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Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord

Unipon is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord.


Unipon is a strange creature with a big giant god-damn horn on his face. He can use this horn to attack, as well as using his various power-ups.


  • Neutral Special - Flame Unipon: Unipon shoots a blast of fire from his horn.
  • Side Special - Thunder Unipon: Unipon rushes sideways and bashes his horn, releasing an electric shock.
  • Up Special - Boom Unipon: Unipon creates a small explosion from his horn, blasting him upwards.
  • Down Special - Frost Unipon: Unipon shoots ice from his horn, temporarily freezing an opponent.

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