SSB Victory
The Ginormous Heart
Availability Default
Series Fantendoverse
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (2016)
Home Stage Red Temple
Finisher Scorpion Beam

This article is about FDX-Athens' appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the character in other contexts, see FDX-Athens.

FDX-Athens was confirmed to be a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory on February 26, 2016. It is unknown what it's role in the story is.


An ancient robot created by a long-gone race of bird-like creatures. FDX-Athens is programmed to protect the Red Temple at all cost, keeping bounty hunters and whoever else might want to venture inside out. However, it also feels somewhat pessimistic of it's existence. It is unaware of its organic heart and mind that keep it's system running, making them more than just another robot. When a certain someone comes to raid the temple, FDX-Athens' life is changed for better or worse.


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Gino Pulverize

FDX punches downwards and then uppercuts. During this move, none of FDX's arms are intangible to hit. Noticeable KO potential at high percentages near the ledge. Does about 8%-10% damage.

Gino Sweep

FDX's legs sweep out, making for a hard to land but powerful attack that can do from 12%-20% damage. Becomes a killing move as low as 50%.

Gino Mixer

FDX rotates their arms, circling them up in the hair above their head. Anyone caught in it will be damaged for about 5%-10% depending how long they're stuck in there. Becomes a killing move at 90%.

Gino Slam

FDX slams their arms downwards, doing about 9% damage to those who come in contact with it.

Special Moves

Name Info

Crimson Power

Winds up a large amount of red energy and releases it all in a powerful forward backhand punch. A player can pull off a 180° punch by turning in the opposite direction during the charging period for more knock back and damage; however, this is slower than the regular Crimson Power. It does about 30% - 42% damage and can OHKO near edges and at 67% percent.

Red Grapple

Grabs the opponent and tosses them downwards and lands on them with their belly. Does about 15% damage and if done with no platform, instantly kills both characters.

Blast Off

A giant jump upwards that takes time to charge (about 5 full seconds) that can traverse upwards a whole screen and a half, knocking anyone in their way for 5% damage. The character cannot jump after this move is executed until they reach the ground again.

Sanguine Descent

Slams their foot into the opponent, ground them and giving them 5% damage. If done in the air, it becomes a meteor smash.


Name Info

Scorpion Laser

FDX-Athens generates a laser scorpion that stings an opponent for 45% damage.


  • Up Taunt - Holds out their pincers to make a heart shape above their heads.
  • Side Taunt - Paces slightly nervously before making a dramatic looking pose.
  • Down Taunt - Stands still as their heart beats.

Victory Poses

  • Slowly falls into frame, with rockets helping them descend down softly.
  • Claps excitedly and then stops, thinking nervously.
  • Their limbs pop out from the main body and do a little dance.




  • FDX-Athens was created to be a heavy-weight character in the lines of Bowser and Ganondorf, as there were currently no characters that currently filled that spot.
  • FDX-Athens' backstory is highly influenced by the Metroid series.
  • As it was later revealed, the character is a loving tribute to Exotoro's girlfriend Athena Hawkins (tbc). The character's moveset is based off characters that Athena liked to play as in Super Smash Bros, and the character was kept gender neutral to not out her at the time of writing.

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