Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord

Data is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord.


Once a normal teenager, Data was experimented on by weird science guys and now he's half robot. But it isn't all bad though, as he has a robotic arm that can transform into many different weapons.


  • Neutral Special - Spark Shot: Data's arm transforms into an arm cannon, which shoots a blast of energy at opponents. 
  • Side Special - Sniper Shot: Data's arm transforms into a sniper gun, which has a farther range and goes at a faster speed, but does less damage.
  • Up Special - Jet: Data's arm transforms into a jet turbine, which propels him upwards. 
  • Down Special - Energy Shield: Data forms an energy shield around him, blocking him from outside attacks. 

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