Hera and Teun
Hera and Teun
SSB Victory
Asylum Mates
Availability Default
Series Fantendoverse
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (2016)
Home Stage The White Cell
Finisher Straitjacket Fever

This article is about Hera and Teun's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the characters in other contexts, see Hera and Teun.

Hera and Teun were confirmed to be playable characters on 2/24/16. It is unknown what their role in the story is.


Hera was the lead security guard at the European Iron Gate Asylum and guarded several insane patients. Among them was a bizarre "Beorn" named Teun who they found in the sewers of London. Although the two did not initally like each other, it eventually blossomed into a friendship... and then relationship. Teun won her heart over and the two escaped the Asylum handcuffed together. Now they're on the run and the intergalactic war seems like a pretty good place for the cops to loose their trail...


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Chomp Punch

Teun sits on Hera's fist as she punches forward, causing the target to be bit. Does about 5% - 9% damage.

Chain Jump

Teun leaps into the air as Hera punches to the side, causing him to swing forward while biting. Does about 6% - 8% damage. Can become a kill move at 87%.

Prisoners of Love

Hera raises Teun above her head as Teun executes a chomping attack. Does anywhere from 5% - 12% damage. Becomes a kill move at 105%.

Trust Fall

Hera falls onto her back as Teun grabs her, with anyone else under her being damaged for 5% and launched a fair amount of distance.

Special Moves

Name Info

Psychosis Jar

Hera throws a jar of green gas that is damaging if the jar hits a character (damaging for 8%) and the gas itself damages 1% every second. It clears out in three seconds.

Teun Toss

Hera grabs and throws Teun. If it successful hits an opponent, Teun grabs onto them by sinking into them with his teeth while pulling the chains so that Hera can follow up with a series of punches. This attack, if successfully pulled off, does around 15%. If it misses, no damage is done.

Reel Her In

Hera tosses Teun up and hen can grab the ledge or wall and pull her up with the chains. If Teun hits a character, all of their momentum is canceled for both characters and neither can pull any recovery moves, essentially bringing that character down with them. It does 7% damage.

Ferris Chainwheel

Hera spins as Teun attacks anyone that gets in their way for 4% - 14% damage.


Name Info

Straitjacket Fever

Nobody can attack when they have straitjackets on, letting Hera and Teun able to attack them without fear of being punished... at least until the straitjackets break.


  • Up Taunt - Teun crawls up Hera and sits on her shoulder.
  • Side Taunt - Raise their hands up in the air.
  • Down Taunt - Set up a table and shuffle a deck of cards before realizing they're still fighting, much to their annoyance.

Victory Poses

  • Sit at a fancy table slurping spaghetti, only to be told off by a waiter that they can't be here.
  • Celebrate with bottles of champagne.
  • Play a game of cards at a table.




  • Hera and Teun are anagrams of "Rachel" and "Unten" with letters removed.
  • Exotoro has described the two as "Warachel" and "Waunten", in reference to Wario and Waluigi, who are seen as warped clones of Mario and Luigi.
    • Like their inspirations, they warp and twist the mythology these two characters have; having a loving relationship instead of a increasingly strained relationship due to Unten wanting more out of their relationship.
    • It also can also be read as a reading of Leah and Unten's relationship: Leah uses Unten as more of a tool to further her own agendas and constantly berates him with nicknames. While Hera uses Teun as a weapon, their relationship is more healthy and the two supplement themselves with endearing nicknames.
  • Despite Hera's similarities to Leah Needlenam, she is actually more based off Rachel in terms of her relationship with Teun.

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