Days of Shattering is the story mode for Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered. With the existence of the Catalysts known, Unten, Reese, and many others have to find the other Catalysts in order to prevent further damage to the timelines of Fantendoverse. Meanwhile, Leila begins to remember things that don't exist, The Wasteland is under attack, and time is ticking.

Recommended Reading

Here is a list of everything you probably should read before heading into the story. While you probably can still follow the plot without reading any of these, it's good to have background info before heading in.

Part 1: Memories of a Erased Past


The story begins as Leila jumps off a floating car and onto another floating car, just barely slipping off. A robotic Leah Needlenam and Ella Metals chase her, digging their robotic claws into the floating cars. Robo Needlenam knocks Leila off the car but she lands in another car. As she lands, a gigantic robot made of clocks and wires roars and Leila checks to see who rescued her, but only catches a second of a blurred face before she wakes up in cold sweat.

John Mogwai, who Leila had been hitting during her sleep tells her to settle down, and also notes that it's the fifth time this week she's done this. Leila notes that they've been feeling more and more real as she heads back to sleep. The camera pans outside of the house and contuines to pan outside of earth and into a uncharted part of the galaxy, where we see the Beast Between.

Beast Between: That was no dream.

Chapter 1: The Lawsuit

We then cut to Leah Needlenam in court, laying back with her feet in the defendant spot as Lance Darville speaks, with cuts to Mr. Chilli and Unten, Reese, Abba, Bowie, Koloro, and Miko Sho in the jury box. Mr. Chilli becomes irritated with Lance but can't speak while he's speaking.

Miko Sho: Why do you think Leah's being so smug about this? We have a bunch evidence thanks to Reese...
Unten: I dunno. She clearly knows something we don't.
Bowie: But what could she possibly do? She has nothing to prove her innocence.
Abba: Whatever it is, I don't like it. God, it's always that razor sharp grin with that woman... what the hell is she smiling about?
The Judge: Well, Lance, it looks like she's done some rather nasty stuff in the past; kidnapping, murder, arson...
Lance: Ah yes, but thanks to that boy there...

Lance points to Reese.

Lance: There is many timelines we have become only just aware of! Who's to say that Reese didn't get his evidence from a timeline where Leah did those things, but not this Leah? Perhaps this Leah is a perfect Leah. How do we know?
Mr. Chili: Wait, that...
Unten: Oh no.

Leah flips the jury row as she sticks out her tongue and jumps over the defendant area.

Mr. Chilli: How the hell am I supposed to counter that? We don't know which timeline this Leah is from. We've never dealt with this stuff before!
The Judge: Well, I suppose Leah is innocent then, although I wish she hadn't done that during court.

Judge slams the hammer down.

Leah runs out the doors and grabs X-Ray, who is playing on a Gameboy. In the distance, a man named Johnathon Hades takes off his sunglasses and looks at the ant-sized construction field below from the top story of a corporate building. He then looks at his hand, which has a red mark searing into his flesh as he winces.

Chapter 2: Big Trouble in Little Wasteland

We see a bunch of gray sand being blown in the wind as a bunch of garbage flows into frame. Suddenly white thunder crackles and sparks in the sky, and a white portal opens up in the sky with white Titan Scraps coming out.


The little Titan Scraps wiggle around with their spindly spider bodies, eventually morphing into giant flies. We cut to a desert town, where we see Iron Mask, Scarlet, and PAIN-T hiding out below a tavern. As one of the Titan Scraps comes by, Iron Mask shoots it with his gunblade and the rest of the Titan Scraps are alerted by their presence.

A fight ensues, with the Wasteland Warriors taking them down easily. However they notice that this is the third time this week that these buggers have come in; what do they want?

Chapter 3: The Wedding Rehearsal

Ella stands with a white dress on, waiting for Strafe. Mika Sho and Koloro are putting down flowers and Ella's parents are there sitting all nice and cute, happy for their daughter.

Strafe walks in, towards Ella. As he does, a ringing sound plays in his ears. Suddenly the doors open and Mr. ? appears, with a bunch of ghosts floating around him. The ghosts begin to attack the ceremony and Strafe attempts to fight back but he is possessed by one, turning him into Dark Strafe.

Ella Metals, Mika Sho, and Koloro fight the ghosts and Dark Strafe. As Dark Strafe corners Ella with a chair, Ella shows him a mirror.

Ella: Strafe, stop this! Look who you've become!
(Dark) Strafe: ...
Ella: Do you remember what your father...?
(Dark) Strafe: ...

Dark Strafe lowers his glance in shame.

Ella: look just like he did.
Strafe: Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

Strafe walks out of the rehearsal and Ella chases him.

Chapter 4: Demons!

Unten, Reese, Abba are walking in a park, talking about how to stop the Shattering.

Unten: Okay. There has to be a way to reverse this right? Like we always do?
Abba: There wasn't a way to reverse the Fracture as far as I know; it's possibly too late to change this.
Unten: Is there a way to delay it?
Abba: Eh, you'd have to stop time travel, which frankly seems to be only becoming more and more common.
Unten: We aren't doomed, are we?
Reese: It looks like it, yes... but maybe there's a way to stop it. We have to find out what.

As they are talking, demons suddenly rise from the ground and catch them off guard. Suddenly PalmMan appears from the left and causes a few of them to explode and allowing Unten, Abba, and Reese to regain their ground. As they wonder where they're coming from, we see Johnathon Hades watching from afar with his hand at ease.

After battling the demons, Unten, Reese, Abba, and PalmMan find a giant hell hole in a construction yard, which is where the demons must have been coming from. They fall into the hole.


After arriving in Hell, they find characters like Bearded Smiley and Little Dude in Big Shoes suffering in a pit. They also find Sinless Devil, depressed that he cannot seem to ever gain a angel form. As they lurk around in Hell to find the leader, they are suddenly approached by a giant demon in hellish looking armor. He captures Unten and the group as he looks on a screen, watching Johnathon Hades.

Chapter 5: Elevation

Iron Mask, PAIN-T, and Scarlet hike up a mountain to reach where they believe the next "White Strike" will be. They turn out to be correct and the group in nearly knocked off the mountain by the force. As they fight the Titan Scraps, Iron Mask plans to get inside the wormhole, leaving the rest of his comrades to fight off the Titan Scraps (which they agree to, with the idea being that Iron Mask would stop whoever is sending the Titan Scraps).

As Iron Mask heads inside the white wormhole, a scythe swings at him, revealing the End, who kicks him out and closes the wormhole. As Iron Mask wonders why the End would need send out Titan Scraps into the Wasteland, an red wormhole sending out demons appears at the bottom of the mountain, which causes Iron Mask to heavily sigh.

Meanwhile, Leah learns that Unten has found a hole to Hell and plans to go there and kill whoever owns it and take it over.

Chapter 6: You Look Just Like Your Father

As Ella and Strafe try to figure out how to get the ghost out of Strafe's body, they find that no doctor will take them with the exception of the Twisted Cross hospital. Not wanting to go there, they find that Unten has found a hole to hell and decide to head there to see if they can get answers.

They find Unten, Reese, Abba, and PalmMan caged in hell. As they attempt to get them out, the giant armored demon approaches them. He opens his mouth, sending out thousands of the ghosts that Mr. ? sent out during the wedding rehearsal. Unten begins flipping out and Strafe blasts off the lock and heads to attack the armored demon. The armored demon's helmet falls off, revealing Gagmier.

Gagmier slams the cage along with Strafe and Ella into a Wasteland Portal. Just then, fiveteen needles bounce off Gagmier's armor, revealing Leah and X-Ray. Leah attempts to attack Gagmier, but he simply flicks her and X-Ray into the Wasteland portal. Gagmier asks who else would like to go through the portal, and sees Sinless Devil at the portal machine, shutting down both portals and destroying the machines. He gets angry and slams Sinless Devil out as the portals close. Gagmier asks Johnathon Hades to find them and kill them.

Chapter 7: Into the Wasteland

Unten calms down as he lands in the Wasteland, with Reese, Abba, PalmMan, Strafe, Ella, Leah, X-Ray, and Sinless coming over to him. They notice a saloon and decide to head there while trying to get their bearings straight. They meet the saloon owner named Buck Shootum and order some stuff to eat.

Reese finds a piano and begins to play it, singing as he plays.


Most of my sweet memories were buried in the sand
The fire and the pain will now be coming to an end
How did you get to save me from this desolate wasteland
In your eyes I see the dawn of brighter days again.
With my tears you washed away the mud stuck on my hands
All the things you're trying to do make me a better man
Now I remember the joy and the taste of candy cane
The innocence of youth and the sound of major scales.
Most of what I used to be had been fashioned into waste
The memories of the boy I've been were drowning and you saved them
Now I remember the joy and the meaning of the fate
The color of the truth and the sound of sunny days.
Most of my sweet memories were buried in the sand
The fire and the pain will now be coming to an end
How did you get to save me from this desolate wasteland
In your eyes I see the dawn of brighter days again.

As the song ends, the group notices three people walk in. Iron Mask, Scarlet, and PAIN-T ask the group what they're doing in the Wasteland, as none of them were forgotten.

Iron Mask: What are you all doing here in the Wastelands?
Unten: Sent here.
Iron Mask: By whom? You're not forgotten... are you?
Unten: No, we were fighting some big old demon and got slammed into a portal.
Iron Mask: That adds up; we were just fighting some demons before.
Unten: What the hell does Hell want with the Wasteland? It's a wasteland.
Iron Mask: I dunno. You better find a way home though; the Titan Scraps keep getting larger and larger.
Unten: Titan Scraps? I've never heard of those.
Iron Mask: They're scraps from the titans. They move around like giant insects, infesting whatever they can. But I won't allow it.

The group and the Wasteland Warriors talk and join up to find a way back into the real world. Meanwhile from a distance, a man wearing a blue mask watches from afar...

Chapter 8: You're Pathetic

As the large group traverses the Wasteland, they notice in the distance a rocket ship.

Strafe: What the hell is that?
Leah: That ship looks oddly enough like it came from Zeon.
Unten: How would you know?
Leah: I do my research in my spare time.
Unten: I'm investigating.
Leah: Guess we gotta come along too...

As they approach the rocket site, they spot a tall and lanky creature that appears to be female sitting by a fire. Suddenly, Unten becomes uneasy.

Strafe: Hello?
???: Yes?
Strafe: Who are you and what are you doing here?
???: The name is Sia. I don't know how ended up here... I was on the search for my own prophecy, my own destiny... like the blue Beorne said a long time ago.
Unten: Me?
Sia: Unten, it was, right?
Unten: Yeah.
Sia: How's Zeon these days?
Unten: Uh... it kind of exploded?
Sia: Wha?
Unten: I tried to save it, I really did, but Doomulus' Drill couldn't be stopped... not in a good chance anyway...
Sia: Well, that's pretty disappointing. I guess it was just you that made it, right?
Unten: Doom got away too.
Sia: Damn it.


The group takes a minute to rest with Sia at the fire.

Unten: Do you know what happened to Boare?
Sia: He did find a prophecy around him. Something with a Briar Witch? Anyway, he sacrificed himself to save the planet.
Unten: Oh...
Leah: Say... didn't you have a chance to save your planet from destruction?
Unten: Look, it was a slim chance that it would actually work...
Leah: And yet, this Boare guy... he died to save a planet he didn't even grow up on.
Unten: You weren't there.
Leah: But I know damn well he was a better hero than you. You're nothing but a sham, a fraud. You're always elected leader, but for what? Your damn planet died on your shoulders. You have nothing to show for your outright incompetence. And you know what? What have you done exactly that proves you should be the leader of anything? Nothing. Not a single. Damn. Thing.

Unten is taken aback as Leah finishes her statement.

Leah: Get lost. Don't come back until you've proven you're better than me.

Unten runs away.

Leah: I'm the leader now.
Ella: Says who?
Leah: Do you really want to find out what I would do to you?

Ella backs down as Leah twists her mouth into something that resembles a smile.

Leah: Now let's go find a way out of here. Come on, Green and Lean, let's go.

Sia joins the team.

As Leah and the group look for a exit out of the Wasteland, they come across Nume, who begins to attack them.


After defeating Nume, the group sees a giant concert dome and starts heading there.

Chapter 9: Run Boy Run

As Unten runs away, he finds himself lost in a rather sparse area of the Wasteland.

Unten: She's right, damn it. I really am good for nothing. I'm not a king or even a leader... I'm simply a pawn for others to use.

Suddenly he hears the clattering of ladles... and a mysterious voice begins to sing.


Run boy run! This world is not made for you
Run boy run! They’re trying to catch you
Run boy run! Running is a victory
Run boy run! You realize we have ladles
Run boy run! The sun will be guiding you
Run boy run! They’re dying to stop you
Run boy run! This race is a prophecy
Run boy run! Break out from society

Unten trips and falls as something comes out from the ground. It grabs him and runs with him in it's shoulder.

Tomorrow is another day
And you won’t have to hide away
You’ll be a man, boy!
But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!

More and more of these creatures pop from the ground and run with Unten. One hands him a shock stick and a crown.

Run boy run! This ride is a journey to
Run boy run! The secret inside of you
Run boy run! This race is a prophecy
Run boy run! And disappear in the trees

Unten briefly gets a vision of him on Zeon at the rocket launch. The rocket goes off as the planet explodes and he's suddenly back on his feet at full sprint.

Tomorrow is another day
And you won’t have to hide away
You’ll be a man, boy!
But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!
Tomorrow is another day
And when the night fades away
You’ll be a man, boy!
But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!

The rest of the instrumentals play as Unten and the creatures that popped out of the ground, run towards a giant castle that looks similar to the Fantendo Castle.

The Wastleland Castle.

In the distance, we see Netnu smirk and then jump out of frame.

Chapter 10: Houdini

Leah and the others head to the concert dome, where they find Jr. Rock and Watch rocking out. As Leah makes her way though the crowd of mindless robots, Jr. Rock and Watch finishes his song to which the robots cheer and applaud to. Annoyed by the sounds the robots make, Leah shouts at Jr. Rock and Watch.


Jr. Rock and Watch suddenly stops and the robots stop their cheering and they all stare at the group, with the dome's doors closing.

