The Titan
Universe Lapisverse
Appears in Fighters of Lapis, etc.
Debut Fighters of Lapis (2012)
Availability Starter
Finisher TBA

This is the page regarding Reptflux's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike; for Reptflux's main page, click here.

Reptflux is a fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.

Not much else is known at this time.


Role in Story Mode

While Reptflux's role in Story Mode is yet to be fully explained, it is presumed by fans that Reptflux may be pursuing Reese.

Abilities and Moveset

Type Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Eye Blast Reptflux fires a blast of energy from his eye. Holding the B button can slightly increase the brief "charge" period, allowing the blast to be aimed. TBD
Side Spec. Suplex Slam Reptflux dashes slightly forward. If he grabs a player, they are slammed into the ground. TBD
Up Spec. Titanic Uppercut Reptflux draws back slightly before quickly executing a powerful uppercut. Poor recovery, but immense launch power. TBD
Down Spec. Kona Morph Reptflux crouches down, and turns a shiny blue-gray hue while the button is held. In this temporary form, Reptflux has increased defense and super armor for some moves; however, he is even slower. TBD
Finisher Spiderflux Reptflux transforms into a massive spider form. While it can't attack, Reptflux can move along walls and ceilings and damage opponents by touching them. TBD



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