SSB Prodigy
The Beorn Prodigy
Availability Default
Series Prodigy
First Appearance Fissure (2014)
Home Stage Zeon Remnant
Finisher Hyper Form

This article is about Unten's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the character in other contexts, see Unten or Untina.

Unten was confirmed to be a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory in the Toroko's Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015 presentation teasers and later the actual showcase. He plays a major role in the plot.

Untina was later revealed as a costume option for Unten on 4/6/17. Her role, if she has one in the plot, is currently unknown.



The last Beorn... or close to it, anyway. Unten is the leader of the Fan and the Enemy's plan to attack the Threat and doing the job right is quite a hard task. Unten is not one to let go of his past, even when it would benefit him more. How that interferes with the task at hand is yet to be seen. He has a sword known as Imperium that he recently obtained from the Silent One from the events of Beorn Hallow.


Untina is the World 2 version of Unten. In this alternate universe, Unten is Untina, a female Beorn. Much of her story is the same as Unten's, same explosion on Zeon and all, but Untina left with her lover Netnu. The two are happily married in this universe, much to World 1 Unten and Netnu's curiosity. Untina is not her own character in Victory and is rather a costume option for Unten, making her a alternate form of a playable character. She has some unique taunts and victory poses.


Moveset is written for Unten and not Untina, as such, names and pronouns are not accurate for Untina. The two have the same exact moveset with no differences.

Standard Attacks

Name Info

Zap Jab

Unten does a very quick jab with his fists slightly charged with electricity, shocking the opponent and knocking them back.

Beorn Flip

Unten flips into the air and then slams down on the ground. This gives him quite a bit of distance and knocks opponents pretty far away from him when the attack is done correctly.

Spin Lunge

Unten spins into the air with his fist into the air, with three total spins that can be executed if the player continues to tap the attack button.

Electron Circle

Unten curls up and releases an electric blast around himself, with limited range that can rack up to 8 damage if executed correctly.

Special Moves

Name Info

Electro Blast Orb

Unten charges a ball of electricity in his hands and can charge it for 15 seconds before it becomes fully charged. Once released, the orb cannot be stopped but it can be reflected. This fully charged attack can become a kill attack if the target is at 115% damage. When immediately released instead of charging, the attack becomes entirely different and acts like small, bouncing projectiles that dissipate after two bounces. These bouncing projectiles do about 5% damage each.


A metal blade-like object by the name of Imperium comes out from Unten's coat as he unsheathes it. This can either be used to deflect blocks (by tapping the grab button while holding Imperium) or used to attack with 5% a strike. Unten can unequip this by holding down the grab button.

Lightning Propel

Unten zaps the ground below him, propelling him slightly up. This move is outright deadly in the air (20% if hit exactly in the pixel-precise right spot, 10% otherwise) but can be hard to aim correctly.

Shock Wave

Unten slams both of his fists on the ground, making a mini shock wave that will paralyze opponents nearby. This attack does very little damage (1% -3%) but allows Unten to get in some attacks.

Erringear Moves

Name Info

Imperium Piercer

Replaces Side Special: Imperium.

Unten attacks with Imperium for 5% damage and can break shields instantly.


Scarf Storm

Replaces Down Special: Shock Wave.

Unten attacks by spinning around with his scarf, dealing 5% damage to the foes around him. Does not paralyze opponents.


Thunder Punch

Replaces Up Special: Lightning Propel.

Unten attacks with a electrically charged fist, dealing 14% damage but has no sweet spot and doesn't propel him as high.

Finisher: Hyper Form


Unten is one of the few unique characters in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory that has access to a Hyper Form. These Hyper Forms are unique in that they have complete movesets and new art for them.

Name Info

Hyper Form

Unten transforms into his Hyper Form, transforming him into a giant, more bear-like creature. All of his attacks are powered up to almost overpowered levels. This form lasts about 20 seconds.

Hyper Standard Attacks

Name Info
NeutralAttackVictory UntenForm

Megavolt Jab

Unten does a very quick jab with his fist, dealing 20% damage to his opponent.
SideAttackVictory UntenForm

Hyper Volt Roar

Unten bares his fangs and roars a electrifying sonic wave that knocks opponents away from him, dealing 20% damage.
UpAttackVictory UntenForm

Lightning Strike

Unten summons two bolts of lighting to his upraised hands, dealing 30% damage to airborne opponents.
DownAttackVictory UntenForm

Hyper Energy Octagon

Unten releases a octagon shape of buzzing energy around himself, harming opponents for 25% damage to those who get close to him.

Hyper Special Moves

Name Info
NeutralSpecialAttackVictory HyperUnten

Hyper Orb

Unten disperses a ball of Hyper Energy, charging it in a single second before shooting it forward for 30% damage to opponents in it's path.
SideSpecialAttackVictory HyperUnten

Bleeding Imperium

Imperium comes out of Hyper Unten's coat, although it appears to dripping a neon blue ooze. When unsheathed, this ooze will drop onto the stage floor, damaging non-Hyper Form combatants for 10% damage. Unten can press the button to attack for 25% damage. Bleeding Imperium will also extend and lock onto opponents.
UpSpecialAttackVictory HyperUnten

Hyper Teleport

Unten can teleport to a safe location almost instantly, although one downside to this is that Bleeding Imperium will be sheathed when he arrives at his location.
DownSpecialAttackVictory HyperUnten


Unten slams the ground, releasing a powerful cloud of Hyper Energy that deals opponent 25% damage.



  • Up Taunt - Snaps his fingers as electrical sparks sizzle off.
  • Side Taunt - Pumps his fist.
  • Down Taunt - Lies down lazily.


  • Up Taunt - Snaps her fingers as electrical sparks sizzle off.
  • Side Taunt - Shows off the ring on her left hand.
  • Down Taunt - Lies down on her side, giggling.

Victory Poses


  • Jumps into the air and freezes in mid air before falling in that pose.
  • Puts his hands behind his neck and smiles.
  • Looks somewhat worried.


  • Untina puts her arm around her husband Netnu.
  • Puts Imperium into the ground, crossing her arms.
  • Untina's scarf blows in the wind as she holds Imperium towards the camera.



Image Info

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (2015 - 2017)

The last Beorn... or close to it, anyway. Unten is the leader of the Fan and the Enemy's plan to attack the Threat and doing the job right is quite a hard task. Unten is not one to let go of his past, even when it would benefit him more. How that interferes with the task at hand is yet to be seen. He has a sword known as Imperium that he recently obtained from the Silent One from the events of Beorn Hallow.
Unten SR Trophy

Fantendo Sports Resort (2015 - 2016)

One of the greatest heroes known on his planet called Zeon, at least until it blew up. Although he escaped, he lived with the regret of not being able to save it for a long, long time. When he landed on Earth, he found out Beorns had the skills to judge those who had ascended by fighting Six, a foe sent by the Threat. He came to the resort along with the rest of his friends by an invitation, only to discover that it was not quite what it seemed!





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