Strafe: Couldn't keep your damn mouth shut, could you.

Jr. Rock & Watch

After defeating Jr. Rock and Watch, the robots begin to come towards the stage. Abba realizes they probably want music. Reese grabs the microphone and begins to belt "Houdini" by Foster the People. Ella grabs one of the robots and reboots it to use it's inner synthesizer.


Rise above, gonna start the war!
Oh, what you want, what you need
What'd you come here for?
Well, an eye for an eye and an 'f' for fight
Taking me down as the prisoners riot
Yeah yeah

Reese slips on some handcuffs.

Got shackles on, my words are tied
Fear can make you compromise
With the lights turned up, it's hard to hide
Sometimes I wanna disappear

Reese disappears into another timeline and then appears again.

When I feel kinda bad and don't want stress
Just pass it off on ability
Well you got what you want, what you never knew
Perfect gift from me to you
Yeah yeah yeah
Got shackles on, my words are tied
Fear can make you compromise
With the lights turned up, it's hard to hide
Sometimes I wanna disappear

Ella attempts to get Strafe to join, but he's just being a grumpy guy.

Everyone else: (Raise up to your ability)
You never knew that I could find
What could come when we realize
I don't want to compromise
Everyone else: (Raise up to your ability)
Yeah I'm scared that I'll disappear
Running around before it corners you
Nothing good cause my life's a wreck
Everyone else: (Raise up to your ability)
I know that you want to
Throw me into the sea,
For my abilities
Everyone else: (Raise up to your ability)
Yeah you're undecided
Yeah so I could see that
I don't wanna run away

Strafe joins in for the last lines.

Gotta focus on your ability
Focus on your ability
Gotta focus on your ability
Focus on your ability
Then they can't get what they want to steal
Then they can't get what they want to steal
Then they can't get what they want to steal
Then they can't get what they want to steal

Scarlet sets off fireworks as the song concludes, and the door opens. Everyone runs out.

Chapter 11: The Return

Unten approaches the Wasteland Castle on the back of the Underbeasts. As he enters, the creatures disappear back in the ground, with him waving goodbye.

Inside, he comes across THE OTHER. The Other opens up a portal to the Fantendo Castle, although Unten asks how his friends will come back to the "real world". The Other says not to worry about it.

As Unten returns to the Fantendo Castle, he comes across Flip the Frog with his friend Cobby the Snake. Flip attempts to get Unten to sign his hat, but Unten notices that Reptflux is attacking the Fantendo Castle. He orders Flip the Frog to get anyone still in the castle out as he heads to fight Reptflux.

Flip the Frog finds Zerita and wonders who she is, as he has never seen her before. Flip and Zerita head up the castle where Unten is, fighting Reptflux. Flip and Zerita jump down to join the battle.


After defeating Reptflux, Reptflux appears to "reset" and blocks hits from Flip. Unten tells Flip to stop attacking Reptflux and then suddenly notices Zerita in surprise.

Chapter 12: The Leader

Leah and the group head towards a town made of LEGO.

Abba: Hey do you know where you're going?
Leah: Do you? Shut up, I'll ask some people around here. Hey, red dude. Come here.

Lego Mario walks up to Leah.

Leah: Do you know a way out?

Lego Mario points at the entrance of the LEGO town.

Leah: Out of this, I mean. The whole thing.
Iron Mask: The Wasteland.

Lego Mario takes off his head and "looks" inside of it, before popping it back on and shrugging.

Leah: Do you know or not? Speak!

Lego Mario points to his non moving mouth.

Leah: Well, he's useless.
Strafe: Oh my god, you scared off Unten just to aimlessly wander with the rest of us?
Leah: God, can you just shut the fuck up and let me figure this out?
Ella: My patience is kind of wearing thin too.
Leah: Okay, who isn't annoyed with me? Raise your fucking hands.

Everyone but X-Ray and Reese raises their hands.

Leah: Like Unten really would have done any better. Goddamn, you think I'm doing this shit on purpose?
Abba: Considering everything on Enemy Earth, I really doubt you wouldn't...
Ella: What the hell have you done with Unten?
Leah: Nothing! He's just not coming back because if he was he would have by now.
Iron Mask: Guys!

Mekat appears, destroying Lego Houses in his way. Lego Mario is killed but re-spawns in the same spot a couple of seconds later.


After defeating Mekat, Leah and the others trudge forward into the Wasteland. Meanwhile, Unten is in utter shock as Zerita appears.

Unten: How are you alive?
Zerita: How the heck are you alive?
Unten: Oh god, this is really confusing right now. I thought I saw you die when I was getting in that escape pod.
Zerita: I though you were knocked off as it was going! What happened?
Unten: We're going to need to talk about this later. I need to get Leah and the others out of the Wasteland. Pack your bags, we're going to hell.
Flip: Hell yeah!
Unten: Don't say that word.

Chapter 13: Earnest

Unten, Zerita, and Flip head down the hell hole in the construction yard, battling demons on their way there. In Hell, they come across a sleeping Sunnyscythe, which they sneak past as they head towards the portal room. There they find Johnathon Hades working on the portal. Unten attempts to sneak up on him but Johnathon Hades catches him and the two briefly battle. Suddenly, Johnathon's hand glows and he runs off. Unten uses a piece of Zeon technology to repair the portal and open it.

In the Wasteland, Leah retraces her steps to the Western Town. As she briefly considers considering just killing everyone and taking over the wasteland, a portal appears. The group escapes in the portal. In the distance, S sees the portal open and begins to consider going through the portal.

As the group winds up on the other side, they are met with Lilith (from FTAS: Season Zero) who battles the group.


After defeating Lilith, the group prepares to battle Gagmier and Johnathon Hades.

Chapter 14: The Great Demon King

Gagmier laughs as he easily knocks over the group with his blade. As he prepares to kill them, Unten makes some weird bird call with his mouth. Suddenly, Hell shakes as Reptflux enters the fray.


As Gagmier is defeated by Reptflux, S finally runs into the portal. Johnathon Hades looks at his hand, he notices the mark is gone. Suddenly, a white portal opens with a bunch of Titan Scraps entering. They begin chewing at the Zeon device keeping the portal open. The group, along with S and Johnathon Hades, run.

Sunnyscythe wakes up and notices the group leaving and decides to make his escape.

Chapter 15: Nobody Dies

As the group escapes from Hell and runs from the Titan Scraps, they manage to find a spot to hide and hang out there for a second. As the group recovers, Johnathon Hades slowly pulls out a gun.

Leah: Unten, you're back!
Unten: Yeah... just give me a minute. Oh god, I think I pulled something.
PalmMan: Hey, who are you?
S: Me?
PalmMan: Yeah. I saw you come out of the portal...
S: S.
PalmMan: Excuse me.
S: S, as in the letter S. I'm... from the wasteland.
Iron Mask: I suppose you aren't from there originally, right?
S: No... but one day I just was there, alone.
Abba: Ella, look out!

Johnathon Hades fires point blank into Ella's stomach. She falls over, supposedly dead.

Strafe: Damn you!
Ella: Oh god, is there a bullet in me?

Ella pulls the bullet from her stomach. She seems to not be very effected by the shot, easily getting up like nothing had happened.

Leah: This is some freaky shit...

Suddenly a white portal appears and The End, bound in chains appears, struggling against the chains. Strafe readies to battle.

TheEndBoxart Render

After a battle with what is basically a punching bag, The End is dragged back into the portal. As the portal begins to close, Strafe rushes in and keeps the portal boundaries open with his hands.

Scarlet:This is the same damn portal that we kept seeing in the Wasteland!
Iron Mask: Well, it's time to finally figure out where it goes.

The group enters the portal, with Johnathon Hades being left behind in the construction yard. He is suddenly overcome with Titan Scraps as the scene cuts to black.

Chapter 16: White and Black

The group enters the portal and wind up in White Goddess' domain. There they come across Aurora.


After defeating Aurora, White Goddess appears.

White Goddess: Oh sorry Strafe, didn't know you were coming here to visit. Some of your friends though...

Unten, Leah, X-Ray, Abba, and Reese are suspended in animation.

White Goddess: Welcome home, son.
Strafe: I'm not your son.
White Goddess: Yes, you are. Come with me now, would you?
Ella: Strafe...
Strafe: What?

Strafe knocks Ella over as he transforms into Dark Strafe.

Strafe: I'm not your son! I will never be either!

White Goddess simply flings Dark Strafe onto a wall telepathically, knocking him cold and reverting him back to normal.

White Goddess: What did you do to him, hmm? I suppose I'll have to do this by force.

As White Goddess picks up her staff, a beam of light attacks her, the source being Palutena.

Palutena: Don't even think about it.
White Goddess: Brother! Take care of them!

Black God appears from the palace and attacks the group.


Chapter 17: Darkness Inside

After defeating Black God, Palutena and the group battle White Goddess.

WhiteGoddess isahackfraud

After defeating White Goddess, White Goddess' staff falls out of her hand. Palutena combines the two staffs into one, restoring her to full power. She then "resumes" Unten, Reese, Abba, X-Ray and Leah from suspended animation.

Ella: Strafe, wake up, please...
Strafe: Ngh... is she gone?
Ella: She's passed out. Your real mom saved your ass.
Strafe: God, my life is a mess.
Ella: Yeah...
Iron Mask: What do we do with the others?
Palutena: They appear to be under some kind of control; I imagine White Goddess had a lot of fun with the chains of light.
Scarlet: I suppose it's okay to free them?
Palutena: Well, it's a risk I'll take if everyone's fine with it.
Leah: Who cares if they're evil or not? We took out like thirty final bosses today. I think we can handle anything now.
Palutena: Oh yeah, who am I kidding? We'll just take them out if they're bad.

Palutena lifts the chains from Black God and the mental chains in Aurora's mind.

Color returns to Aurora's hair as her outfit begins to change colors. She wakes up.

Aurora: Where am I? Who are you?
Palutena: I'm Palutena and this is a sizeable group. I guess you'll need to get caught up later.
Aurora: So you finally defeated her, huh? Guess I'm just a dumb phony then.
Palutena: Don't feel bad about it. We'll see who she has hostage and we'll send her to the slammer. You weren't strong enough and that's okay. It's perfectly fine.

The group leaves as White Goddess is captured and depowered by Time Keepers.

Chapter 18: TICK TOCK

The group heads back home. Reese teaches Unten how to play the piano as him and Zerita learn what really happened at the rocket launch.

Unten: I got a boost from my brother...
Zerita: Brother?
Unten: Well, "brother". He wanted to be mine, and it was only until it was too late that I actually accepted that honor.
Zerita: What was his name?
Unten: Spunten.
Zerita: Oh. My condolences.
Unten: So, let's see... Sia is alive, Boare is dead... Pixella and Mondo...
Zerita: Mioda.
Unten: ...Mondo.
Zerita: God, the trip here really did a number on you, huh. It's Mioda. Do you not remember that at all?
Unten: Really don't know what you're talking about.
Zerita: Sigh... okay, you don't remember one of the friends we had back on Zeon. Do you think she's still alive?
Unten: Knowing Mondo, probably.
Zerita: Look, I really don't know what sick game you're playing here but if you're not going to remember that Mondo changed genders and went by Mioda then I'm going to loose a lot of respect for you.
Unten: I don't remember... any of that.
Zerita: Oh for... gah. Anyway, Pixella is likely alive too... that means Doomulus and RAMiranda...
Unten: Oh god, I hope not.
Zerita: Agh, Doomulus probably still is alive.

Abba and Aurora enter the house.

Abba: Unten! We found out how to stop the Shattering!
Aurora: It was one of the things White Goddess was studying. Apparently the Shattering comes in the force of a being known as Clockwarx. It happened before but the timeline was erased out of existence by White Goddess before it could start spreading.
Abba: All we need to do is find Fracture Point, seal up the fracture, and just keep it under control.
Unten: Where is Shattered Point?
Abba: The Time Keepers apparently know, but sealing it will be really hard! I think we can do it tomorrow...
Unten: Sweet. We can take a rocket with the three of us and seal up the fracture...
Abba: We'll likely need all the Catalysts that wrecked time to begin with. Thankfully we seem to have all of them.

Trip enters the house, switching from a hunter to a edgy teen.

Unten: Who is that?
Abba: That's Trip, it's the Catalyst White Goddess was using. I know, he looks a bit... under? the weather but we need him too.

Strafe and Ella discuss recent events.

Strafe: Have we found anyone that can excise this yet?
Ella: Sadly no... but you know what? I think there's a ghost world. Maybe we can talk to someone there...
Strafe: I'm sorry for pushing you like that.
Ella: It's not your fault.
Strafe: The ghost uses the inner darkness of the person to broadcast it's actions. My father...
Ella: You're not him.
Strafe: Ella, listen. I might not act like him, but he's a part of me. This ghost proves that. I don't feel safe pushing on like this if it's inside of me like this... who knows? Maybe I'll just go crazy like my father did... murder his wife...
Ella: Stop that right now. We're going to evict that ghost and we're going to get married. Alright?
Strafe: Right.

Ella smiles as Strafe looks out a window.

Johnathon Hades watches as the Titan Scraps seemingly die due to lack of influence in power. He looks at the gun in his hand and drops it. Maybe it's time to own up to his sins... become something other than a shadow of his father.

He heads back to Hell and repairs the Wasteland Portal, stepping in. In the distance, we hear a heavily disorted roar, as if it's being played back and in fast forward.




Recap of Act 1

Part 2: That One Story With A Long and Uninteresting Name I Do Remember

Chapter 1: Brothers


The Fan gains information about the Fracture. The Time Keepers can monitor it but they don't actually know where it's located. The Fan is unaware where it could be either, as the Fracture wasn't created through the Enemy or any other unnatural cause.

As The Fan attempts to pinpoint the location of the Fracture, his brother, The Enemy appears. The Enemy begins to attack his brother and a fight begins.

TheFanShatteredVS logoShatteredTheEnemyShattered

After battling each other, the other brother (depending on which one you picked to play as) slams the other into a laboratory, where they accidentally break a glass tube, freeing The Mistake. The Mistake escapes the realm and heads into space, with the two brothers following him, attempting to stop him. The Mistake then comes across a large, misshapen crack that shifts and hits it. A hand emerges from the opened crack and then grabs the Mistake, "swallowing" him.

