The Hero of the Golden Empire
Universe Fantendoverse
Appears in Danny's Adventure, etc.
Debut Danny's Adventure (20??)
Availability Starter
Finisher Super Flame
Home Stage Rose Garden

This is the page regarding Danny's appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike; for Danny's main page, click here.

Danny is a playable fighter in Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.


Role in Story Mode

Main article: Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike/Story

This information is currently unknown.

Abilites and Moveset

Type Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Laser Beam Danny fires a laser with a finger gun. This move can be used quickly in succession, but deals little flinching. TBD
Side Spec. Crystal Cross Danny lunges a short distance forward, before swinging a heavy ice crystal down on foes; the crystal shatters, tossing small ice shards. TBD
Up Spec. Geyser Erupt Danny is shot upward by a blast of water. Enemies struck by Danny will take damage, and those caught by the geyser will also be launched upward. TBD
Down Spec. Gust Winds Danny sends wind gusts out at his sides, blowing foes back. TBD
Finisher Super Flame Danny summons a large, fiery dragon. This dragon quickly flies around the stage, and can be controlled during the attack. TBD



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