The Beorn Prodigy
Series SSB Fantendoverse
Universe Fantendoverse
Appears in Fissure, Underground etc.
Debut Fissure (2010)
Availability Starter
Finisher Midas Gold
Home Stage TBA

This is the page regarding Unten's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike; for Unten's main page, click here.

Unten is a playable fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.


Role in Story Mode

Abilites and Moveset

Untent is a balanced character.

Type Name Description Damage
Jab N/A Unten punches repeatedly. TBD
Dash Attack N/A Unten lunges and tackles with his elbow. TBD
Side Smash N/A Unten electrifies his fist and punches. TBD
Up Smash N/A

Unten swings Fanti above his head.

Down Smash N/A Unten curls up and releases an electric blast around himself. TBD
Neutral Aerial N/A TBD
Up Air N/A TBD
Forward Air N/A TBD
Back Air N/A TBD
Down Air N/A TBD
Neutral Special Thundershot Unten fires a ball of electricity that bursts after a short distance. Can be charged to increase damage and blast radius. TBD
Side Spec. Blump Toss Unten tosses a Blump, which bounces off of opponents. Can be grabbed while in air or while lying on the ground. TBD
Up Spec. Fanti Whirl

Fanti is extended and whirled around, sending Unten upward. Deals multiple hits and can launch at the end.
After this move, the B button can be held to use Fanti as a parachute.

Down Spec. Fissure Punch Unten slams his fist into the ground, burying nearby foes. TBD
Grab N/A TBD
Pummel N/A TBD
Forward Throw N/A TBD
Back Throw N/A TBD
Up Throw N/A TBD
Down Throw N/A TBD
Ledge Attack N/A TBD
Floor Attack N/A TBD
Finisher Midas Gold Unten eats a golden Blump, which surrounds him in glittering gold. Makes Unten faster and invincible, but trades all attacks for simply running into opponents to deal damage. TBD


  • Unten was the first fighter announced for FSBS.

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