The thing flies out, too fast to see as it begins to head towards Earth.



Chapter 2: Sisters

Palutena visits the prison, seeing many of the bosses they had encountered earlier, as well as characters like Janie Twice and Fandraxono. There she sees her sister, White Goddess, in a cell.

Palutena: Why did you do it?
White Goddess: Excuse me?
Palutena: Why did you do what you did? Why did you make up 8 years of lies? Cover everyone's accomplishments and claim them as your own?
White Goddess: Some of that stuff was selfish, if that's what you're getting at.
Palutena: But why did you erase so much?
White Goddess: It was necessary. This universe makes so many mistakes and nobody cleans them up, so I had do it to prevent him from coming. I failed once and I had to destroy the timeline...
Palutena: But why take my place? Why take your sister's spot and pretend she doesn't exist while usurping most of her power?
White Goddess: You know why. Neglected in my youth while my sister took all the glory, using it for her corrupt needs... transforming Medusa into a awful monster for fulfilling her purpose. The universe has order for a reason. Something you don't quite understand.
Palutena: 'Fraid not.
White Goddess: Chaos and Order are linked. If one destroyed, there is no order. We play these silly games to keep the balance in "order", unaware if we just understood the differences instead of fighting each other... we wouldn't need to fight. One side creates, the other destroys. That how it is. That's how it always will be. It's a game we keep finding ourselves in because we can't accept that things die and are reborn.
Palutena: So The End...?
White Goddess: Abbadon was dying. He is Order. I had to stop it from happening because if he died, everything would be out of whack.
Palutena: I suppose that's why you chained our brother too?
White Goddess: Everything has to be calculated. I tried to get the Enemy too, but he was too privy to what I was doing.
Palutena: But it's wrong.
White Goddess: Wrong to prevent the Shattering?
Palutena: The way you do it, yes.
White Goddess: I suppose you're too perfect to make mistakes.
Palutena: Chaining people up like that? Not cool.
White Goddess: Well, you can't do anything about it now... it's happened.
Palutena: ...the Shattering?
White Goddess: You better grab your son or something...

Ella and Strafe head to Leila's house for a visit.

Ella: It's been a while. I mean, it was a close one with that bullet and all...
Strafe: We need to make this quick. I dunno when it'll spring up again...
Ella: Right.
Leila opens the door.
Leila: Oh hello! Haven't seen you both in a while...
Ella: Yeah, I know. Let's sit down, shall we?
Leila: What's this really about?
Ella: The dreams.
Leila: Oh right, those.
Ella: Describe them.
Leila: Well they vary... I'll describe one to give you an idea. I'm with a man I can't quite see; something prevents me from seeing him clearly. We're walking into a gas station. Something about Strafe's father and a girl named... Micaiah? on TV. The man I'm with is hurt, and this woman at the gas station, she bandages him up but then I see his blurred face and I wake up. That man is in every dream but it always plays out different... why can't I remember anything about him?
Strafe: My FATHER?
Leila: Yeah... something about him fighting "the Darkness" or something with Micaiah. Isn't that a Fire Emblem character? I dunno.
Strafe: You don't mean... Micaliye right?
Leila: Oh yeah, maybe that was her name. I dunno, it was a dream...
Strafe: The ghost thing is going to need to wait. If you're having dreams of my father...

Strafe grabs Ella and Leila's hands and heads out the door. John Mogwai comes in.

John: Hey! Hands off.
Strafe: Ugh, come with me, I guess.

Reese, Abba, Aurora, Unten, and Trip prepare the rocket.

Unten: Do we even know where the thingy is?
Reese: I think we'll just figure it out... y'know?
Unten: Suppose I can't argue with that. We pretty much always do that, y'know?

A figure walks toward them, brandishing a shock stick.

Abba: Who is that?

The figure runs towards Reese. Reese hits the figure but is shocked.

Reese: Who... are you?
???: Another addition to the family. Reese II.


Reese II: I'm not done...

Suddenly sounds of explosions and white flashes began to pop up.

Unten: Abort abort abort!
Reese: Do you want to die?
Reese II: Don't have to.

Reese II teleports away as the group runs. Aurora begins to run in a different direction from the rest of the group, but they don't seem to notice.



Chapter 3: Bonds and Shackles

Palutena visits the White Goddess' Palace. There she comes across The End.

Palutena: Huh, I guess The End wasn't released like the others... no problem... wait.
The End: Oh god, what?
Palutena: I mean, nobody can die if you're still chained up right?
The End: Yeah.
Palutena: Then...

The End "looks" at Palutena with an impatient look.

Palutena: Do we really need death?
The End: Do you think I like taking people to the after life?
Palutena: Well yeah, Death is evil and spooky right?
The End: To someone that hasn't died, yes.
Palutena: I've died a lot.
The End: Yet you just return to this body. When people die, they die. There's nothing to worry about. You're dead.
Palutena: But what about my son and his girlfriend?
The End: Why are you getting worked up about that? Nobody lives forever and nobody should.
Palutena: ...alright, fine.

Palutena frees The End.

The End: Jeez, I hope I don't get captured again. Ugh.

Unten and the others run into Strafe, Ella, John, and Leila. Unten grabs Ella and the others chase after him. They head to PalmMan's house, where PalmMan, DragonMan, Leah, X-Ray, S, Sia, Zerita, Flip & Cobby, Sinless Devil, Spikebot, Iron Mask, PAIN-T, and Scarlet are hanging out.

Unten: Wow... there are a lot of people here.
PalmMan: Just celebrating our victory, you know? We took out Hell and White Goddess, you know?
Unten: No time to celebrate. We got a new threat.
Leah (drunk): GOD DAMN IT

Tosses a bottle at the wall, shattering it.

Unten: Leah, there are children here.

Unten rolls his eyes.

Unten: Anyway, uh... we gotta stop it.

Everyone collectively groans (with the exception of X-Ray, who is silent but annoyed), especially Leah.

PAIN-T: Well, let's get on it...

The group heads to the rocket area, where they see that some of the city has vanished.

PAIN-T: The hell?
Iron Mask: Who the hell takes a city?
Scarlet: Hell if I know.
Flip the Frog: Let's find the hel-
Unten: What did I say about saying that word?
Flip the Frog: Oh, right. "Hell no!"
Leah: We're on fire! Wooo!
Unten: Ugh, can we stop joking about this? Whatever it was just took out a city.
Zerita: You guys are being awful cheery about the potential death of millions.

Everyone quiets down.

Unten: Thank you. Now I want you guys to go look out for the thing...
Reese: There it is... oh shit, it looks PISSED.

The creature approaches the group. PAIN-T goes to fight it, but it simply strikes her, it's claws digging deep inside PAIN-T, killing her.

Iron Mask: Holy...
Zerita: Ain't nothing holy about it.


This boss battle can't actually be beat. You get his health a bit but then he escapes the screen, with his health bar just shattering. He then comes back and KOs all of your characters.

Unten and the group falls to the ground as the creature roars it's strange roar. A countdown begins to happen. Suddenly, light takes them as explosions begin to sound.



Chapter 4: Bad to Bleak

Leah: Oh god, am I dead?
Palutena: No, I just saved you all from Clockwarx.
Leah: Yeah, yeah, the clock needs fixing. That's what Unten was gonna do cuz I was gonna fuck it up or something. "Pour salt in the wound."
Palutena: How much did you drink?
Leah: ...enough? God, you're such a snoopy bit-
Unten: WELL THANK YOU, Palutena.
Palutena: You alright, Strafe?
Strafe: Yeah, I'm fine... apart from the ghost in me...
Palutena: Look, the Shattering has begun.
Unten: ...crap.
Leah: Ohoho, Unten said a bad word...

Unten rolls his eyes.

Unten: How do we stop it?
Palutena: Stop it? I was just suggesting to visit family and friends. We don't know how to stop the Shattering when it manifests.
Abba: Manifests?
Palutena: Well, yeah. The Shattering always manifests as a being. In some universes, it's different in how it manifests. In one of the universes White Goddess "deleted" it came out as some black and weird Tom Nook recolor. Dunno what was up with that...
Unten: There's no way to stop it?
Palutena: Nobody knows how to stop it, no.
Unten: There has to be a way.
Palutena: Good luck with that. I teleported you to a little house in Wyoming, a bit away from Clockwarx's current location... but I imagine he'll come soon.

Suddenly, a window breaks open and in comes Beth Operatino. Leah suddenly seems sober.

LeahShatteringVS logoShatteredBethOperatino

Despite who wins, the outcome is the same.

Beth grabs X-Ray and escapes (either in visible pain if Leah wins or too fast for a weakened Leah to try and stop) leaving the group somewhat shocked.

Leah: No, shit, shit, shit... FUCK!
Unten: Well, that sucks.
Leah: You're really going to be like that, huh.
Unten: Look, there's more passing matters right now. X-Ray just isn't a priority.
Iron Mask: Sorry!
Leah: Alone?
Scarlet: To look for X-Ray? Yeah, seems like it...
Reese: I could come.
Unten: Uh, absolutely not?
Reese: Why not?
Unten: We need you dude. If you can create the problem, you can probably fix it. There's no reason to waste time looking...
Reese: Well you know what? I'm done with you. All I am is a goddamn tool to you. I'm sick of it. "Oh, Reese we need to you to fix the Shattering! Oh, Reese we need you to do some time shit!" I'm not a person to you, am I?
Unten: Nobody was thinking that!
Reese: You sure as hell acted like it.
Abba: Stop being silly. Leah is going to use you too.
Leah: I was not!
Unten: We don't have a second to waste, Reese.
Reese: Let's go, Leah.
Unten: REESE!

Leah envelopes the two of them in some strange flesh cocoon and disappears.

Palutena: Oh yeah, she killed a god or something...
Scarlet: The hell?

As Leah and Reese begin navigating the Wyoming landscape, Leah begins to sing.

Faster, faster, you won't go far
Shouldn't leave, feeling faith, we both know why
You got to show me, both knees, cold I lie
Hold me slowly, hide me till I can fly
Always we can sing, we can make time
Old songs, flood and flame, you could be mine
But you got to show me, both knees, skin and bone
Clothe me, throw me, move me - till
I can sell you lies
You can't get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone anyone anyone
I can call you up if I feel alone
I can feed your dirty mind
Like I know I know what you are

Reese falls down a mountain side as the song goes on.

Icon of symmetry, swallowing sides
Fall down in front of me, follow my eyes
But I've got to see you moving, waste no time
Teach me, make me holy - till
I can sell you lies
You can't get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone anyone anyone
I can call you up if I feel alone
I can feed your dirty mind
Like I know like, like I know, what you want
Anyone anyone anyone
Anyone anyone anyone
Like I know, like I know, what you want
Like I know, like I know, what you want
I can sell you lies
You can't get enough
Make a true believer of
Anyone anyone anyone
I can call you up if I feel alone
I can feed your dirty mind
Like I know, like I know, what you want

The song ends as the two head into the sunset, with two very different motives.

Chapter 5: Ghost at the Gas Station

We open at a gas station, where we see Rachel with two costumers: Mylan Starlight and Britt .

Rachel: Can I help you?
Britt: I'm good.
Mylan: Yes, actually!
Rachel: Yeah, what can I help you with?
Mylan: Well my husband wanted some light reading...
Rachel: Do you want any light reading?
Mylan: Nah...

Meanwhile, Strafe finds a huge cut on the side of his stomach. Ella realizes that the only "doctor" just left a couple minutes with Reese. She also realizes that the only store close by is a gas station. Unten, Abba, S, Sia, Zerita, Flip & Cobby, PalmMan, DragonMan, Sinless Devil, Spikebot, John, Leila, Iron Mask, and Scarlet follow close by.

Rachel: Oh jeez. Rush hour? I'll have to help you later.
Unten: I would not call it rush hour. We're really here just to get some medical supplies.
Rachel: Wait a second... are those not costumes?
Ella: How do you not know who Unten is?
Rachel: I've never done drugs, I shouldn't be seeing this...
Sinless: Sup!
Rachel: Oh god, the devil is here...

Rachel hides behind the counter.

PalmMan: She must be new.
John: Ain't too bad looking either.

Leila displays discomfort towards John's statement.

Strafe: Look, it's fine...
Ella: I'm not going to let you bleed out, okay? Here.

Ella applies gauze to the wound.

Strafe: I hate that I'm so weak lately.
Ella: Look, it's fine.
Strafe: No, it's not.
Ella: Are we going to argue over this?
Strafe: No.
Ella: You don't need to protect me. I know we were separated for a while but things turned out okay. Remember Eleanor?
Strafe: ...Vaguely.
Ella: We'll always find each other.
Abba: Do you guys... hear that?
Rachel: Oh god! What are these?

Thousands of clockwork beetles drop from the ceiling tiles.

Scarlet: It's Clockwarx. He's coming.
Unten: How the... how did he find us? We don't even have a catalyst with us, which is apparently something that attracts him?
Abba: I mean, it's my theory...
Unten: Everybody out!

The entire store empties out except for Rachel.

Unten: Where is...?
Sia: Unten, we really don't have time for this...
Unten: I'm going back!
Strafe: He's always been one for sacrifices.
Zerita: Huh. He's changed a lot since we've last seen him, huh.
Sia: I guess.

Unten returns to the store and finds Rachel still under the register. He hands Rachel some type of gloves.

Unten: Wear these.
Rachel: Are you-
Unten: There is no time to explain. Just put them on!

Rachel puts them on and Unten presses a button that encases the two in a orange bubble.

Everything goes white as Clockwarx touches ground as the rest of the group runs from the fallout. Getting out just in time, the group recollects themselves as they find themselves in the Wyoming wilderness. The area that the gas station is gone and filled with white ash.

Abba: Oh shit, Unten's actually dead. He's not coming back.

Spikebot lowers his head.

Iron Mask: Well, who leads no-
Ella: Look!

Out from the ash comes Unten and Rachel, looking weary but alive.

Sia: How the-
Unten: Zeon's Shielding Gauntlets.

