Chelsea Rench


ChelseaRench Victory Plugsuit

SSB Victory
Bluecarrot Engineer
Availability Default
Series Fantendoverse
First Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory (2016)
Home Stage Bluecarrot Farm
Finisher Bluecarrot Engine

This article is about Chelsea Rench's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. For the characters in other contexts, see Chelsea Rench.

Chelsea Rench was confirmed to be a playable character on 2/29/16. She is Cura's mechanic and upgrades and repairs her, although it is unknown when she entered Cura's life or why. It is implied she may be harboring feelings for Cura, but is unsure if Cura feels the same way.

Her Plugsuit alternate costume was revealed on 5/11/17. This has no effect on gameplay except giving her unique taunts and victory animations.


Chelsea Rench is a young woman who grew up on her family's farm, the Bluecarrot Farm. She learned mechanics through the mail and eventually the internet, having advanced knowledge about robotics and mechanics at the age of 14. When she was 15, she was visited by a strange man who seemed to know a lot about rats who later haunted her dreams, revealing she had a fear of her parents dying in a barn fire. Concerned for their safety, Chelsea made sure it couldn't happen with installation of robotic fire fighting equipment, but that didn't satisfy her need to keep her parents safe and isolated herself from them in the farm. Her parents currently live in a beach condo while Chelsea maintains the farm and a new mechanic gig herself.


Standard Attacks

Name Info

Wrench Slam

Slams the opponent with her giant wrench, hitting downwards. Does about 5% - 9% damage.

Jetpack Dash

Chelsea puts on a jetpack and boosts into the direction she's facing. Does about 7% - 8% damage but can't be a killing move until 120%.

Blowtorch Fuse

Lights a blowtorch and waves the blowtorch wand upwards. This does about 2% - 10% depending how long the opponent gets into the attack. Becomes a killing move at about 90%.

Rabbit Buck

Chelsea does a backwards flip while extending out her legs backwards into a powerful two foot kick. This move is tricky but can do 11% if landed right and becomes a killer move at 80%.

Special Moves

Name Info

Wrench Mode

Chelsea activates a mode on the wrench: Blue, Orange, or Green. Blue Mode makes her attacks faster at the cost of less damage (about .3 less), Orange makes them more damaging (about .3 more) at the cost of speed, and Green doesn't do damage at all, instead healing Chelsea if she does very quick button prompts during attacks, these prompts getting quicker and quicker every time she uses it. Failing the button prompts also fails the attack.

Crate Chuck

Chelsea throws a crate of food (either onions, rotten mana fruit, pumpkins, or Unten-head shaped fruit), which does 15% damage. However, it has a very specific arc and falls a bit slower than one might want.

If Chelsea is in her Plugsuit outfit, the crate is a metal box that is filled with various objects (either bolts, lightbulbs, Cura's old arms, broken down Ray suits, or a bunch of Unten badges). The difference is purely visual and does not impact gameplay.


Jetpack Jump

Chelsea puts on a jetpack and bursts upwards. Tapping up allows you to get upwards higher, but you can only do this three times before the jetpack stops working, leaving you defenseless in air.

Wrench 360

Chelsea crouches as she cuts across the air in a full circle with the wrench. Does about 5% - 10% damage.

Erringear Moves

Name Info

Turret Throw

Replaces Side Special: Crate Chuck.

Chelsea sets down a Turret that attaches to opponents or walls/ground/ceiling. This turret goes off when it spots something, dealing 3% damage per bullet. It can fire up to 3 bullets a second.


Waterpack Glide

Replaces Up Special: Jetpack Jump.

Chelsea propels upwards using a Waterpack, gliding across using nozzles of water that deplete over use. It does no damage to opponents it sprays but cancels projectiles and still damages shields.


Wrench 2x180

Replaces Down Special: Wrench 360.

Chelsea crouches as she cuts across the air in a half circle with the wrench before turning back, doing two strikes with the wrench. Each strike does 5% damage.


Name Info

Bluecarrot Engine

Chelsea places a blue carrot into a engine, causing the engine to transform into a giant mecha robot with a giant carrot-like drill. The Mecha then burrows underground before blasting off into the air, the impact of it's launching completely destroying anyone still on the ground.



  • Up Taunt - Polishes her wrench.
  • Side Taunt - Eats a carrot.
  • Down Taunt - Pulls out a unfinished robot that needs work. Unlike every taunt in the game, this one actually has pay-off if you do it enough times over the course of the game. If you manage to do this taunt 1700 times, the robot will finally be finished and blasts off diagonally, and does a whopping 70% damage if anyone's in it's way.


  • Up Taunt - Spins around with the wrench. This has a secret hitbox that does 5% damage.
  • Side Taunt - Munches down a leek.
  • Down Taunt - Reviews plans for various robots. The blueprints cycle randomly, ranging from Cura's new body, a robot called Besi, a new design for Meta-Form, her new wrench, and a Beorn Android redesign. The player can only see these blueprints if they pause and zoom in.

Victory Poses


  • Lifts up the wrench and smiles.
  • Stands with folded arms and asks "Who the hell do you think I am?"
  • Dances with some robots.


  • Chelsea swings her back towards the camera and lifts her leg up, smiling.
  • Chelsea swings her giant wrench towards the camera, destroying it.
  • Chelsea lands down in a rocket, leaning against the exit.

Shared Between Outfits

  • Chelsea fistbumps Clark if Clark was the TAGOS character that the player used.
  • If Chelsea fights alongside Cura: Chelsea hugs Cura, smiling.
  • If Chelsea fights alongside Ray: Shakes Ray's hand as she holds him up.
  • If Chelsea fights alongside Cura and Ray and uses Clark as a TAGOS: Beams brightly as the four go into a big group hug.




  • Chelsea's Finisher and one of her victory poses is directly inspired by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, one of Exotoro's all-time favorite animes. What a dweeb!
  • The character's design was somewhat influenced by the characters introduced in Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord.
  • Her backstory seems to reference Oober Nightmarecoat.
  • Her last name is either a reference to "wrench" or "ranch". Considering her background, it could possibly be both!