Fantendo Smash Bros. Struggle is a  FSB game developed by Treefrog Studios for their console, Canopy. It's a rather small game, with only twenty characters. As opposed to having Fantendo classics like Unten, the game features odd and obscure characters. It's story is a lot lighter than most FSB stories, featuring lots of humor.



Name Info

Leah Needleham

Leah Needleham

SSB Shattered

A really weird pig-version of Leah Needlenam. Leah Needleham is a balanced character and is kinda the Unten of this game. Leah Needleham attacks with things that Leah normally would, like surgeon's equipment and needles, but also attacks opponents by charging and biting like a pig. He'll go ham on the other opponent! ...I'm sorry.

Dream Boy Shattered

Dream Boy

SSB Yoshi Classic

Dream Boy is some lame weirdo wearing a glove magic glove that... revive dreams. How does one revive a dream anyways? Was the dream dead? Where did he get the glove? How does it work? I'm glad he's rotting in the wasteland now.

Tom Cruise the Popopo

Tom Cruise

SSB White

Tom Cruise is a pink popopo wearing a Tom Cruise mask who was enslaved by alien demon things. He's fast and agile, but he get's launched pretty easily. He attacks with yelling about the label applied to him, and how he is Tom Cruise. Is he Tom Cruise? The world may never know.

Peachario Shattered


SSB Mario Series

Oh boy! A deviantart user's bad oc has been mixed with the bleak and boring colors of SBBB! Lovely. Peachario lives in some weird alternate universe where she is the hero. She can attack with Mario's moves from SSB, but with her own unique twist. If Peach is wearing the plumber's outfit in this world, is Mario wearing a dress? Hot.

Zoey Peppermint by Frog

Zoey Peppermint

FSB MotorChickz

The angel of Zoey Peppermint, who died in Motor Chickz 2. She's a light, floaty character who can fly. She attacks with moves she had in Shattered, along with using her wings and light attacks.

Cactus and Hedgehog

Chance Prickles

Chance Prickles Series Symbol

It's Chance Prickles and his sentient sock puppet, Dominic! They appear on a youtube channel named Cactus & Hedgehog Productions, and their talent literally just oozes off of the screen and onto your keyboard. Chance can make Dominic bite people, can lay down toasters that stun people if they come close, and scream like the underage nerd he is.

Turtle Struggle


SSB Shattered

HOO BOY. Remember this? Turtle Canyon? Gah. I'm still having a hard time on deciding whether the memes were worse now or then. Anyways, Turtle is a rather lightweight, agile character who's launched easily. He can smack people with the tentacles on his back. He can also attack by summoning spoopy ghosts, hitting people with the Ruise Cruise, and learning more. Maybe the SJW rules weren't the worst thing Elise brought to the wiki.


Name Info

American Boxart White

American Boxart White

SSB White

Everyone on Fantendo complained that White looked derpy in his Shattered art, so here it is! The edgiest version of White I could come up with! This version of White is very similar to the one who appeared in Fantendo Smash Brothers Shattered, but this time around he's got some new attacks, and his old ones were upgraded to be edgier. Occasionally he'll say things like "Dark Matter should have taken me..." or "My life has no light..."

Win five times playing as Tom Cruise.

Reese III

Reese III

SSB Fracture

We have Reese, and we have Reese II, so heck, why not Reese III? Reese III isn't seen often, I doubt Reese two or one even know about him. He can use a stunstick and pull things out of timelines like the other Reeses, but has attacks where he uses flowers and vines. I heard he met Leah II the other day and is planning to ask her out. That won't go well, I'm sure.

Beat classic mode once.

Dinosaur Unten Struggle

Dinosaur Unten

SSB Prodigy

Back in the good ol' days when Unten was only a head, people enjoyed putting his head on various animals! Nothing was safe. All of this madness resulted in this glorious work of art. Dinosaur Unten is a fast, agile character who can deal lots of damage, but can't take much himself. He can attack with his claws (which he can retract) and lightning powers. Oh, early Fantendo. You were so funny!

Win ten matches with Dream Boy.

RoboLeah Struggle


SSB LeahNeedlenam

It's L3AH N33D13NAM! Because if it breathes, it needs a robo-counterpart, right? L3AH was originally built to be a robot to act like a nurse and help patients, but she was redesigned to look like the crazy doctor we know and hate. She is a heavy character with hard hitting attacks. She can use hospital equipment and shoot needles as well as chunks of flesh from her arm cannon. Wait a minute, you're telling me there's already a Leah robot? Crud.

Win fifteen matches with Leah Needleham.


Version 0.1:

The game is posted, featuring Leah Needleham, Dream Boy, Tom Cruise, Peachario, Zoey Peppermint, and Chance Prickles.

Version 0.2:

American Boxart White is added as an unlockable character.

Version 0.3:

Reese III is added as an unlockable character.

Version 0.4:

Dinosaur Unten is added as an unlockable character.

Version 0.5:

Turtle is added as a starter character.

Version 0.6:

L3AH N33D13NAM is added as an unlockable character.


  • The arts in this game were, in fact, not drawn by Exotoro. Instead they are edited versions of Exo's pictures.
    • Leah Needleham was edited from Hooves.
    • Dream Boy was edited from RedYoshi.
    • Tom Cruise was edited from White and Danjixrus.
    • Peachario was edited from Maxia.
    • Zoey Peppermint was edited from Zoey Peppermint and S.
    • Chance Prickles was edited from Andy Pasta, Rope and Danjixrus.
    • American Boxart White was edited from White and Danjixrus.
    • Reese III was edited from Reese, Iron Mask, Anna Biscuit and Danjixrus.
    • Dinosaur Unten was edited from Red Yoshi, Unten, and Wozz.
    • Turtle was edited from Scarlet and Danjixrus.
    • L3AH N33D13NAM was edited from Leah Needlenam and PalmMan.
  • Reese III is the character with the most arts edited for his image.
  • Randomfrog states that Chance's art was the hardest to make, due to the noodles in front of Andy Pasta and the hat he was wearing that Frog had to remove.
  • Cactus & Hedgehog is an actual youtube channel.

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