Sia smirks.

Sia: Well done, little man.
Unten: He's going to come back, so we need to get out of the states as soon as possible. Strafe, can you call your mom-
Stafe: Not if you're going to say it like that.
Ella: Can you call your mom, Strafe?
Stafe: Alright.
Unten: Tell her to take us to... I dunno, Poland?

Light takes the group and they vanish as Clockwarx touches ground again. He walks towards the missing sections of land covered in ash.



Chapter 6: Cannibal Hounds

The group arrives in Poland. As the group heads forward into a safe house, someone grabs Ella. Due to the huge group size, nobody even notices. As Unten heads to sleep, Strafe begins to notice that Ella is missing.

Strafe: Ella?
Strafe: ...Shit.

We cut to Johnathon Hades in the Wasteland at night, where he comes across Lego Peach, who tries to attack him but is "killed" by a crazy Pinti. Johnathon Hades approaches Pinti, who understandably thinks he's a bad guy and attempts to attack him. Johnathon Hades beats him in a battle and tells him a summary of events. Pinti decides to cautiously trust Hades and when asked if there's anything that can possibly stop Clockwarx, Pinti mentions the Rainbow Shards. Hades and Pinti head to find them.

Meanwhile, Ella wakes up in a grimy labatory where she is greeted by Dr. Philith, who has informed her that he has placed some metal implants in her arms to control her ability over metal, claiming he needs it to upgrade his dated robotic implants. Ella refuses to cooperate, which complys Dr. Philith to show off his hounds. He whistles as he notes one of them is limping, in which all the other dogs begin to attack the other dog and begin feasting on his body, leaving just a skeleton. Ella is so shocked and frightened she agrees to help. Dr. Philith orders the dogs to leave as he goes for a remote.

Chapter 7: Replaced

The group goes to look for Ella Metals in the streets of Poland. As the group splits up, S finds herself without a partner to look. As S comes down the streets, she finds a detective agency similar to the one in England. There she comes across Alyssa Wenn at a desk.

S: Wow, this really reminds me of my old office.
Alyssa: Who are you?
S: S.
Alyssa: S?
S: Yes.
Alyssa: So, okay... where are you from?
S: London.
Alyssa: Hmm, interesting.

Skylar Pel walks into the office.

S: Daka?

Skylar Pel walks out of the office.

Alyssa: Daka?
S: Ah, she was a girl I knew at the agency.
Alyssa: What agency?
S: The Agency.
Alyssa: Is that a real agency?
S: Yeah, look at my card-
Alyssa: That's blank.
S: Wha-?
Alyssa: That's really weird.

Reese II suddenly appears from the wall, shocking both of them.

Reese II: Or replaced.
S: What do you mean by that?
Reese II: Well, White Goddess replaced her sister, right? Who's to say that she didn't outright replace you for being problematic? Your life replaced by some stranger's... that's sad isn't it? Must be even worse for the replacement, who knows they're just occupying space held by something else...
S: Why are you trying to make us feel bad, man?

Reese II disappears.

Meanwhile, Johnathon Hades and Pinti head to a weird black rock structure in the Wasteland, when suddenly a bunch of Narobi-Trons appear with yellow eyes. At the top, a woman in a golden headpiece appears next to Queen Pixella. With a flick of her wrist, the Narobi-Trons attack. Pinti and Johnathon manage to clear them, with Queen Pixella coming down to attack the two.

Queen Pixella Tragedy

After battling Queen Pixella and shutting her down, the two head up the structure and battle the woman named Orithell.


After beating Orithell, Pinti grabs the first Rainbow Shard embedded into the structure, causing it to collapse. Johnathon Hades grabs Queen Pixella and Orithell and heads out of there, looking for the next Rainbow Shard.

Meanwhile, Dr. Philth manages to get Ella to bend some Kona over his cyborg implants. He flexes his newly strengthened parts and heads out to find more Kona to use. Ella sighs in pain as he drops his grip from the controller.

Not so far away, Unten and Strafe find that someone has been stealing Kona from a metal plant, with the prime suspects being Dr. Philth and Professor E. Vil Oldton. As Unten wonders what they could possibly want with the Kona, Strafe begins to grow irritated and fustrated over not finding Ella.

Leah and Reese break into the Twisted Cross hospital, suspecting that Beth may have taken X-Ray here. They find nothing, not even the Twisted Cross themselves. They hear a distant distorted roar and decide to run out. As they watch Clockwarx demolish the building from afar, Reese suggests that Beth may have taken X-Ray to more rural location, deciding not to pursue fights from Leah further. Leah and Reese head towards the mountains.

Aurora opens up a portal to the White Goddess' palace and steps in.

Chapter 8: Science/Visions

Reese and Leah climb over the rural parts of Utah, looking for clues of X-Ray's whereabouts. Leah gets a message on her phone telling her to come to a set of co-ordinates by a unknown number. As Leah and Reese travel there via "Skin-Travel" they find themselves at a rocky landscape. As Leah and Reese traverse the landscape, it becomes a apparent that this is a dead end and they have no idea where they are.

Johnathon Hades, Pinti, Queen Pixella, and Orithell come across a LEGO temple for the next Rainbow Shard. As they defeat the LEGO Koopas and LEGO Goombas inside, they find the Rainbow Shard in the clutches of Lego Bowser, who has three other shards with him. Seeing Pinti with him makes him come straight towards them, initiating a battle.

As they grab the four shards from Lego Bowser, Pinti notes that they only have three left to find. They follow Pinti out as the temple begins to collapse.

Meanwhile, Pesh has been rather lazy, as Professor E. Vil Oldton has become less of a threat lately. Suddenly, the Professor appears in a mecha suit made of Kona and heads to attack Pesh. Pesh finds it hard to fight him in the suit, as he only seems to get stronger with every hit. Suddenly, Clockwarx's distorted roar sounds and everything goes white.

Leah and Reese head up a mountain and find a cave to stay in for the night. Suddenly, Reese gets a very trippy vision.


He finds that the top of his head has opened, with light shining out of it. Although he attempts to figure out what it means, he is utterly dumbfounded. In the morning, Leah notices the crack while Reese hasn't been able to sleep because the light is obnoxiously bright (somehow Leah was able to sleep through it).

As Leah notices the crack, another musical number starts as Reese begins to freak out about the hole.


Don't speak
It's leaving your body now
Slow heart
Set free
A circuit of consciousness
When you are truly yourself
You will
Succumb to a permanence
A light by day
A shadow resides by night

Reese retorts.

I (I) hear (hear) your (your) breathing
I (I) feel (feel) you (you) leaving

Leah explains.

With understanding
You won't let it cast you down
A mind full of questions
A current to purify
Science and visions
Be near when I call your name
Or ask me a question

Reese retorts.

I (I) hear (hear) your (your) breathing

Leah explains.

Don't speak
It's leaving your body now

Reese retorts.

I (I) feel (feel) you (you) leaving

Leah explains.

Heart set free
A circuit of consciousness

Reese retorts.

I (I) hear (hear) your (your) breathing

Leah explains.

Light by day
A shadow resides by night

Reese retorts.

I (I) feel (feel) you (you) leaving

Leah explains.

With understanding
You won't let it cast you down
A mind full of questions
A current to purify
Science and vision
Be near when I call your name
A mind full of questions
A current to purify
Science then visions
Be near when I call your name
Or ask me a question

Meanwhile in the Wasteland, Orithell asks Johnathon a question.

Orithell: Have you seen like... a blond guy that was really good at the piano?
Johnathon: Not really, to be frank...
Orithell: Oh, just wondering.

Aurora enters the White Goddess' palace. Sneaking into the doors, she heads into the "prison room", where her friends were trapped into Assist Pearls. As she attempts to find out how to free them permanently, Plague Master steps in. Plague Master explains that he needs these assist pearls to awaken the stars, and plans to have Aurora be part of that collection as well. He also tells her that he has prepared another Dark Woods, with Blackwood being the basis of this third Dark Woods.


After defeating Plague Master, he opens up a black portal to the Dark Woods. As Aurora is about to get sucked in, Palutena tosses the Assist Pearls out of the palace so neither party can have them and attempts to grab Aurora, but it's too late.

Chapter 9: Starmap in your Head

Leila's head is checked. Ella is saved. The group must head to space in order to find out what Leila's dreams mean, but they'll need some unlikely help.

Ella realizes that during the time Dr. Philth has been away, she can possibly send Strafe a message for help by lifting up various metal objects, as she is able to feel metal outside of the building. She begins to do so, hoping that it somehow catches Strafe's attention.

Strafe notices a manhole cover opening, as well as various other metal objects moving.

Strafe: I think I know where Ella is.
Unten: Yeah, make no mistake about that.
John: Leila?

Leila drops to the ground as something flashes in her head.

John: Leila?
Unten: Ah crap, can someone get her to a hospital?

Everyone has already left to go take Leila to the hospital.

Unten: ...okay, I guess we're finding Ella ourselves, huh.
Strafe: Right. Judging by the metal... she's over there.
Unten: Let's go.

Leila is dragged into the hospital, where Dr. Metal Mario takes a look.

Scarlet: So why do they call you Dr. Metal Mario anyway? You look nothing like Dr. Mario.
Dr. Metal Mario: I don't know. I don't know. I've never even played Dr. Mario. I don't know what that's like. I'm living a lie.
John: Status? Come on.
Dr. Metal Mario: Hold on. Let me run some tests here...

Unten and Strafe enter the building and are met with a couple of hungry hounds. As they fight them off (with Ella wincing as she hears them whine with pain), Unten and Strafe are suddenly met by a upgraded Dr. Philth.


After battling Dr. Philth and defeating him, they free Ella from her bonds and head out of the bunker.

Strafe: Are you okay?
Ella: Yeah... I'm fine.
Strafe: We'll go check in with the doctor. Your sister apparently fell down.
Ella: She's not that old yet... something's wrong.

The three get into the hospital and Dr. Metal Mario runs the final test.

Dr. Metal Mario: Well, aside from one detail, she seems fine.
John: What one detail?
Dr. Metal Mario: While doing a brain scan, I found this.

Dr. Metal Mario shows the group a starmap.

Dr. Metal Mario: It was encoded in her head or something.
Unten: ...what?
Dr. Metal Mario: It's a star map. There's something marked on it.
Unten: We don't really have time for this...
Abba: Actually, we might. The answer to stopping the Shattering isn't going to be on Earth.
Unten: Where would we actually get a space ship?
Abba: I think I might know a guy over at Grime Corp...
Abba: Yeah, y'know...
Unten: Are you sure that's our only option?
Abba: I didn't say it was, but it's probably our best chance.
Unten: Fine. Where's... S and Aurora?

The group collectively shrugs.

Unten: ...great. I don't think I've seen Aurora since the rocket launch, actually.
Abba: I'll look for S. You go to Grime Corp and get the ship.
Unten: Where even is...?
Abba: I think PalmMan knows where it is. Go with him.


S and Alyssa are talking.

S: So, you're my replacement right?
Alyssa: I didn't choose this.
S: I didn't choose to be replaced, but I guess that's the breaks.
Alyssa: Why are you angry about this?
S: I'm not...
Alyssa: You sound angry.
S: My entire life is just gone. Replaced. Everyone I knew doesn't exist.
Alyssa: The same could happen to me...
S: Stop trying to understand the situation, because you never will. I'm the last memory of the world before. I have nobody.

A distorted roar sounds.

Alyssa: What was...
S: Clockwarx. Let him come.
Alyssa: Is it that clock thing that... no you have to go. Right now.
S: I'm not doing it. There's not a point.
Alyssa: Skylar, close the place. S, you're going to come with me.

Abba runs outside of the place, suddenly realizing S is in there.

Alyssa: Come on.
S: No.
Alyssa: You don't get a choice in this.
S: Like being replaced.
Alyssa: God, are you so petty about everything? Hey, help me out here...

Abba walks into the detective building and grabs S.

Abba: Come on.

Suddenly a claw goes through Abba's stomach. Abba topples to the ground as Clockwarx stands between the three (Alyssa, S, and Skylar)

Clockwarx: Your fault.

The detective office disappears.


Leah and Reese find civilization again and come across a house. Leah knocks on the door.

Reese: What are you doin'?
Leah: Just... gonna go in. Be right back.

Leah enters the house. Reese waits hours in the rain. Fed up with waiting, he kicks open the door.

Reese: What's taking you so lo-

Leah is dressed in a Yukata, watching the Super PokeDude Anime with Giselle Zaman.

Leah: Shit. This isn't what it looks like...
Reese: You're a weaboo?
Leah: No. No... I just enjoy japanese culture.
Reese: Oh. You got a spot for me?
Giselle: Sit down and enrich yourself in the warm glow of Japanese cartoons on the television, boy with the hole in his head.
Reese: Ok!


Aurora awakens in the Dark Woods, with Hein, Lily, and Rai appearing over her.

Aurora: Where am I...?
Hein: The dark woods.
Aurora: Ah fuck.
Hein: I'll help you up.
Aurora: I got it, I got it.
Lily: You just came out of that portal. We thought you were a part of the Dark Woods, but then you just passed out so we just kind of waited for you to wake up.
Aurora: God, how long was I out?
Lily: About an hour? You said some weird stuff...
Aurora: Was it prophetic or something?
Lily: Nah, it was more along the lines of not being able to save Zelena or something... I think it's best to stop talking about that, actually...
Aurora: Thank you.
Rai: Let's get out of here, shall we?
Hein: I don't think there's a way out. We've been traveling in this place for weeks... forwards and backwards and it's all different.
Aurora: Surely that can't be right.
Hein: You wanna take a stab at it?

Aurora extends the Grasshopper Blade.

Aurora: With pleasure.

Chapter 10: Conquest of Spaces

Unten and PalmMan approach Grime Corp, only to find Doomulus waiting for them.

Unten: If we have to beat you for those ships-
Doomulus: Unten, I'm a changed man. Well, is man the correct word? Been around these humans so long I started identifying as one. I'm a changed cyborg crocodile thing.
Unten: I refuse to believe that.
Doomulus: I had a whole spiritual journey when Zeon exploded. Do you know what Doomulus is? It's not my first name, it's the lineage I grew up in.
Unten: Yeah, I still don't believe a word you're saying.
Doomulus: I don't lie, Unten.
Unten: It wouldn't be below you.
PalmMan: I'm going to go get the ships, be right back...

