SSB Prodigy
Fierce Mentor
Availability Default
Series Prodigy
First Appearance Fissure (2014)
Home Stage Luxmor's Bastion Stage
Finisher Hyper Form

This article is about Zerita's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the character in other contexts, see Zerita.

Zerita was confirmed to be a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory in the Toroko's Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015 presentation showcase. She plays a major role in the plot but the extent of which is currently unknown.


Zerita is Unten's best friend... or used to be. Both presumed each other dead in the events of Tragedy (2015) but during the events of Luxmor's Bastion, Zerita and Unten both realized that neither one of them was dead, however their reunion never really happened. Zerita has returned now and with something missing, although she takes great lengths to avoid discussing what really happened...


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Claw Strike

Zerita attacks with her claws, doing about 3% - 5% damage with this quick attack.

Flyin' Double Kick

Zerita runs and then jumps into the air with both feet out (and claws pointed), slamming into her opponent for 5% - 7% damage.

Robotic Pivot

Zerita does a one-handed hand-stand with her robot hand, pivoting around with her legs to do about 5% - 8% damage.

Bomber Shot

Blasts at the ground with a shot from her robotic hand, creating an explosive attack that does 4% - 14% damage to anyone in the radius.

Special Moves

Name Info

Oxidizing Bullets

Her robotic hand spits out fiery bullets that explode on contact but do not knock characters very far back. They do about 3% damage and three can be shot out at a time.

Harpoon Grapple

Zerita launches a harpoon from her robotic arm, which can be used as a grappling move for opponents or edges. When she attacks an opponent with this move, it does 8% damage and brings them closer for an additional 2% damage. When used on a ledge, it allows her to recover.

Stick Drop

Zerita slams a training stick into the ground and uses it to do a falling lunge attack that does 12% damage.

Tesla Rise

Zerita does a spinning punch upwards that slowly extends out her claws. This does 8% damage to an opponent and shocks them, preventing them from doing anything in the air.


Name Info

Hyper Mode

Zerita transforms into her Hyper Mode, transforming her into a more sinister and wild look. All of her attacks are powered up to almost overpowered levels. This form lasts about 20 seconds.


  • Up Taunt - Zerita crosses her arms, rubbing her robotic one with regret.
  • Side Taunt - Zerita snaps her fingers and points them to the left and right.
  • Down Taunt - Spits out a ball of fur, disgusted.

Victory Poses

  • Turns away from the camera and takes off her bandana.
  • Puts her hands behind her head, leaning back on a combat stick.
  • Fires three fiery bullets, turning and then saluting.





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