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Palmman Base
Defender of the Mines
Series [[File:|50px]]
Universe Fantendoverse
Appears in etc.
Debut PalmMan (20xx)
Availability Starter
Finisher DragonMan
Home Stage TBA

This is the page regarding PalmMan's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike; for PlamMan's main page, click here.

PalmMan is a playable fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.


Role in Story Mode

Abilites and Moveset

Type Name Description Damage
Dash Attack N/A TBD
Side Smash N/A TBD
Up Smash N/A TBD
Down Smash N/A TBD
Neutral Aerial N/A TBD
Up Air N/A TBD
Forward Air N/A TBD
Back Air N/A TBD
Down Air N/A TBD
Neutral Special Napalm Shot TBD
Side Spec. Blast Charge TBD
Up Spec. Fire Burst TBD
Down Spec. Pile Driver TBD
Grab N/A TBD
Pummel N/A TBD
Forward Throw N/A TBD
Back Throw N/A TBD
Up Throw N/A TBD
Down Throw N/A TBD
Ledge Attack N/A TBD
Floor Attack N/A TBD
Finisher DragonMan TBD


  • PalmMan

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