PalmMan walks over to a huge cruiser ship and bumps into Leah Needlenam and Reese.

PalmMan: What are you-?
Leah: Shh!
Leah: Beth's here and she doesn't know I'm here. Don't fucking blow this for me, Tin Man.
PalmMan: It's PalmMan.
Leah: Really? I thought your name was Tin Man. PalmMan sounds kind of stupid, actually. You go around signing that shit on documents or whatever?
PalmMan: ...yes.
Leah: Man, they must be laughing when they read that. Anyway, I'm gonna...
PalmMan: Why does Reese have duct tape over his hea-
Leah: Not really important. We're going to be over here waiting for Beth to show up with her dumb glasses and excellent figure.
PalmMan: If you'd like, we could work out a signal so I could let you know when she does arrive, like...

PalmMan makes a clicking sound that sounds ridiculous.

Leah: That won't be necessary.
PalmMan: ...I'll probably just do it anyway.

Aurora, Hein, Lily, and Rai head into the Dark Woods for a couple hours, battling horrifying creatures and trees that try to grab them.

Aurora: You're right. This thing doesn't end.
Hein: It's a maze without a end. So tired...
Aurora: I wonder what happens if we cut through the trees...
Rai: Are you crazy?
Lily: Okay, let's be real here, there's nobody in here that's not crazy.
Rai: Oh yeah.

Aurora cuts the trees in her way and heads forward, cutting any trees in her path.

Hein: Wouldn't they be fighting back now...?

Suddenly the woods all suddenly snap back, revealing Blackwood.

Blackwood: God that hurt! Let's see how you like it!


After battling Blackwood, they hear a distorted roar. Aurora begins to run as the others are confused by what it means. Suddenly, everything goes white.

Hein, Lily, and Rai are gone. Clockwarx walks towards Aurora and inches one of his claws forward, but Aurora uses her catalysts powers to enter a timeline where she's in the Wasteland.

Aurora slams into the ground, tumbling as she falls from a pile of junk. She comes across Johnathon Hades, Pinti, Queen Pixella, and Orithell. She removes a metal shard from her arm as the group looks at her.

Aurora: Sup?
Pinti: We're uh... looking for Rainbow Shards.
Aurora: Drugs?
Johnathon Hades: God no.
Aurora: Oh.
Pinti: Anyway, the last couple of shards should be on another planet entirely.
Johnathon Hades: Well, we simply go to the portal to hell. Come on, follow me.
Aurora: Wait a second-
Johnathon: Just get used to it. We're going to hell.

Unten and Doomulus seemingly have resolved their differences and Unten takes a battle cruiser. Unten's group heads to the field where the cruiser is.

Unten: PalmMan, DragonMan, Zerita, Trip, Sinless Devil, Spikebot, John, Leila, Iron Mask, and Scarlet, Sia, Zerita, Flip & Cobby, Rachel, Strafe, Ella, Britt, Mylan, Doomulus... where's Abba and S?
Iron Mask: They're uh... dead.
Unten: No...
Iron Mask: Fraid it's true.
Unten: Everyone, get in the ship.

Leah notices Beth and X-Ray get into a small ship and go to take off. Leah and Reese grab a ship of their own and race after them.

Johnathon, Pinti, Queen Pixella, Orithell, and Aurora head into a space ship designed by the demons from hell and blast off into space.


Stretched to the core of galaxies
Distorted city grids
By a black hole of vanity
Blossoms the age of greed
Beyond the laws of density
Towers of glass and steel
Temples and fragments of memories
Drifting away from me
I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces
Expanding between you and me
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity
After the gates of prophecies
A million light years away from me
Straight for the eye of destiny
Reaching the point of tears
Behind the dreams of mastery
Love dies silently
Torn to the flesh as the fire bleeds
Echoes of history
I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces
Expanding between you and me
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity
I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces
Reaching the starlight and silver fields
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity
I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces
Expanding between you and me
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity
I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces
Reaching the starlight and silver fields
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity

Chapter 11: Barricaded Heart

Unten looks out of the space ship's window. Zerita enters in with an tablet, displaying the destruction that Clockwarx has caused.

Unten: Pesh is dead... Abba's dead... who isn't at this point. What's the point? What are we really saving here?
Zerita: The universe and everyone in it.
Unten: How are we doing on that? Seems like a lot of people are dying.
Zerita: People are gonna die either way...
Unten: But they didn't. Nobody really died, no matter how big the stakes were.
Zerita: Well, except for that pointless recolor war.
Unten: Oh yeah, I forgot about that... I still feel kind of guilty about that.
Zerita: Point is though, that you have something else better to do than just sit here in your own sorrows over a couple of deaths. Everyone will die if we don't stop this thing-
Unten: What if there's no way to stop it?
Zerita: But what if there is. You're better at this optimism thing than I am so come on, get up.
Unten: It just reminds me of Zeon, you know? I tried all I could to save it... except sacrifice myself for it.
Zerita: Let's not get too hasty.

Leah sits at her own window, staring at the stars as Reese comes in.

Leah: God, what the hell do you want?
Reese: What do you suppose will happen after all this?
Leah: Excuse me?
Reese: After we get X-Ray back. What do we do afterwards?
Leah: Piss off, would you? We'll figure out how to stop the shattering; or I suppose Unten will. You know how that nimrod fucking saves everyone.
Reese: Just... let me know if you need anything.

Johnathon puts the ship on auto-pilot, with a question on his mind.

Johnathon: You asked me earlier about a boy with blond hair that could play piano well, Orithell.
Orithell: It was just a question, jeez...
Johnathon: Yet why ask it? What about this boy?
Orithell: You're going to have to try harder than that to find out who I'm into.

Johnathon waits a couple of seconds of Orithell to process what she just said.

Orithell: Shit.
Johnathon: I don't know who-
Orithell: Bet you got a crush too.
Johnathon: That's silly and childish. Pinti, where's the next Rainbow Shard?
Pinti: Some planet named Huxxabu?
Johnathon: Excellent. And the new girl is asleep.
Aurora: Zelena... please just...
Johnathon: She talks in her sleep?
Orithell: Apparently.

Palutena makes a visit to White Goddess. She has a couple of questions.

Palutena: What are these?

Palutena holds up Assist Pearls.

White Goddess: Ah yes, took those from the Shoehorn. Refigured them a bit and then erased them from the timeline; I need my servants like yours, don't I?
Palutena: These were people.
White Goddess: Is Pit not a person?
Palutena: It's his own choice and yes I consider him a person, not something I can just get to solve my problems. Why were you attacking the Wasteland?
White Goddess: You see, sometimes things are just partially there and in some cases even having remnants can be problematic. Wasteland is a limbo for the forgotten, surely you understand that never existing at all is better.
Palutena: But there's still remnants. The Book of All...
White Goddess: I was trying erase those remnants too until you and your toadies showed up. The book is pretty insistent on nothing being forgotten though...
Palutena: Why did you attack the Wasteland?
White Goddess: To take it over. I suppose Hell wanted to do the same.
Palutena: Great. How do I unlock these?

She holds up the Assist Pearls.

White Goddess: Aurora will never see her friends again. I've locked those permanently.
Palutena: You...
White Goddess: I would be more concerned about your son right now. I wanted my own, but he came out weird... Of course though, not that it matters. Fate has him dying to the Rot.
Palutena: I'll be back. You're my sister, but you're awful.
White Goddess: A real doo-doo head.

Unten's ship approaches a giant wall. On the wall are thousands of creations deemed "shameful".

Unten: The Wall of Shame.
DragonMan: Is that what it's really called?
PalmMan: Yeah. All of that liquified shit into a giant wall.
DragonMan: Why?
Unten: Hey wall, let us pass.

Wozz appears on the ship's screen.

Wozz: Oh, you want to pass. Show me one good character in that bunch.
Unten: Am I not a good character?
Wozz: Contradictory histories everywhere. What are you, Hawkman?
Unten: I don't get that reference.
Wozz: Well, maybe you would if you were a better character. I'm only letting the best get by now. Otherwise, you'll have to go all the way around.
Unten: None of these guys are good?
Wozz: None are top tier.

Leah's ship goes by.

Leah: Move your ass, Carebear.
Unten: Carebear?
Wozz: See, that's what I'm talking about.

The wall opens for Leah to pass through.

Wozz: Find another way around.


Unten and the crew find another way around: into the center of the Fantendoverse.

Unten: Something doesn't seem right.

Suddenly, Heart attacks the ship. Strafe puts on a space mask and heads outside of the ship. Ella follows him. A pillar of light appears, with Palutena appearing.

Strafe: Let's do this.


After defeating Heart, the ship speeds ahead. We pan out to reveal that it's being seen through a rift. Oshtyo clenches his fist as Henry the Moose, Hooves, Rose Reaper, and Thorn prepare to leave the Wasteland.

Chapter 12: I Love You

Unten's ship approaches closer to the spot marked on Leila's star map.

John: What do you suppose is waiting for us there?
Sia: I don't think it's good. Whatever encoded it into her mind must be of eldritch origin. You don't usually encode stuff like this into a brain without setting it up to be a trap.
John: So, this doesn't bode well for any of us.
Sia: Maybe?
Ella: Well, I don't think that at all.
Sia: What do you believe, Ella?
Ella: My religion isn't the topic of discussion, Sia. Don't you worship some comet harbinger?
Sia: Do you think I would drastically change the topic like that?
Ella: Oh my god, I'm doing it. I... I just don't want any more bad things to happen.

Reese and Leah's ship suddenly sputters out of control.

Leah: What the fuck?
Reese: We've been hit by Beth's ship.
Leah: Okay, when we enter the planet atmosphere, you need to jump. Understand?
Reese: Yes mam.
Leah: Don't call me that. 3... 2... 1... JUMP!

Leah and Reese jump and land on hard stone.

Reese: You don't suppose we could of landed more safely...?

Leah rolls back arms that grew from her back.

Leah: Oh yeah, maybe I should have thought about you. Are you okay?
Reese: Ah, one of my legs is broken but I mean... it's fine...
Leah: Eh, I'll just replace it. Give me it.
Reese: Wait, are you being serious about this?
Leah: I don't joke when it comes to medical stuff. Susan made sure of that...

The scene cuts to black as we hear Reese scream in pain.

Oshyto, Thorn, Henry, and Hooves step out of the hell portal.

Oshyto: Where is Unten located?
Thorn: According to this tracking chip, in space.
Oshyto: Unten in space? Give me a break.
Thorn: Thankfully, Hell has already figured out space travel. Nobody's here, so we'll just take one of the ships.

Unten's ship wanders into the path of Ghroth the Harbinger. Yet another boss battle. The entire crew gets out for this one.

Ghroth the Harbinger

They reach the spot finally. A giant illuminating hole...

WOODKID- I love you

Leah and Reese walk across the rocky beach.

Where the light shivers offshore
Through the tides of oceans
We are shining in the rising sun

Reese attempts to smile to Leah, but she's too troubled to notice.

As Unten's ship docks at the illuminating glow...

As we are floating in the blue
I am softly watching you
Oh boy your eyes betray what burns inside you

A voice comes from the glow and Reese looks at Leah.

Whatever I feel for you
You only seem to care about you
Is there any chance you could see me too?

Reese and the voice ask the same question.

Cause I love you
Is there anything I could do
Just to get some attention from you?
In the waves I've lost every trace of you
Where are you?

Leah now notices Reese. Leila steps outside of the ship towards the voice.

After all I drifted ashore
Through the streams of oceans
Whispers wasted in the sand

Leah begins to stop walking. Leila begins to walk towards the voice.

As we were dancing in the blue
I was synchronized with you
But now the sound of love is out of tune

Leila dances with a pair of mysterious arms; Leah pushes Reese to the ground.

Whatever I feel for you
You only seem to care about you
Is there any chance you could see me too?
Cause I love you

We pan out to reveal that the hands belong to Zak; Leah visibly yells at Reese and kicks him while he's down.

Is there anything I could do
Just to get some attention from you?
In the waves I've lost every trace of you
Where are you?

Reese begins to freak out as he has another vision of him sinking underwater as the song begins it's final notes.

Whatever I feel for you
You only seem to care about you
Is there any chance you could see me too?
Cause I love you
Is there anything I could do
Just to get some attention from you?
In the waves I've lost every trace of you
Where are you?

Leah walks away from Reese as the song closes.

Leila recognizes the man in her dreams.

Leila: Oh my god, Zak?
Zak: Yes.
Leila: And Hooly and Peira... wow. How long have you been... here?
Zak: A long time. We don't exactly know how long we've been here.
Leila: But didn't White Goddess erase you?
Zak: Most of us were sent back to Doodleland. But I stayed here to wait for you. Somehow I figured that Peira would connect us again.
Leila: I've missed you.
Unten: God, okay. Whatever. I kiss a woman on the lips and it's creepy but if he does it... gah. Okay. I'm fine.
John: Zak.
Trip: Yeah, that's his name.
John: The one time in my life I was actually happy and you take it from me.
Zak: Is there something else going on here?
Leila: Okay, yes.
John: We've been dating for a while.
Zak: I don't mean to interfere with that at all...
John: I don't really mean to take up with your shit like I have all these years. I love her Zak. You're just... I don't know how to say it but I hate you, Zak. The fact I went on this whole journey turned out to be more than a waste of my time; it turned out to be a waste of other years in my life too.
Leila: John...
John: Quiet.
Zak: You don't get to talk to her like that.
John: Says who? You? You plan on having little demonspawn with her? Raise a whole damn demon family? Nobody likes me, Zak. Nobody respects me. But for once in my life I thought I had somebody who actually gave a damn about me. And this whole thing turned out to be a gigantic waste of time for everyone involved. We went all the way out here so we could find you. The universe is dying, but thank god we found Zak! Isn't everyone excited? Oh, wait, nobody is because most of them don't care that you exist. We don't even- We don't even know who you are.
Zak: The universe is dying...?
John: It's pretty fucked.
Leila: He didn't know, okay?
John: You're so willing to forgive, which is a trait I liked about you. But now? This man just wasted days of our time. Clockwarx is destroying what's left... killing our friends. Killing our past.
Unten: John, calm do-
John: And you! I don't like you either, but I don't hate you like that yellow bastard who stole 3 years of my life.
Unten: Calm down.
John: I don't want to. This isn't some gain for me, man. This is a loss of just about everything I gave a shit about for three years.
Unten: John, we're going to go. We're going to bring Zak, Hooly, and Peira with us. And you're just going to have to-
John: It's not fair.
Unten: JOHN, GET IN.

