Xerox (Miranda Sodan)
SSB Victory
Madame Mirror
Availability Default
Series Fantendoverse
First Appearance Xerox (Fantendo Now episode) (2015)
Home Stage Prison Outskirts
Finisher Nightmare Leah

This article is about Xerox's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the characters in other contexts, see Xerox.

Xerox (aka Miranda Sodan) was confirmed to be a playable character on 4/9/16. She is Leah's ex-girlfriend and a master of disguise. She appears to rescue Leah out of the prison but turns away once she realizes Leah doesn't know her real name. It is unknown the full extent of how she plays into the plot of Victory.


Xerox used to be a fairly normal girl who was living out in the city away from home for the first time. When she met Leah and X-Ray, she became immediately infatuated with Leah but never had the courage to ask Leah out. Leah asked her out instead when she heard of Xerox's mastery of being able to disguise herself. Although she found it initially strange that she had to dress up like X-Ray a good amount of the time, she still thought it could work out. As she slipped more and more into Leah's desires for X-Ray, she began to go insane and plotted to murder X-Ray so she could have Leah to herself. This plan was not a success and she went to prison. She broke out again, this time with a complicated murder plot that would have X-Ray ultimately on the electrical chair, which failed thanks to Sakeena. She has broken out a third time to get Leah out of a tough spot, despite her friend Mingyu's warnings.


Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackVictoryGlass Shard Claws Inserts three pieces of glass between her fingers and swipes. Does about 3%-4% damage.
SideAttackVictoryPrison Jump Xerox leaps forward, kicking with her legs towards the front. This move grounds opponents and does 5% damage.
UpAttackVictoryFreakshow Xerox covers up her eyes and then raises them towards the sky in some kind of strange interpretative dance move. Does about 6% damage and becomes a killing move at 89% damage or higher.
DownAttackVictoryFlight of the Masks Xerox holds out her arms in a X-position before spreading them out, revealing a bunch of floating masks that fly and dissipate within seconds. This does 3%-7% depending on how far away a person is away from a attack. Closer=weaker.

Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialAttackVictoryScan X-Ray focuses on an opponent, copying their neutral special and appearance. This is a good move to confuse opponents in a battle that isn't 1 v 1 and gives Xerox a variety of neutral moves to work off.
SideSpecialAttackVictoryMirrorflect X-Ray pulls out a mirror that reflects any projectile and sends it back with twice the damage intended. This move reflects projectiles and is held out for three seconds.
UpSpecialAttackVictoryWipe the Slate Clean Xerox does a flying kick into the air and does three quick mid-air kicks in the air before falling down. She cannot recover in this state or do any moves. This state is removed when she touches the ground.
DownSpecialAttackVictoryCountertop Xerox counters a move by jumping onto her opponent and twisting her legs around them, cracking their neck. It does about 1.5% the amount of damage the move would usually do but can only be done with ranged moves.


Name Info
VictoryFinisherNightmare Leah The Threat's symbol appears over Xerox, releasing Nightmare Leah. This Leah kisses Xerox before unleashing a storm of needles at opponents before carrying Xerox and having her transformed into X-Ray, which causes her to scream (any opponents near her scream are KO'd) and "wake up".


Cancels her Scan move and removes her ability and appearance.

  • Up Taunt - Puts on a Leah wig before taking it off.
  • Side Taunt - Stares at a mirror.
  • Down Taunt - Randomly dresses up as any character in the roster, even if they're not in the match or even unlocked. This taunt lasts about five seconds and just has her stand around in her idle animation as that character.

Victory Poses

  • Looks into a mirror dressed up as Leah and kisses her reflection while crying.
  • Wears one of her old outfits and sits down playing a PSP.
  • Eats a pear before throwing it away.




  • Xerox's moveset was designed partially around her attempting to break out of her perceived lack of identity, but also still show that she was not entirely her own person, copying or reacting to moves by others in her special attacks.
  • The pear victory pose references The Normal Life of Sarah Auvic as Sarah and X-Ray steal pears in the second-to-last issue.
  • Her first victory pose where she kisses her own reflection references the story Lovefool, written by PablodePablo that was eventually made canon.
  • Nightmare Leah is her darkest perception of Leah that she doesn't want to admit: a woman who only loves her for being X-Ray.

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