • Final Smash: Ground Pound Hole
TaBooki New TaBooki
  • Neutral: Lick
  • Side: Tail Swipe
  • Up: Hover
  • Down: Thunder Tail
  • Final Smash: Thunder Strike
Danni (AoW Style) Danni
  • Neutral: Flarebringer Strike
  • Side: Sirius Summon
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Mirror Shield
  • Final Smash: Forces of Nature
Mewshi3D Mewshi
  • Neutral: Scratch
  • Side: Egg Roll
  • Up: Upward Pounce
  • Down: Mewshi Bomb
  • Final Smash: Fire Mewshi
Waddlenote3D Waddlenote
  • Neutral: Acorn Throw
  • Side: Tail Whip
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Bite
  • Final Smash: Acorn Rain
Fandrooooooooooo Fandro
  • Neutral: Cork Gun
  • Side: Elemental Slash
  • Up: Rocket Jump
  • Down: Shockwave
  • Final Smash: Blaster Omega
Heylookit&#039;spercy Percy
  • Neutral: Gun
  • Side: Ultra Shot
  • Up: Flip Shot
  • Down: Kick
  • Final Smash: Attack of White Hood
Ella Metals By DK Ella Metals
  • Neutral: Metal Throw
  • Side: Metal Smash
  • Up: Metal Slab Float
  • Down: Metal Shield
  • Final Smash: Metal Storm
Fafmcboo McBoo
  • Neutral: Scare
  • Side: Boo Boxer
  • Up: Boo Balloon
  • Down: Boo Bomb
  •  Final Smash: Boo Summon
YEumbraYE Umbra
  • Neutral: Lunar Orb
  • Side: Gravity Slam
  • Up: Solar Flare
  • Down: Meteor Shower
  • Final Smash: White Out 
Fafpesh Pesh
  • Neutral: Slash
  • Side: Stab
  • Up: Push Jump
  • Down: Pushy
  • Final Smash: Pushy Swarm
General Scotch by Tom General Scotch
  • Neutral: Dark Fist
  • Side: Bomb
  • Up: Dark Uppercut
  • Down: Fire Kick
  • Final Smash: Hellhound Swarm

Unlockable Characters


Image Character Moveset How to Unlock
Magne (AoW) Magne
  • Neutral: Energy Disc
  • Side: Magknights
  • Up: Wind Boost
  • Down: Grenuke
  • Final Smash: Tornado 
Beat Event as White
3.14NvF3D 3.14
  • Neutral: Pie Throw
  • Side: Code Punch
  • Up: Code Jump
  • Down: Pie Smack
  • Final Smash: Decode
Win 15 Brawls
NetnuNew Netnu
  • Neutral: Laser Monacle
  • Side: Flare Dash
  • Up: Fire Dive
  • Down: Crimson Smash
  • Final Smash: Netnu Flare
Beat Target Test as Unten
  • Neutral: Laser
  • Side: Homing Missle
  • Up: Jet
  • Down: Bomb
  • Final Smash: Meta Strike
Win 30 Brawls
150px-All hail sgy Shy Guy the Yellow
  • Neutral: Machine Gun
  • Side: Fart Bomb
  • Up: Angel Fly
  • Down: Truck
  • Final Smash: Bikini Girl Stampede
Beat Event as Mewshi
Bowie by Rick Bowie
  • Neutral: Rock Punch
  • Side: Quick Kick
  • Up: Sky Slash
  • Down: Miniquake
  • Final Smash: Boulder Storm
Beat Target Test as Fandro
Flip 1 Pilf
  • Neutral: Nega Punch
  • Side: Nega Blast
  • Up: Nega Jump
  • Down: Forcefield
  • Final Smash: Nega Vortex
Beat Event as Flip
YEhardwireYE Hardwire
  • Neutral: Dark Beam
  • Side: Dark Blade
  • Up: Shadow Rocket
  • Down: Shadow Bomber
  • Final Smash: Hack Spread
Win 55 Brawls as Data
Lub Lub FUFF Lub Lub
  • Neutral: Bomb Throw
  • Side: Baseball Bat
  • Up: Spring Shoes
  • Down: Dynamite
  • Final Smash: Satan Costume
Defeat him in Story Mode
Owen ACL Owen
  • Neutral: Psychic Move 
  • Side: Prediction
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Ground Smash
  • Final Smash: Sonic Boom
Have him join your team in Story Mode

Story Mode

The story mode is called Fading Stars. It is similar to the Subspace Emmisary from Brawl both in story and gameplay.


Default Stages

Stage Name  Franchise
Smash Star Arena Fantendo Smash Stars
Sky City The Adventures of White
Lani City Hugo Quest


Character Themes

Stage Themes




Assist Trophies



  • This was originally made as a remake of Fantendo Fighters Ultra. However, later on in development the creator decided to give it it's own namesake.