Spikebot drags John in.

Unten: We're going to go.
???: No, you're not.

Thorn, Oshtyo, Hooves, and Henry walk out of a ship.

Oshyto: You're not going anywhere.

Leah returns to Reese.

Reese: Leah?
Leah: Get up, you piece of shit.

Leah violently slaps Reese across the face, revealing a hole on his left cheek. Reese has visible tears in his eyes.

Reese: Ouch...
Leah: GET UP.

Reese gets up slowly. Leah violently slaps him again.

Leah: We're stranded here with no hope for help and all you can think about is... whatever the fuck that was?
Reese: I thought-
Leah: I blatantly lied to you. I couldn't make it more obvious. Sure I said it in song, but...
Reese: You only have eyes for her.
Leah: Of course your dumb ass couldn't realize that shit until now. I love X-Ray. Not like a daughter, not like a mother, not as a friend, not as a idol. I don't love you. I never will.
Reese: ...ok.
Leah: I don't wanna hear those words ever again directed towards me. You stupid motherfucker.

Chapter 13: Broken Bones/Warrant

Reese and Leah walk on the planet's surface. Both are hungry, and Leah notices some ducks waddling on the planet surface. She points to them.


Catch them and kill them
You're only hope is evil
I will not die, I will keep quiet
I will hold you high above
You're on your own
Wait till dawn and then go
No help here from heaven
You're not as real as I am
I will wake up the dark eyes
Until your blood is out
You're on your own
I'm lying in here
Inside your sleep
Keep yourself
Awake for this
Wait till dawn and then go
Our love will never die
Broken bones and promises
Your weakness is clear now
I see your kind eyes
You're on your own
Wait till dawn and then go
You are another one
Buried here by no one
I will keep you inside with your soul alive
You're on your own
Keep your head beneath your hands
Play your part
All on your own
Closed and bruised
You're on your own

Reese disappears onto Unten's ship. Suddenly, he realizes that they're under attack. Thorn spits on Unten's face.

Thorn: You left me in the void.
Unten: You were crazy! I had to get out of there!
Thorn: You wanna know who's in the void now?
Unten: No, not really.
Thorn: Nobody.
Unten: Why isn't the-
Thorn: I dunno. Led me to the Wasteland where I met them.

Oshyto and Rose Reaper come closer to Unten.

Oshyto: You killed my best friend.
Unten: Okay, now I know that's not true.
Rose Reaper: And you, Strafe. You killed my father... and mother.
Unten: Strafe?

Strafe gives him a look.

Unten: Oh yeah, he probably did.
Oshtyo: You know what the five of us have in common, Unten? We were all forgotten for no good reason. Just one day showed up in the Wastelands. I saw your life play out without us. Riddled with mistakes and all. Why are those mistakes remembered and not us?
Unten: I don't know!
Oshtyo: You're a bad liar and for that, you're going to have to die.
Hooves: Wait, you said we were going to meet up with them.
Henry: Yeah, I wanted to see Unten again before the whole universe dies.
Oshtyo: We came here to pay our respects.

Reese begins to formulate a plan. He steps out and begins to sing.

Well I've been judged I've been a bug unknown
I know all about it but my heart is strong
I've been away been running to save my head
Yeah the warrant's out and I'm almost dead
I won't say what I've already said

Oshtyo and Thorn head to attack him as he grabs them and attaches handcuffs.

Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead

Reese narrowly misses getting hit by Rose Reaper's scythe.

Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead
I've thought a lot about the way that they fight
Come through the phone lines, not man enough to face me
I can stop or argue about what they say
Yeah the warrant's out and I'm not gonna pay
I said what I'm gonna say

Reese grabs a microphone, telepathically grabbing it as it hits both Thorn and Oshyto.

Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead

Rose Reaper charges at him, but he pulls out a chair and it lands on her.

Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead

Rose Reaper pushes the chair off her as Reese floats from wires.

PalmMan: How the hell is he doing that?

Trip sneaks into the ship as Spikebot watches him go in, chasing after him.

Fear is like a fake friend
It warms you up and takes you in
You mouth the words but no sound comes out
Fear is like your best friend
Manipulates and takes you in
You mouth the words
No sound again
But you don't know better
You don't know better

The three are handcuffed to a chair as Unten and Strafe pull it inside the ship. Trip looks at the controls.

Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead
Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead
Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead
Got to get away
Yeah, the warrants on my head
Got to get away
They want me alive or dead

The ship takes off suddenly. Henry and Hooves hop on quickly.

Unten: Who's piloting the ship?

Spikebot points to Trip.

Unten: Get off of that. We need to find Abaddon. What are you doing anyway?

Trip doesn't give a answer and just leaves as Unten heads to Percivus/Enemy Earth...

Chapter 14: Balance and Order

The ship lands on Percivus. Unten and the crew leave the ship.

Unten: So what's up, Reese?
Reese: I don't want to talk about it.
Unten: Oh.
Reese: I should have listened to you. It...

Unten looks at Reese's face.

Unten: What's going on with your-
Reese: Visions.
Unten: Jeez, do you think it'll come off or?
Reese: Apparently Catalysts start shattering once their powers under stress. They weren't good visions...
Unten: Oh god. What were they about?
Reese: The first one was vague and weird. It was your face melting as Clockwarx watched. A cracked clock in the background...
Unten: So...
Reese: I don't know what it means.
Unten: It sucks, but your back with us, right?
Reese: Right.
Unten: Leah doesn't have anything to loose so she just acts like whatever. At least, that's my theory.
Reese: She does have something to loose though.
Unten: Well.
Reese: But yeah. She's on her own now. Say, those handcuffs and chair isn't going to keep them bound down forever, you know.
Unten: I put them in the cargo bay. It would be hard for them to get out anyway. It's a very good ship, I must admit.
Reese: Who's is it?
Unten: ...Grime's.
Reese: Oh wow. That's kind of...
Unten: It's not.

Rachel: So Mylan... do you ever do anything for yourself?
Mylan: Why would I do that? I'm selflessly devoted to my husband.
Rachel: How did you meet? I'm... curious.
Mylan: We met when we were younger, but back then I knew he was my true love and using the Pandora Cube I grew up so I could marry him!
Rachel: Oh my god.
Mylan: Isn't that great?
Rachel: No, it's not. Listen. I'm going to call the police when we get back...
Mylan: Why?
Rachel: Because it's creepy as hell and he needs to go to jail for various reasons.
Mylan: He's not evil!
Rachel: Sometimes the ones we love the most are the ones we're the most blind to. Mylan, I'm going to teach you how to identify yourself as a strong, independent woman.
Mylan: And after that, you can meet my husband.
Rachel: Oh man, we got a lot of work.

Abaddon grabs Mr. ? and puts him in a execution hold. Hands locked in a steel cut set of holes. A man in a black cloak prepares a long blade.

Mr. ?: Surely we can work something out.
Abaddon: You have created chaos with the sole purpose of- and I quote- "fucking shit up."
Mr. ?: Yeah, it's pretty fun. You should try it out instead of locking me in these holes.
Abaddon: As punishment for your various crimes, the Order of the Order has decided to execute Mr. ?.
Mr. ?: I didn't get a say in this.
Abaddon: Prepare the blade.
Unten: Stop right there, Abaddon!
Abaddon: Ah, Unten. I miss my knife. Maybe if I had it, I wouldn't have to resort to this.
Unten: We don't know where it is either, but that's not the point. We're here about the Shattering.
Abaddon: Don't you see that's what I'm doing? Destroying the chaos that plagues the universe.
Mr. ?: It's more of a flu. Come on.
Palutena: That will just mess with the balance even more! That's not a good idea...
Abaddon: I see that one sister has replaced the other.
Palutena: ...wha-
Abbadon: Classic White Goddess move. Stop progress because it's problematic. I won't let some woman in white stop me this time. It's been too long.
Palutena: I'm not letting you do that.
Abbadon: I didn't ask for your opinion. Chop his head off.
Mr. ?: I always kind of wanted to go this way. Based off one of my favorite novels...

Suddenly, the End appears.

The End: You're not chopping his head off.
Abaddon: Oh, why not? You're not teacher's pet anymore.
The End: I can't allow a friend to die.
Unten: What the-
Reese: The fuck?
The End: You see, it was a long time ago.

Mr. ? is in a desert. Perched on his shoulder is a raven.

Mr. ?: You hear that?

The raven says nothing. The sound of buffalo roars in the distance.

Mr. ?: That's Io, alright. To be honest, I've never liked him.

Mr. ? heads towards the buffalo. He sees Io attempting to milk one as a pink haired girl looks away.

Mr. ?: Little girly, I think you should probably get out of here before it gets messy.

The little girl leaves, running as she does.

Io: Cheryl, come back. Who are you?
Mr. ?: Walter O' Whimsy.
Io: That's not a real name.
Mr. ?: George Washington.
Io: That's not a real name either, you shithead.
Mr. ?: I don't like the way you treat your little girl, to be honest.
Io: Well, Mr. W, I got two words! Fuck off!
Mr. ?: You're aware buffalo can't give milk, right?
Io: ...yeah.

Io gets up and faces Mr. ?, who just shoots him point blank in the chest.

Mr. ?: Well, that's done. What do you suppose we do with the girl?

The raven morphs into the End.

The End: To be honest, I've been quite sick of this attitude that you can fuck whatever you want up because your best friend is death.
Mr. ?: But I give you free bodies!
The End: Yeah, it's not charming.
Mr. ?: C'mon, we can work this out.
The End: I'm not claiming him. And you're on your own.
Mr. ?: You'll be back...

Mr. ?: Some flashback right? Hey Cheryl, how it's going?

Iron Mask looks away in disgust. Scarlet attempts to comfort him.

Mr. ?: I wrote so much angsty poetry too... ah well. I'm over it now.
The End: Anyway, you can't do that. The universe needs chaos.
Mr. ?: Oh god, the tears are coming back!
Palutena: Actually, just kill him.
Unten: No, no, she's just joking.
Abaddon: I guess Mr. ?'s going without a head either way. Release the blade.
Reese II: I'm not letting you do that either.
Abaddon: Reese II! Get back to your room.
Reese II: I'm my own person too, Abaddon. I don't want to be Reese's replacement.
Abaddon: Then what are you good for?
Reese II: Being a force against the Shattering!

Reese II shocks Abaddon with her sticks. Abaddon is passed out.

Reese: Reese II? Why would you do this?
Reese II: I saw a girl who found out she was replaced. And she didn't like it. And you must feel the same.
Reese: Admittedly a bit.
Reese II: And I don't like being the second Reese. I want to be as unique as someone like you guys are.
Reese: Well, I mean you can't go by that name.
Reese II: I'm Rhys. Nice to meet you.

Pinti and Johnathon's group grabs the last two shards from a black coat. The shards connect and form into the Rainbow Crystal.

Pinti: That's the full set.
Johnathon: You sure about that being able to stop Clockwarx?
Pinti: It has to.

A disorted roar sounds in the background.

Johnathon: Oh god, no.
Pinti: I guess we find out now, don't we.
Johnathon: Aurora, Pixella, Orithell clear out!
Orithell: I see him.
Johnathon: Who?!
Orithell: The boy with the blond hair.
Johnathon: Me and Pinti are going to head to stop him. You don't have time if this fails. Get in the ship and take off.
Orithell: But...
Johnathon: It's a order.
Orithell: Fine.

The ship takes off. Aurora heads to Huxxabu, a planet that should be a far enough distance.

Unten: So that was a bust. But we have three of the catalysts now...
Strafe: You may want to recount.
Unten: ...where's Trip?
Ella: Oh god, here comes Clockwarx.
Zak: Suinera... that's a horrifying looking thing alright.
Leila: Yeah, you don't know the half of it.
Unten: Is that... Johnathon?
Strafe: He's activating some kind of crystal... it's actually holding off Clockwarx!

The ship roars.

Unten: We gotta go.
Ella: But...
Unten: I know he's straining but...
Strafe: We don't have time Ella.

The group sadly takes off. The crystal looses it's hold as Clockwarx touches down with the planet, obliterating it.

Unten: You won't be forgotten for what you've done.
Zerita: You do seem to have forgotten who's piloting though.
Unten: Yeah, I thought we were going in a weird direction.

The ship heads to Huxxabu.

Chapter 15: Tether

Unten's ship lands on Huxxabu. Trip disappears outside the cockpit as Unten and the others go to look for him. Reese heads into a libary with Unten.

Reese: Why are we going in here?
Unten: Looking for info on the Shattering and how to stop it.
Reese: really believe it can still be stopped?
Unten: On some level, I have to.
Reese: But why?
Unten: I'm the leader. I can't let the Fantendoverse end up like Zeon. Falling apart because I wasn't able to stop it. It's something I have to fix, even if it seems too late to do so.
Reese: ...right.
Unten: So yeah. They probably don't have info but I gotta try everything I can.
Reese: ...I'll be right back.
Unten: Okay.

Unten types into a computer for the Shattering. Reese walks briskly to a computer just out of Unten's eye sight and types in "Leah Needlenam".

Meanwhile, Trip heads to the Cor Gaurid Squadron camp. Hexa notices him come forward.

Hexa: Who goes there?
Trip: It's me, Trip.
Hexa: You look like some blond haired pretty boy. You're not Trip-

Trip morphs into his "Imaginary" look.

