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Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar is a 2D crossover fighting game by Stelios7 (tbc) which is for the Hybrid Delta. It could by some be considered as the direct sequel to Fantendo Smash Bros. Duel and Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle.


The game plays similar to the Super Smash Bros. Series and previous Fantendo Smash Bros. games. Fight players with a damage gauge, more damage leads you more chance of being knocked off the stage. It also features Guts, borrowed from Fusion Fighters. More Guts leads you more determination not to get knocked off, and fly off in shorter amount than you would be with no Guts.

When completing fights, you will earn coins depending on your place, 40 for first place, 30 for third and so on. And a extra coin for every KO above 0. Coins can be spent at the store to buy a fighters, stages, trophies and character custimization. Buying clothes and weapons for your character that they wouldn't normally have.


You will also gain XP from fights, more for how hard you fought. Depending on what profile you will choose to play under, that profile will gain more XP, more XP will give you a better reputation online.

When you are Online, you will only play other profiles on your level, or you can choose to fight players above, thus, earning more XP to higher your level.

The main menu is divided into 4 sections, Uproar, Solo, Extras, Records.

In Uproar, there is Uproar, where you can fight to your settings. A Quick Uproar setting, where you can fight with random settings, and their is a ??? Uproar, there is 3 random advantages or disadvantages for you and your opponents.

In Solo, there is the Story Mode. Story Mode is a platformer crossing various Fantendo worlds whilst beating up enemies and bosses. Around that are smaller options; Fantendo Football League mini-game, where you have to whack the football as far as you can to get into the net, called Football Furlong, Soccer Smacker in America. There is a all-star mode, a last man standing mode, where you face constant characters to fight, and see how far you get. A Stratosball Dodgeball, and a mode called Run For Your Life, a first person platformer where you run away from one of the bosses in the game.

In the Extra's, there is a music mode where you can remix songs from the game and choose how often songs appear on stages.

The Arcade where you can spend 5 coins to play some classic NES-arcade games, such as Teardrop (Original) and the Original Mr. Chilli.

Event Mode

Easy missions earn 10 coins, Moderate 20 and Hard 30. Once 10 missions are completed, another 10 is unlocked. There are 50 events in total.

Name Description Character Reward
01 - That Long and Uninteresting Fight Your 3 stock down to your rival, come back and win. Unten 10 coins, XP 300.
30 - Sing for Your Supper

Sing for your supper, taunt after you KO Andy Pasta, who just fires his pasta ball.

Any child character; Porkchop, Spaghetti, John Jerome 30 coins XP 300
46 - Fire with Fire It's Inferadness vs. Fire Master on a water stage, keep going until your opponent falls into the water first. Choose one of the two. 50 coins XP 500

All-Star Mode

Last Man Standing


A figure known as The Ringmaster opens a portal on certain places around the Fantendoverse, and it's neighbours. They all expand and form into a big portal, all meeting in the middle, colliding universes together.

Once they meet in the middle, they all enter a carnival tent, and are forced to fight despite their deeps suspiciouns. The winning 8 our kept inside the Carnival Tent, while others are sent out. And the ringmaster follows them, they need to get out, and fast, and find the rest of them, before they're sent back through the portals into random worlds, and are forced to find there way out.

The Ringmaster takes some of Fantendo's finest villains along with taking Oldton, Leyechester and Infearedness with him, who are made mini-bosses.


Default Characters

Each user is allowed one character accompanied with a move set, (which can be added later), a summon, maybe a stage and a unlimited amount of items. Stelios7 will write on your talk page a message inviting your characters. He may ask for two or more characters to be playable.

The game has a total of 36 playable characters to choose from, with 4 more still to be revealed.

Image Series Name Description
UntenBrawls TOSWTLAUNTIDNWTR Unten The last remaining Beorn is going to fight for his species.
ZeritaBrawl TOSWTLAUNTIDNWTR Zerita Zerita the wildcat.
TBA Pusher's Pile Pesh Pesh and his loyal Pushy are here to duel and make their mark of the battlefield.
TBA Henry the Moose Henry the Moose

The Canadian heroic moose Henry is here!

TBA Ghost Smile Smile TBA
TBA Strafe Strafe Strafe is a skilled shooter and is a just as good fighter. Troubled from the early death of his mother, he is now in a loving relationship with Ella.
ZakBrawl Doodleland Zak TBA
TBA Doodleland Hooly TBA
EllaMetalsBrawls Ella-Metals Ella Metals Ella Metals the metal moving girl has been here since the original and is here to show that old is the new new!
ScyploBrawl Robo Madness Scyplo Scyplo the multi-functional nextgen robot.
TBA Shooting Beat Scoutry

Let's get ready to meep! The epic Scouter Drone, Scoutry joins the scuffle.

