The Catalyst
Universe Fantendoverse
Appears in Fracture, etc.
Debut Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture (2015)
Availability Starter
Finisher Vortex Cannon
Home Stage TBA

This is the page regarding Reese's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike; for Reese's main page, click here.

Reese is a playable fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.

Not much else is known at this time.


Role in Story Mode

While Resse's role is yet to be announced, it is assumed he will be travelling with Unten.

Abilites and Moveset

Type Name Description Damage
Dash Attack N/A TBD
Side Smash N/A TBD
Up Smash N/A TBD
Down Smash N/A TBD
Neutral Aerial N/A TBD
Up Air N/A TBD
Forward Air N/A TBD
Back Air N/A TBD
Down Air N/A TBD
Neutral Special Snag/Use Reese creates a portal in his hand, which he uses to take and store items, projectiles and certain stage objects.

If the B button is pressed while an object is stored, it will be taken out. This move cannot be used while holding an item/object.

Side Spec. Psychic Blast Reese creates a controlled explosion in front of him. The distance it is from Reese is determined by holding the B button. TBD
Up Spec. Teleport Resse hops into a portal above him before flying out of another one soon after. The portal's position is set by holding B for distance and moving the stick for direction. TBD
Down Spec. Foresight Reese braces himself. If struck by an attack, Reese will dodge backward before retaliating with a forward thrust, interrupting any attacks. TBD
Grab N/A TBD
Pummel N/A TBD
Forward Throw N/A TBD
Back Throw N/A TBD
Up Throw N/A TBD
Down Throw N/A TBD
Ledge Attack N/A TBD
Floor Attack N/A TBD
Finisher Vortex Cannon Reese creates a large portal in front of himself, sucking in opponents. After a few seconds, if an opponent is in the portal, it will constrict, dealing damage before launching them back out. TBD



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