Trials of Splorrgest is the story mode of Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord.

Chapter 01: Follow My Lead

The story starts with a cutscene, showing many strange images on the screen. It all gets encompassed in a swirling purple figure before showing Pilf’s face, grinning.

Unten wakes up in a strange field of purple grass and tall, towering flowers. Unsure of where he is, he walks around a bit before he finds a staircase leading up towards the sky. As he walks up the stairs, he sees that the sky begins to turn a bright neon pink. The stairs eventually lead up to a large purple platform in the sky, where Unten finds Netnu and Cura.

Netnu: There you are. I was hoping there would be someone else around here… but it had to be you.

Unten: Oh, it’s nice to see you too, then. What… what is this place anyway?

Cura: I dunno, it’s pretty freaky.

Unten: Are we the only ones here? This place is just so… I don’t even know how we ended up here.

Netnu: This piece of junk is the first thing I’ve seen before you showed up.

Cura: Wow. Anyway, what should we do?

More stairs materialize on the opposite side of the platform.

Unten: I guess there’s… nowhere to go but up.

Netnu: Alright then. Follow my lead.

The group walks towards the stairs. Unten begins to walk ahead of Netnu, but Netnu pushes him back.

Netnu: I said follow MY lead.

Unten, Netnu and Cura walk up the stairs, which lead to what seems to be a giant bird’s nest, with a human-sized egg in the middle. A flock of small birds comes by, and they shoot fireballs at the group.

After defeating the flock of birds, the egg starts cracking. Suddenly, Freakin’ Bird breaks out of the egg.


Cura: Gah!

Unten: What the hell is that thing?

Netnu: I don’t know, and I don’t care.


Cura: I guess we have to fight it then…



More to be added

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