Unlockable Characters

Image Series Name Description
Pusher's Pile Pashie TBA
Pusher's Pile Professor E. Vil Oldton TBA
Henry the Moose Porkchop TBA
DanBrawl Doodleland (Series) Dan

Dan's here to protect himself and his Wii, with whatever it takes, speedy moves with his sharp claws is a deadly combination.

BeardedBrawl Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, annoyance at it's peak, Bearded Smiley has joined the uproar.
Bearded Smiley Bearded Ninja TBA
Winged Nexus Demi TBA
TBD Teardrop Teardrop Seaside

The loveable heroic bookworm from Atlantica has a unique moveset not to forget.

Teardrop Inferadness TBA
TBA Double J RPG John Jerome TBA
TBA Fruity Toucan Fruity TBA
SpaghettiBrawl Gridlock Spaghetti TBA
TBA iPenguin (Series) Speedy TBA
TBA Agent RX Roxanne TBA
TBA Shadows of the Night Rose Reaper TBA
TBA John Mogwai Land John Mogwai TBA
TBA Mr. Chilli (Series) Mr. Chilli Will the cocky lawyer play nicely? Lawful?
AndyPastaBrawls Ella-Metals (Series) Andy Pasta Eggs, flour and water are Andy's ingredients for victory to prove to the world that his powers ARE useful.
Fire Master Fire Master KA-BOOM. Well that caused an uproar. Fire Master

Last two spots reserved for Halfy and YE. But I may consider your character if you ask me nicely. If not, they could be a summon.


These are movesets for all of the characters in the game.

Rose's Special Moves
Standard Special Sythe Slash Slashes out with her Pickaxe Sythe.
Side Special USP.40 Fires her USP.40 at opponents.
Up Special Sythe Uppercut Does an uppercut with her sythe.
Down Special Drop Kick Kicks downwards to the ground.
Finisher Move Assassination Rose calls in Kenny and Laura who will then help attack enemies.

Summoner Orbs

Default Summoner Orbs

Series Character Description Sprite
Ella-Metals Samuel Think Presses a button and sends a player flying with a contraption. TBA
DREW Specrious Specrious when summoned will appear and cast spells on the enemy players which do things varying from slowing you down, blasting you off of the screen or making you unable to control you character. TBA
Bearded Smiley Uilee Tea When Uilee Tea is summoned he will call forth Polterguys and Tea Knights which will follow enemies and attack them. TBA
Robo Madness Melice After Melice is summoned, she will start casting thunderbolts at your enemies and attacking them using bombs. TBA
Robo Madness Langhl Langhl, after being summoned, will float up to the middle of the battlefield, and take his Nature Rose. After this, he will send a devasting beam that can easily defeat enemies. TBA

Unlockable Summoner Orbs

Series Character Description Sprite
DREW Forter When summoned Forter will draw his sword and begin charging around the stage slashing out at opponents. TBA
Bearded Smiley Norbert Norbert appears and a loud "NOOOORBERT!!!" is heard shouted, Norbert will then run wildly across the stage knocking into opponents. If Bearded Smiley is on the battlefield when Norbert is summoned his charges are stronger. TBA
Bearded Smiley Green Giraffes When they are summoned, a huge heard of Green Giraffes will storm the stage and crash into opponents, when they are about to leave they will grow in size and run about one final time before going. TBA
Fantendo - Planetary Implosion Gray Demon Gray Demon, when summoned will stand in the background of the stage and start to take the life energy from opponents (which makes their damage meters go up), he only leaves once he has K.O'd an opponent. TBA
Snively Lily After Lily appears, she will take out her staff, and heals the summoner by about 40%. When she completes doing it, she will cast a strong wind, which will push enemies away. TBA
Snively Rinon Rinon, after getting summoned, will start to fly around the stage and cast light balls, which will damage the opponents and stun them. TBA
Robo Madness Elfain When summoned, Elfain will take her Plasma Whip, and start to walk around the stage, while whipping the enemies. TBA
Robo Madness Tina Tina, when she is summoned, will enter a flame sphere, and start rolling around the stage, attacking the enemies with flames. TBA
Mr. Chilli Emily Davies Emily Davies will sneak up behind users. TBA
Flame Snow Master Snow Master will stand where he is summoned and deal 7% damage if touched. TBA


There are 40 stages in the game.

Unlockable Stages



  • Originally, Bomb Productions Games had joined to help.
  • Although this game stars no recolours, Fire Master's origin was from a recoloured game.
  • Many characters were cut from the game, some of these include Sixty Four. Sk8, David, Tucker, Scar, Kid Kiba, Borealis. Although many of these appearead as Summons using some of their potential moves.

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