SSB Prodigy
Temperance Red
Availability Default
Series Prodigy
First Appearance Underground (2015)
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Finisher Ethereality

This article is about Netnu's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the character in other contexts, see Netnu.

Netnu was confirmed to be a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory in the Toroko's Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015 presentation teasers and later the actual showcase. He plays a unknown role in the plot.


One of the surviving Beorns. He used to be Unten's enemy, now the two are friendly rivals. Or were. Unten and Netnu thought they were dead and their locations were unknown to each other for a long time. Dealing with the loss of his family on Zeon, Netnu found himself on a desolate planet called Tarot. 21 Members of a group called the Major Arcana met with him and learned of his predicament and helped him learn his fate. Netnu was honorably known as "Temperance" on Tarot, however he missed his past life still. Netnu sets out to find the remnants of his past life so he can finally let go of his past and move on. He has cybernetics that were initially given to him by Doomulus Grime and then were upgraded.


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Burn Scale

Netnu swipes to left and right, forming a flaming X that lingers. An unique property of this attack is that if it hits two character, the one with the least amount of damage will be launched. The attack does 5% - 10% damage depending how long one is attacked by it.

Beorn Backflip

Netnu backflips into the air and then slams down on the ground. This gives him quite a bit of distance and knocks opponents pretty far away from him when the attack is done correctly. Unlike Unten's Beorn Flip, this one launches him backwards as opposed to the direction he's facing. It deals 7% - 9% damage.

Tower of Flame

Netnu spins upwards with flames surrounding him, launching opponents that touch it upwards. It also damaged for 6 - 8% damage.


Netnu's left arm lets out a powerful but not very well ranged projectile that arcs downward that explodes for 11% - 12% damage.

Special Moves

Name Info

Grace of Flame

Netnu lets out a burst of flame that extends outwards and has a upwards diagonal direction to it. This move does about 5% - 8% damage.

Spatter Shot

Netnu lets out a explosive orb that homes onto a opponent and then explodes into fiery bits. This move does about 7% - 11% damage but it has the weakness of going off whenever anything hits it and explodes anyway if it can't reach it's target in two seconds.

Sphinx Chariot

Netnu is pulled upwards in a chariot carried by two winged Sphinxes. This acts as a excellent, very safe recovery move that can only be ruined by damaging the Sphinxes. However, the chariot will protect him from harm and allows him to fire inside.

Justice Burn

Netnu spews a bunch of ash that forms into the image of a king raising a sword and holding a scale. This attack must be then followed up with a exploding flame projectile. If done successfully, it'll do 13% damage.


Name Info


Netnu summons the power of the Major Arcana and sends opponents into a realm beyond their comprehensions, causing various effects such as poison, crystallization, burning, or freezing. Ego death may also occur in this state.


  • Up Taunt - Stands on his head with both of his hands behind his back and one leg up in the air while the other rests.
  • Side Taunt - Feeds a small black lion that enters and exits out of a black portal.
  • Down Taunt - Meditates alone, his cybernetics blinking.

Victory Poses

  • Looks out from a mountain with a staff and lantern.
  • Stands with the Wheel of Fortune.
  • Looks lost but confident in the road he's heading down.




  • Many of his moves reference the Major Arcana due to his backstory with a set of characters named that, in addition to most of his taunts and victory pauses referencing them.
  • He doesn't have fire powers of his own, rather they are generated through his cybernetics. He can use magic learned from the Major Arcana to give them strange qualities.

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