Doomulus Grime
Master of Drills
Series SSB Fantendoverse
Universe Fantendoverse
Appears in Fissure, Underground etc.
Debut Fissure (2010)
Availability Starter
Finisher GigaDrill
Home Stage TBA

This is the page regarding Unten's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike; for Unten's main page, click here.

Doomulus Grime is a playable fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.


Role in Story Mode

Abilites and Moveset

Type Name Description Damage
Dash Attack N/A TBD
Side Smash N/A TBD
Up Smash N/A TBD
Down Smash N/A TBD
Neutral Aerial N/A TBD
Up Air N/A TBD
Forward Air N/A TBD
Back Air N/A TBD
Down Air N/A TBD
Neutral Special Chaos Arrow TBD
Side Spec. Cosmic Wave TBD
Up Spec. Rocket Drill TBD
Down Spec. Brute's Tail TBD
Grab N/A TBD
Pummel N/A TBD
Forward Throw N/A TBD
Back Throw N/A TBD
Up Throw N/A TBD
Down Throw N/A TBD
Ledge Attack N/A TBD
Floor Attack N/A TBD
Finisher GigaDrill TBD


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