There are multiple characters that can be summoned to assist the player during battle from a Summoner Orb in Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe, the Assist Pearl can also summon characters, but only characters that are from the Doodleland series.

Summoner Orb

There are 45 Summoner characters, 20 default and 25 unlockable.


Character Series Description
MondoArend TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Mondo will stand in the background of the stage and lecture the opponents on how much better he is than them, he cannot physically harm anyone.
NetnuNew TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Netnu will choose an opponent and them follow them around, mimicing their attacks and movements.
Jiggy P Litle P & Sandslash Jiggy P will use Puff-Up to inflate and attempt to knock opponents off of the stage, she dosen't grow as large as Jigglypuff does during this move.
ItemMasterTS YoshiEgg Item Master will stand in the background of the stage and throw items to the player who summoned him for 10 seconds.
Besh3d Pusher's Pile Besh will charge around the stage with his rusty sword, slashing at opponents and then before leaving, grabbing an opponent and repeatedly slashing them.
Mythic Ghost Smile Mythic will temporarilly turn the player into a ghost, making them immune to enemy attacks while still able to attack enemies. The player turns back to normal when he leaves.
SpearTheBraviary2D Team Gemstones Spear the Braviary will grab onto an opponent with his claws, he'll then fly up into the air and then divebomb downwards, hurling the opponent into the stage.
PinkHood'em3D Hood'ems TBA


Character Series Description
DoomyDoom Grime TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR Doomulus Grime will stand in the center of the stage and cause the stage to split into two, the stage reverts back to normal after he leaves.
PrincessGraceTeamGemstones Team Gemstones Princess Grace will heal all of the players damage, if the player is damaged again while she is still on the stage she will restore their health again.
Zexam3D Pokémon: Legends of Mew Zexam will grab onto an opponent and then fly around bashing them onto the stage, he'll throw them into the air before leaving.
Balloonge Pikachu Fighters Balloonge when summoned, will wrap his string around an opponents body, and then floats into the air and off of the stage with the opponent.
Yen New Yen Yen will jump around the stage, slashing at opponents with his sword, before leaving he then does a sky kick into an opponent, sending them flying.

Assist Pearl

There are 6 Assist characters, 2 default and 4 unlockable.



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