SSB Victory
Reformer of Threats
Availability Default
Series Fantendoverse
First Appearance Crow vs the World (2016)
Home Stage Tropical Iceburg
Finisher Atomical Smash

This article is about Mingyu's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the characters in other contexts, see Mingyu Li.

Mingyu Li was confirmed to be a playable character on 4/11/16. He is a man who can change his size at will and helps to reform criminals. It is unknown the full extent of how he plays into the plot of Victory.


Mingyu was born in China and was raised well. Upon turning 10, he was included in an experiment to see if it was possible for people to manipulate their own height. However, the experiment went haywire, resulting in Mingyu being stuck with the power to change size. When Mingyu moved to Seattle, he so encountered a criminal with freezing powers. After managing to defeat her in battle, he attempted to reform her, knowing she could put her powers to better use. Managing to help her turn her life around, Irene opened up the Tropical Glacier restaurant and became a fairly successful restaurant owner. He has also met a criminal that goes by the name of Xerox, but he has yet to reform her...


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Large Fist

Transforms his fist into a giant one, hitting the opponent for 5% - 6% damage.

Small to Big Diveick

Mingyu leaps forward, turning small and then huge as he kicks with his legs towards the front. This move grounds opponents and does 8% damage.

Double Punch

Mingyu enlarges both palms as he punches to both sides of him, doing around 7% damage to each target.

Ant Stepper

Mingyu enlarges his foot as he stomps on a character, grounding them into the ground while doing 8% damage.

Special Moves

Name Info

Devil Pin

Shunts a bunch of mass into a bowling pin that does 20% damage but has a hard to hit arc to it.

Mass Speed

Mingyu launches a ton of mass into a speeding dash onto his opponent, doing 10% damage. He ignores ledges during this move and will fall almost instantly to the death zone if he gets off the platform.

Size Up

Mingyu gets bigger, giving him a 0.5% boost to all attacks when bigger but also is -0.5% faster. He also has a larger hurtbox. Doing a down special will return him to normal size.

Size Down

Mingyu gets smaller, giving him a -0.5% nerf to all attacks but give him a smaller hurtbox and is 0.5% faster. Doing an up special will return him to normal size.


Name Info

Atomic Punch

Mingyu grabs his opponent and takes them to an atom-level landscape, where the character is then left there as Mingyu returns to normal size, stating that he will deal with them later. This technically KOs the character, even through they aren't really defeated, just stuck as the size of a atom where nobody can hear or see them...


  • Up Taunt - Raises a gigantic fist in the air and smiles.
  • Side Taunt - Makes a apple's mass lighter than a feather and watches it fall slowly to the ground.
  • Down Taunt - Sips a smoothie.

Victory Poses

  • Takes off his jacket and makes it bigger, using it as a giant blanket.
  • Stands on top of a giant pencil before falling.
  • Takes a group shot with Irene and some other reformed criminals.




  • Mingyu's powerset was greatly expanded, as he can now transfer mass into and out of objects and change the size of other objects provided he's touching them. Previously, he could only control the mass and size of himself.

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