Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord

Cura is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Smorgasbord.


A robot developed in the 80s who was recently brought back to life by Unten and the gang. She's gotten some new abilities and upgrades since her original model and is sure to pack a punch! 


  • Neutral Special - New Coke: Cura throws a can of New Coke, which acts as a splash potion that deals different effects on enemies. 
  • Side Special - Tech Blast: Cura shoots a small energy blast out of her arm, dealing damage. 
  • Up Special - Spring-Up: Cura's leg acts as a spring, causing her to leap upwards. 
  • Down Special - Forcefield: Cura generates a force-field around herself that blocks out opponents so they can't attack her. 

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