Leah Needlenam/Xena Thunderhand



SSB LeahNeedlenam
The Multiverse's Greatest Traitor
Availability Default
Series Fantendoverse
First Appearance Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture (2015)
Home Stage H-O-R-R-O-R-S-C-A-P-E
Finisher Hyper Form

This article is about Leah's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the character in other contexts, see Leah Needlenam.

Leah was confirmed to be a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory in the Toroko's Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2015 presentation showcase. She plays a major role in the plot, being one of three main leads in the story.

Xena was confirmed to be a alternate costume for Leah on 5/13/17. It is Leah's disguise used in the second act of Days of Victory.



Born as Sarah Auvic to a mother and father that were slowly being torn apart by her hair color, Sarah was the center of a prophecy told by The Gypsy to The Twisted Cross, who kidnapped her and made her part of the cult. She worked for them for years, unaware of what she was doing until she laid her eyes on "X-Ray", who she couldn't possibly kill because she had fallen in love with her. This had played out twice in two universes; one where Leah forced X-Ray to be with her by any means possible, and this one, where the two had a more genuine relationship. Leah is noted for her sociopathic attitude and generally not caring for anyone else... which will soon bite her in the ass.


Xena Thunderhand is a disguise that Leah invents during the start of the second act of Days of Victory. It's a shoddy disguise, but it seems to fool even the smartest people. Leah invents all kinds of new character traits for Xena to throw people off from the fact she's not actually dead.


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Needle Claw

Pokes three needles in-between her fingers and punches forward for 5% - 8% damage.

Blue Gloves

Puts on a pair of blue gloves (this has a hitbox which can damage for 5%) and then attacks with both fists that slam the opponent for 5% - 10% damage.

Bleeding Skull

Leah holds up a skull that lets out blood-colored ghosts that quickly attack upwards, often while reciting some Shakespearean line.

Suitcase Spin

Spins around with a suitcase, causing 6% - 9% damage upon hit. This attack, if countered, causes the suitcase to burst open and reveal a bunch of eggplants.

Special Moves

Name Info

Precision Cut

Attacks with a surgical knife, which has a incredibly small radius but incredibly large damage, doing around 25% if landed correctly and 5% otherwise. The hitbox window is around three pixels big for the best result, eight pixels otherwise.

Needle's Prick

Leah attacks with her needle finger, which again, doesn't have a lot of range but offers more than Precision Cut. The fun part of this move is that it does various damages and effects based off what needle Leah uses. Here is a list:
  • Red - Does 5% damage.
  • Blue - Does 3% damage, makes victim feel dizzy after five seconds.
  • Green - Toxin damage, with 1% damage every second.
  • Orange - Does 10% damage but breaks needle and has to be replaced with Down Special.
  • Brown - Intoxicates opponent, making their controls reversed for three seconds.

Stitch Up

Leah uses red thread to grapple onto a higher platform. It shoots straight up, and the direction can be aimed by the player by moving the joystick while Leah stays absolutely stationary unless it fails or hits a platform. It has a long reach, reaching often to above the top of the screen and is a absurdly deadly anti-air move as it can grapple opponents midair and bring them down to Leah who follows it up with a stomp attack. The stomp attack does 9% damage.

Needle Switch

Switches out her needle finger with another needle. Move takes two seconds to do and the order goes:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Brown

Erringear Moves

Name Info

Precision Hack

Replaces Neutral Special: Precision Cut.

Leah uses a kitchen knife instead of a surgical knife, which does more damage but dulls quickly. Leah can do up to 12% damage when first using the knife, but when she uses the knife way too often it quickly whittles down to 3%. When Leah does nine other attacks, it becomes sharp again.


Stitch Down

Replaces Up Special: Stitch Up.

Leah attaches a red string to her opponent and can tug on their string from far away to deal 7% damage with each tug. She can preform up to 3 tugs before the string slips out. She can also use it to recover by holding down the button when off a ledge.


Needle Switch+

Replaces Down Special: Needle Switch.

Leah swaps the needles much slower, but gains 3% extra damage to her attacks when first using the move.


Name Info

Hyper Mode

Leah transforms into her Hyper Mode, transforming her into a more sinister and wild look. All of her attacks are powered up to almost overpowered levels. This form lasts about 20 seconds.



  • Up Taunt - Leah laughs hysterically as she swings around a suitcase.
  • Side Taunt - Leah switches her needle finger out for her "beer finger" (seen in Hivemind Halloween) and drinks from it before swapping them back.
  • Down Taunt - Smokes a cigarette.


  • Up Taunt - Xena tightens the rope around her neck.
  • Side Taunt - Xena sips some orange juice from her syringe carefully.
  • Down Taunt - Xena sharpens the points on her spikeball hand.

Victory Poses


  • Crosses her arms, pouting "Didn't even get to do what I really wanted to in that fight, to be frank..."
  • Drunkenly touches the camera lens and then attempts yank it off.
  • Falls from the ceiling and laughs as she writhes on the floor.


  • Mashes a bunch of food on her spikeball hand and eats it.
  • Smashes the camera with her spikeball hand.
  • Takes off her hood to reveal her face, looking seriously at the camera before erupting into laughter.