The Fantendo Smash Bros. Tournament is an event hosted by JP, Inc.


In the comments section below, enter your username, any nickname you would like to use, and a short moveset for yourself to sign up. This moveset should be stylized similarly to this:

  • Nutta's Moveset (For the record, I don't have issues- I just thought I'd include some minor comedy.)
  • Standard Attack: Nutter Butter Toss
    • Nutta throws a Nutter Butter package. It does minor damage to whoever it hits, and can be picked up as an item to heal.
  • Side Attack: Wimpy Slap
    • Nutta wimpily slaps his opponent. This rarely does any damage, however it may distract the opponent when they laugh at how weak he is.
  • Up Attack: Jumping Jacks Failure
    • Nutta attempts to do a jumping jack. He usually lands on his face, doing damage to himself.
  • Down Attack: Sitting in a Corner and Crying
    • Nutta will curl up in a little ball and cry his heart out. This does absolutely nothing.

If the moveset is overpowered, I will request that you modify it- if you do not, you will not appear in the tournament.

How the Tournament Will Work

Once I have at least 10 entrants (and an even number), I will make a tournament bracket. A poll will then be created for who other users want to win the battle (technically, the battlers will be allowed to vote, but it's kinda unfair). Based on the votes and occasionally a little bit of creativity, I will post the "battle". The winner moves on. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Seer (SuicuneRider14)

  • Standard Attack - Whirlpool
    • Seer generates water around him, then spins it around in a whirlpool, which traps opponents that are nearby and does continuous damage.
  • Side Attack - Blizzaga
    • Seer casts Blizzaga, which creates an ice blast that flies forwards into enemies.
  • Up Attack - Crystal Spin
    • Sharp crystals spin around Seer. It also creates a temporary platform underneath him, giving him a boost.
  • Down Attack - Foresee
    • Seer uses aura to dodge an attack and counter with 1.2 times the damage. It only lasts for 2 seconds, and he has to wait 10 seconds to use it again.

White (White the Popopo)

  • Standard Attack - Boom Stick
    • White shoots an energy shot out of his Boom Stick. It causes a small explosion upon collision with anything.
  • Side Attack - Mirror Shot
    • White shoots a small mirror forwards. If it hits the ground, it will reflect projectiles, but if it hits an opponent, it will slash them.
  • Up Attack - Dragoon
    • White flies up on the Dragoon in an upward arc.
  • Down Attack - Thief Mask
    • Steals the standard special of anyone hit by it.

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