Hexa: God, what happened to you?
Trip: I'm a catalyst.
Hexa: Oh. Uh-
Trip: I'm just one of the many Trips displaced through time. All of us share a miserable existence; although we are many, none of us are a person.
Hexa: Oh god I'm so-
Trip: I wanted to see you last one time before the universe died. So long as I'm "alive", I needed to know that you were okay.
Hexa: Who would do something like this to you?
Trip: White Goddess sent me to repair a bunch of stuff, and I guess she used you to dispose of me when I was finished.
Hexa: God, I'm so sorry-
Trip: Don't be. It's not your fault. I came here to say goodbye.
Hexa: That's it?
Trip: It's a small universe. I needed to say it now.
Hexa: What's that?

Something huge and black approaches the planet.

Unten finds Reese at a computer.

Unten: What are you doing? Sarah Auvic?
Reese: I'm not going to give up on Leah.
Unten: She doesn't like you.
Reese: She's alone looking for a girl that's gone. I'm not going back to love her, Unten, but she needs help.
Unten: You are not going back.
Reese: I'm sorry, but I am.

Reese disappears as Unten silently curses to himself and then looks up.

Unten: What's that black thing in the sky?

Reese finds himself back to the planet.

Reese: Sarah.
Leah: Who the hell are you talking to?
Reese: That's your real name. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Auvic. Mrs. Auvic was suspected of affair because of your unusual hair color.
Leah: Why do you know all of this?
Reese: I did some research. You were part of the Twisted Cross and you left and burnt down the place because they were planning to experiment on X-Ray. But you didn't trust her to stay. You made sure she was dependent on you.
Leah: You found out why I needed so many organs, didn't you.
Reese: She never talks to you, does she.
Leah: If you're trying to make me feel guilty, it's not working.

Leah is clearly slouched over and depressed.

Reese: I didn't come to do that.
Leah: Then what are you here for? You're not here to find X-Ray! Nobody is.
Reese: I came to take you back. We do need you.
Leah: Reese, do you know what that thing in the sky is?
Reese: The faint parting of clouds?
Leah: It's not part of the sky. It's the Fracture of which the Shattering came out of.
Reese: Oh, that's good! We can just-
Leah: Reese, you know that will kill you.
Reese: Then just-
Leah: No.
Where'd you go, you were there by my side
Keep believing it's my turn to hide
In a place where we don't have a prayer
There's a tether that's keeping me there

Leah heads to the sky.

Trade our places
Take no chances
Bind me 'til my lips are silent

The sky has a forcefield over it, which bounces Leah off.

Stay where you are
Ever, after
Chasing things that we should run from

She makes another attempt.

Will we ever get away from this place
It's an image that's burned on my chest
For a moment you need me to stay
Cold blooded and drifting away

She tries again.

I'm feeling capable of
Seeing the end
I'm feeling capable of
Saying it's over
I'm feeling capable of
Seeing the end
I'm feeling capable of
Saying it's over

She shoves her hand into the forcefield, beginning to break it. She screams out in pain as it shocks her, but she presses forward.

I'm feeling capable of
Seeing the end
I'm feeling capable of
Saying it's over
I'm feeling capable of

Reese shouts at Leah to stop.

Seeing the end
I'm feeling capable of
Saying it's over
I'm feeling capable of
Seeing the end
I'm feeling capable of
Saying it's over
I'm feeling capable of
Seeing the end
I'm feeling capable of
Saying it's over

The screen goes black.

Aurora's ship is outside of Huxxabu.

Aurora: That's Ghorth. He's been awakened.
Orithell: Looks like he's going to devour that entire planet. What do we do?
Aurora: This blade is called the Grasshopper Blade. It can cut through almost everything, even ghosts.
Pixella: That's not going to stop him.
Aurora: It's worth a shot. We need to get to ground level and launch it.
Orithell: It might be our only shot.

The ship lands. Aurora steps out as Unten comes towards her.

Unten: Aurora?
Aurora: It's been a while, yeah. Sorry for leaving you like that. I just wanted to save some friends but- yeah that didn't go so well.
Orithell: We need a missile launcher. You got one?
Unten: There's one on the ship- why?
Aurora: We need it to kill Ghorth.
Unten: That blade's not going to kill him.

Reese appears.

Unten: So, how did it go?
Reese: She's dead.
Unten: Oh god, you screwed up. Hard time.
Reese: No, listen-
Unten: Guys.

A distorted roar sounds.

Unten: GO GO GO

Everyone enters the ship, including Trip and Hexa as Clockwarx tears through Awakened Ghorth like he's butter. The ship narrowly misses being in the blast zone.

Unten: god-
Zerita: It's not your fault.
Unten: But-
Zerita: It's not. Don't let it get to you.
Unten: You're right, you're right...
Zerita: Unten.

Unten passes out. The ship gets hit with a piece of debris and everything goes to black.

Chapter 16: Do You Remember

Unten wakes up as something kicks him in the head.

Unten: Ouch, who is that?
???: It's me, dumbass.
Unten: I'm sorry?
???: Eh, don't be, you probably don't remember me anyway.

The mysterious figure plays with some cards. Unten looks at the figure.

???: My name is Denos.
Unten: Man, I don't remember you at all.
Denos: Yeah, kind of a shame.
Unten: Well, it was nice meeting you but I need to get back to my friends-
Denos: You must unlearn what you have learned in order for me to tell you this.
Unten: Why-what?
Denos: Concentrate. Feel the energy flow around you.

Unten begrudgingly closes his eyes. He is back on Zeon, heading towards Grime Corp to stop Doomulus Grime.

Denos: What do you see?
Unten: Zeon.
Denos: Take the quick and easy path.
Unten: Oh, alright-

Unten comes across Doomulus Grime.


After Unten defeats Doomulus Grime, he is at the rocket launch. Grimebots surround his ship, taking him out of the ship. After taking them out, the ship is about to take off, it's clear that Unten's not going to be able to return to the ship. Suddenly, he hears a voice.

???: Brother!
Unten: Spunten, get out of here! Get on a ship!

Spunten shakes his head.

Spunten: Brother, you need to get off more than me.
Unten: But-
Spunten: Do it.
Unten: I'm sorry.

Unten: What was that all about?
Denos: Unten, you are a catalyst.
Unten:, I'm not.
Denos: You try and change things to lessen the guilt. For 8 years, you have been going back. Trying to fix your mistake but failing.
Unten: That doesn't make any sense! If I was a catalyst, wouldn't I know? If I have been going back and changing my past- shouldn't I be like Trip or Reese?
Denos: It's all subconscious. In your head.
Unten: You mean-
Denos: That's right. You don't know you've been doing it until now.
Unten: So-
Denos: You attempted to clear your past as much as possible. You rid yourself of anything that brought too much pain into your life or stuff that over time you forgot and misremembered.
Unten: What do you mean by that?

Mioda and Netnu come out from a spot that Unten didn't see before and neither did the audience.

Denos: For whatever reason, you began to misremember later events that happened to these two. Netnu and Mioda, or as you remember her as her old self, Mondo, changed but you only remembered their past selves.
Unten: Oh. That's kind of crappy of myself.
Denos: It's all trauma based. They're not offended.
Unten: Why are you telling me this?
Denos: Beorns are a dinosaur species, Unten. They existed before humans and more or less were a test run. But when they were meant to be wiped out by fate, two survived the after-math.
Unten: So...?
Denos: Unten, your story is much more important than it's ever been. But if you want a chance of stopping the Shattering, you need to remember everything. Including the name of that story.
Unten: It's That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember.
Denos: No, you must wish to remember it.
Unten: I... don't want to.
Denos: Open your mind. To stop the Shattering, you must remember.
Unten: It's...

Unten closes his eyes and suddenly realizes.

Unten: Prodigy.
Denos: Good.
Unten: I'm not...
Denos: Do you remember the prophecy?
Unten: A bear-like hero would take out a great evil...
Denos: Even though Zeon was destroyed, you did take out a great evil.
Unten: Who? Doomulus? RAMiranda? I'm pretty sure either one is still alive.
Denos: Doomulus had changed. And RAMiranda has spread her AI across so many spirits that she no longer exists as her old self.
Unten: So...
Denos: The Beorns have the power to kill gods. Now that you have remembered that, it's time to meet up with all your friends again.

Unten exits out of the tent to find a weird landscape of glowing grass and a giant, fracture sky.

Denos: This is the Fracture. It has been emptied out of it's corrupting influence, it is now a shell.

Unten notices Leah Needlenam walking around.

Unten: I thought Reese told me that you were dead?
Leah: I don't die, Unten.
Unten: Too good for that?
Leah: Yeah, I suppose so.

Orithell: Oh hey, you in the blond hair.
Reese: Yeah?
Orithell: Where did you get those holes in your head?
Reese: It's a long story.
Orithell: I don't mind.

Unten: So what do we do now?
Denos: We find Clockwarx. He hasn't destroyed Earth yet so we need to go back, get everyone we can.
Leah: I still don't agree with your leadership role, Unten.
Unten: It's far too late to try and take it.
Denos: No, let her fight you. It will be good pratice to see if you still have the ability to kill gods.
Leah: Haha. Sure.
Unten: -Are you sure about this?


After defeating Leah, Unten heads to do one final blow, but stops.

Unten: This is your last chance.
Leah: Wha-
Unten: I'm not going to kill you. I'm more humane than that.
Denos: You passed the tes-
Unten: I knew it was a test. But that's not why I'm doing it.
Leah: What is it then?
Unten: You don't really deserve better, but you can change. I have confidence in that. Don't make me change my mind on that, because I don't want to. You can change.

Unten leaves.

Unten: Say, we're probably going to need a bigger ship, it's crammed as it is...
Denos: That's why we have Slaughterbus. We found it in hell when we were exiting the Wasteland. It seems to have unlimited space; I dunno how we could have fit in Reptflux otherwise.
Unten: Sounds good. We'll head out now.



Chapter 17: Countdown

Unten returns to Earth and assembles who's left to create an army cable of stopping Clockwarx. A countdown begins as Clockwarx has harnessed enough power to wipe out the Fantendoverse with a single move. Slaughterbus takes off with the crew on board including new additions such as Denos, Reptflux, Mioda, Netnu, and Leah. Thousands of giant beetles made up of clockwork parts fly through space attempting to attack it, but the robotic T-rex head orbitors keep them at bay.

Unten: I wonder where Clockwarx is...
Reese: Hmm, yeah that is weird. Seeing as all the Catalysts are here, he would definitely want to get to this bus.
Unten: Huh, okay, so it talks.

The robotic T-Rex heads zoom by the window.

Unten: feel like this may be a touch bit ridiculous, Denos?
Denos: It takes some time to get used to.
Unten: Sigh... okay.

The Slaughterbus enters hyperdrive. Clockwork robots hit the windshield, with windshield wipers casually wiping off the disconnected parts. It slows as it hits the Earth's atmosphere.

Mika Sho, Guaptain, Litle P, Koloro are waiting for the bus.

Guaptain: Jeez, when is the bus going to get here?
Mika Sho: I dunno. You think they might have just cancelled school or something?
Guaptain: I feel like if they were going to do that, they would tell us.
Litle P: School wouwdn't be cancewwed, wight?
Koloro: Hey, here comes the bus now!

Slaughterbus pulls up on the stop. Unten opens the door.

Slaughterbus: WELCOME TO HELL, KIDS!
Unten: No, no, he's kidding. Get on.
Litle P: Wowks fow me!
Reese: This is going to take forever at this pace.
Hooly: That's why I suggest we do a little thing called a montage. I'll pay for it.


A montage of Slaughterbus taking 3.14 and Master Binary from a duel, White and Wheelzen from a game of baseball, Andy Pasta and Lexi Lexhan from their home, Fandro, Bob, and Bowie from a blimp, YonenBooe and Tilly from a orchard, Jake and Autores from inside of a computer system, Gorge from the Secret Altar, Roxanne from The Agency, Anna Biscuit, Zoey Peppermint, Red the Hood'em, Mr. Sew'n, and Dare from a race, Jirhea and Ignotus from a mysterious undisclosed location, PIKA from a top-notch facility, Alice Harumi, Guppy the Shark, and Giselle Zaman from a peach blossom littered lake, and Sixty Four, Eric Four, and Amy Four from their house occurs.

The montage stops as they visit Shy Guy Yellow, who is listening to a rock concert being played by Corshama while being surrounded by bikini babes.

Unten: Hey, wanna stop the Shattering?
Shy Guy Yellow: Sorry bikini babes, I must go. Return to the house in which you of came.
Corshama: Oh shit, that bus looks rad as fuck.

Slaughterbus enters it's final destination: Atlantica.

Teardrop: Why have you come to disturb me, Unten?
Unten: The universe is ending and we need your help to stop that.
Teardrop: Well, that seems like a good reason. I suppose Ella's there too?
Unten: ...yeah. Why?
Teardrop: No reason. I'll get Elfain and Scyplo here in a second.
Unten: Wonder what that was all about.

Pretty much everyone is on board now, including some characters we didn't see in the montage like Wozz, Jim of the Floating Isles, Volt, Purple, Speedy, Scratch Kat, Agent P, Mineman, Vokkskar, Black God, Dreamboy, Jane, Data, Smile, Fera, Sketch, Micool, Aingeru, Jerrix Cruiser, Light, Hama, Riddle, Heart, Danjixrus, Boberus, The Apprentice, Dark Climbers, The Three Minions, and Rubber.

Unten: Now we can stop Clockwarx.
Leah: I'm pretty sure like half of these guys we could have skipped over.
Unten: All the help we can get, Leah, all the help we can get.

Suddenly, the screen glitches out and Clockwarx's face appears.

Clockwarx: In three hours, your universe will be destroyed.

A timer appears.

Clockwarx: Good luck finding me.



Chapter 18: We Lost

Slaughterbus scouts for time energy as it shoots off the Clockwork robots, which are nothing but background noise now. Suddenly, they see Clockwarx. He uses his blade arm to cut open a crack, in which red flows out of like water, with tentacles coming out of it.

Unten: What the-
Denos: They're time cracks. Whatever lurks behind that... is not something to messed with.

Clockwarx laughs as he tears up more cracks, with space just being a fabric that he can cut through.

Shy Guy Yellow: You is big shit.

