This is the list of Assist Trophy summons in Fantendo Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Image Character Series Ability Rarity
Dadoo&Donkers Newlin Dadoo & Walnuts Second Coat Newlin Dadoo stays in one part of the stage, writing the opponent's moves while Walnuts wanders around the stage. Walnuts will then trap a random opponent and Newlin Dadoo will "interrogate" the opponent and use the opponent's attacks against them. Common
Zerita FRL Zerita Unten Zerita rushes into opponent and keeps attacking for a short time. If the opponent is KO'd, then she will attack other opponent. Uncommon
Lumalee2 Lumalee Life as a Luma Lumalee attacks using fire or ice moves. If it uses the fire move, then it will burn the opponent and will keep recieving damamge, in a similar way on how the Lip's Stick work. If it uses the ice move, then it will froze the opponent for a short time. Uncommon

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