Clockwarx looks into Shy Guy Yellow's soul. Shy Guy Yellow is undaunted by him.

Shy Guy Yellow: You is biggest shit.

Thousands of tentacles surround Slaughterbus.

Shy Guy Yellow: Your family is a piece of crap.
Leah: God, shut up! We're going to be torn to pieces if you taunt him like this!
Shy Guy Yellow: Fuck you.
Leah: Unbelievable. Fuck you too.
Unten: Leah and Shy Guy Yellow, knock it off. We don't say that-
Shy Guy Yellow: Your MOM IS COW
Unten: She is not!
Leah: You ASSHOLE!!! You're going to get us all killed!
Shy Guy Yellow: Why you is gay?
Leah: It's a life style choice. Don't judge me for having covers of bikini girls.

Ella is visibly heard laughing from the back. Suddenly, a bunch of tentacles make a snapping sound.

Unten: Oh god, is that the bus?
Leah: No, it's...

Little Lenny Penguin, riding on the back of Alison who is running beside JIM, are cutting off the tentacles grabbing onto the Slaughterbus.

Rachel: Oh god, I've been under the impression this is a real weird dream but this solidifies it.

Slaughterbus manages to shake the tentacles off as Alison, Lenny, and JIM get inside the bus.

Unten: How many minutes do we have? I think I can get over to Clockwarx, who is still opening up those cracks and kill him.
Zerita: We have five.
Unten: Fair enough.

Unten runs towards Clockwarx, who almost seems to stop as Unten charges towards him.

Unten: Your time is up, Clockwarx.
Flip: (faintly) Good one!

Unten stabs Clockwarx in the chest, his hand going through Clockwarx's chest. For a second, it seems like Clockwarx may be dead. Then his eyes turn back and his body expands, changing.

Unten: What?

Unten attempts to pull his hand out, but it's stuck.

Clockwarx: Thanks for awakening me.

A flash of white covers the screen. As it returns to the scene, Clockwarx has clearly changed.

Clockwarx: Now I'm free.

Everything "melts" as the screen turns white.




Recap of Act 2

Part 3: The Shattering

Hour 1: Fantendo the Animated Series

>>>>Fantendo the Animated Series


Written by Exotoro

The Super Pokedude Anime plays on TV in Rachel's tavern. Rachel hears a strange noise from outside of the tavern.

Rachel 2: I swear to god, if it's those douchey teens again...

Rachel looks outside to see Unten, ScratchKat, another Rachel, and Little Lenny Penguin.

Rachel 2: Nope.

Rachel 2 attempts to close the door, but Unten's leg stops her.

Rachel 2: Unten, stop it.

Unten: Rachel? Wait...

Rachel 2: Say, you're supposed to have an arm missing. I remember that being a big deal when the tavern blew up.

Unten: What's going on here...

ScratchKat: Who are any of you people?

Rachel 2: Alright, what the fuck?

In the horizon comes a group consisting of another Unten, another ScratchKat, Ella Metals, Jake, and Britt in a wheelchair.

Unten: I have no idea what's going on.

ScratchKat: You don't suppose we woke up in a new reality, right?

Rachel 1: I like this one a lot better... it's a bit more normal.

Unten: No... if so why just us?

ScratchKat: We're clearly a special bunch, right?

Unten: There's more to this than what's being let on.

Rachel 2: I'm really curious why there's a clone of me...

Rachel 1: Clone? You're the clone.

Rachel 2: Uh, no. You just showed up.

ScratchKat 2: I have a clone too.

Unten 2: So do I.

Unten: What happened to your arm?

Unten 2: Long story.

Unten: Can we take a second and figure out what's happening?

Rachel 2: So the last thing you remember was that this Clockwarx guy changed and then the universe stopped existing?

Unten: Seems right.

Rachel 2: Hang on, let me call someone.

Rachel grabs her phone.

Rachel 2: How are you doing? Another Unten showed up all of the sudden; should I trust him? Yeah? Alright, love you.

Rachel 1: Who was that?

Rachel 2: Who was that? It was my wife.

Rachel 1: Wha-?

Rachel 2: Her name is Alysa?

Rachel 1: Spelled with one s, right?

Rachel 2: Yeah.

Rachel 1: I mean we kissed once, I wouldn't call that married...

Rachel 2: What happened?

Rachel 1: It lasted like two weeks.

Rachel 2: Huh.

ScratchKat 2: So there's still room for my Britt x Rachel pairing to happen!

ScratchKat: Your what?

ScratchKat 2: You've never shipped members of the group before?

ScratchKat: All I've done is really get picked up in a montage.

ScratchKat 2: Ah.

Unten: ...where's Lenny?

Rachel: He went out or something.

Unten watches at Lenny runs towards something, then stops and waddles back, doing this in a loop.

Unten: What's wrong with him?

ScratchKat: He's clearly running towards that crack.

ScratchKat 2: Can you not see it?

Rachel 2: What the hell are you guys talking about?

ScratchKat: See?

ScratchKat hits the crack with Lenny, with it cracking the sky open. The two walk outside of a broken television set, where they see another television set with the logo for "Fantendo High" on it.

Unten: Well, it was nice meeting you, but we got to go.
Unten 2: Uh, where do you think you're going? Your friends just cracked the sky.
Unten: You wanna follow us?
Unten 2: Sure, why not.

Unten 5 FTAS
Unten (Fantendo the Animated Series) joined the team!

Unten 2: Everything feels weird now...
Unten: It's going to probably get a lot weirder. That's how these things go. Let's head in.

-The End-

-End Tag-

Rachel 2: There they go. You better go too.

Rachel 1: But...

Rachel 2: You're probably stuck at some dead-end job. Don't. You'll never be happy until you explore.

Rachel 1: I'll... remember that. Thanks.

Rachel 2: Now go live your life like you were never given the chance to.

Hour 2: Fantendo High

A New Day, A New School!

*The alarm rings.

Unten wakes up and stops the alarm.

Unten: (Oh god. Today the worst day of my life begins. My first day at Fantendo High. I can't believe my family decided to change my school literally on the last year on middle school.)

Unten gets his backpack, goes to the bus and finally gets to Fantendo High.

Unten: (Oh wow, this school is even weirder that the previous one. There are squirrels, humans, weird machine things... egh. Wait, what's that?)

Two Untens, ScratchKat, Rachel, Lenny Penguin appear.

Unten: (What even?)

Other Unten: Unten!

Unten with Robot Hand: Unten!

Unten: Unten?

ScratchKat: ScratchKat!

Unten: Who are you guys? (I bet they're a bunch of freaks.)

Other Unten: Oh hang on, I think this is when I thought I wanted to be in High School or something. Haha, there sure are a lot of weird universes I remember.

Snaily Joe appears.

Snaily Joe: Good morning. Who are... all of you?

Unten: My name is Unten.

Other Unten: My name is Unten.

Unten with Robot Hand: My name is Unten.

Rachel: I wonder if this is some kind of trap...

Unten: What do you mean by that?

Unten: (This is a very confusing first day!)

Snaily Joe: Hm, I don't remember that name despite having it repeated to me three times. Do you have the Fantendo High Democratic Student Card?

Unten: Here.

Snaily Joe: Oh my goodness, you are the new student!

Unten: (Now there is an amnesiac snail. Perfect.)

Snaily Joe: So this is your last year of middle school, right?

Unten: Yeah. (It is clearly labeled there on the card.)

Snaily Joe: My assistant and also a student of Fantendo High is going to guide you through the school, Locky!

Locky: Hello, you must be the new student.

Unten: (No, I'm here to sell some fine jackets, of course I'm the new student!)

Locky: Did you say anything?

Unten: Erm, no. (Can he read minds!?)

Other Unten: Yeah, he didn't say anything, you nutjob.

Locky: Excuse me, but who are you two? You look very... how do I say it? Identical?

ScratchKat: Is that a racial slur?

Rachel: No, it's not.

Locky: Anyway, if the student Unten could come with me...

Unten: Yeah, I better get going, no offense.

The three leave.

Other Unten: I think this is some kind of maze of memories.

Rachel: And the cracks are how to get out, right?

Other Unten: I hope so. You guys see any cracks?

ScratchKat: No...

Little Lenny Penguin walks out of the school building.

ScratchKat: We better follow.

Little Lenny headbutts into the crack, and ScratchKat opens it.

Other Unten: Well, no time to waste! Let's go in!

Hour 3: Neverworld

  • Ella, Teardrop, Strafe, Jake, Gorge, and Sixty all wake up in a slimy purple pit. There they see the Neverworlder. The Neverworlder asks what Fraction they're in.
  • Strafe asks him what he's talking about.
  • The Neverworlder seems confused, stating there is a war going on.
  • Strafe heads out with the rest of the group. There they find the Pied Piper attempting to attack them.
  • Strafe awakens his dark mode while doing this and attempts to kill Ella until Teardrop attempts to drown him. Teardrop continues to try and drown him but is stopped by Gorge.
  • The group heads forward into the Neverworld. The come across a Faction called the Chess Crew, who is only made up of Nastasia (The White Rook) and King Dedede (The White King). They battle, with both of the chess crew being killed.
  • Ella hates all the killing that's happening. The group attempts to comfort her but they notice PIKA in the distance attempting to kill Fox's Faction.
  • The Neverworlder appears again but is trampled by PIKA's army, being killed.
  • Jake notices a giant crack not so far away that only he can see.
  • He breaks it, opening a new passage.
  • The screen goes black and "TO BE CONTINUED" appears on the screen.

Hour 4: Blueblood

Palutena, White, Data, and Sketch wake up as they see a Grime Corp ship and The Forces of Nature battling each other. Palutena examines the scene and notes that they are fighting over a newly created Fantendo universe. Suddenly, they are attacked by Dark Age Sqauv. After defeating him, Palutena attempts to talk to Viridi but Viridi sends out Danni to battle them. During the battle, Data manages to find a crack in the sky. After defeating Danni, the group heads to destroy the crack and breaks it open, heading into the next point of interest.

Hour 5: Fandemonium

The Empty Mansion
Challenge stop the shattering_
Winner no body
Writer of Episode Exotoro

This episode is written by Ė̳̳x̳̹̳o̳̻̳t̳̳͛o̳̳͡r̳̼̖̳o̳͕̳ ̳᷂̳̫ͧw̳͙̳̺h̳̟᷿̳o̳̪̳ ̳̺̳ͥa̳̦̳᷀l̷̳̳̣̐᷁s̳̳̄᷇o̳̳ͮ ̢̳̭̳w̳᷀͠͏̳r̳̳͜o̳̞̳t̳͇̳e̳̺̳᷀̓᷾᷀ ኸዬዼሯቄኣቒቾኖቄሠኴ፥ዮጎሪግጜ

Last time on Fandemonium...


Strafe: I remember seeing this show on TV. It's so weird to see it like this, though.

Ella: All the cameras are still here. I was here on Season 2, remember? I can't really remember much of it.

Strafe: Wonder what caused that to happen.

Ella shrugs.

Teardrop: While you two are reminiscing about that, I do wonder what caused them to abandon this mansion.

Strafe: Why do they keep doing these reality shows in mansions, anyway? Why do we keep going?

Ella shrugs.

Gorge: The security cameras freak me out the most.

Sixty: Hey Tear, I have a question.

Teardrop: What?

Sixty: When we were in Neverworld, why did you keep drowning Strafe long after he reverted?

Teardrop: I don't think that's important, now is it?

Sixty: Well, I mean you did try to kill Strafe back there, right?

Teardrop: No. I would never do that.

Jake: We should be looking for more of those cracks.

Strafe: Yeah, we're doing that.

Jake: Then stop wasting time. This should be simple.

Strafe: You're the only guy that can see them.

Jake: Nobody else can?

Strafe: Uh, no.

Ella: It's fine. We can stop for a minute. Jake, keep looking.

Gorge: What the heck is that rumbling sound?

A large red crack opens. Jake finds the crack and opens it.

Jake: Come on!

Tentacles come out from the crack. Ella, Strafe, Gorge, Sixty, Jake, and Teardrop head in.

Hour 6: Fantendo Riders: Boost

The scene opens with Unten wearing goggles and on a hoverboard. Speedy, Netnu, Purple, MadnessCrazy, and Pinti are beside him as the race starts.

Two more Untens appear in the crowd, with Lenny Penguin, Scratch Kat, and Rachel not far behind.

Unten Prime: We look for the crack, right?
Scratch Kat: I don't see it anywhere. Neither does Lenny.
FTAS Unten: What is this place?
Rachel: Ugh, I wish they had provided us with a map or something. That would be great.

Rachel bumps into a guy in a black coat.

Rachel: ...sorry, just looking around.
Black Coat: You need a map, yes?
Rachel: Yeah, but not for this place...? You feel me?
Black Coat: A map of Shattered Point?
Rachel: Shattered what?
Unten Prime: Hold up, is that where we are?
Black Coat: Yes. I don't know any more than that though.
Rachel: So, the map. Gimme.
Black Coat: That requires a purchase.
Rachel: 20 dollars good?
Black Coat: We'll throw in this Smiley Face for free. Ciao!

Black Coat steps into a black portal.

Rachel: Uh...

In Rachel's left hand holds the map, in her right holds Smiley Face.

Smiley Face: You will be my friend!
Rachel: Absolutely not!

Rachel stomps the thing, turning it into grey ooze. The ooze reforms, forming back into Smiley Face.

Rachel: We're at a place called Rider's Roost. A universe where everyone races on air boards. Races can be deadly, especially if everyone's trying to win...
Unten Prime: We gotta get going then. What if the crack is on the race course?
Scratch Kat: Then let's join in the race! There's a bunch of boards over there. I don't have any money so...
Unten Prime: Don't look at me.
FTAS Unten: Me neither.
Rachel: You owe me big time.

Unten, Rachel, Scratch Kat with Lenny in his hands, FTAS Unten all join the race late.

Unten Prime: Remember, we're not part of the race. So just look for the crack.
Scratch Kat: Haha!
Unten Prime: What?
Scratch Kat: You said look for the crack.
Unten Prime: I did.
Scratch Kat: It's funny because of drugs!

Scratch Kat hands Unten Lenny Penguin, and the four depart, with Unten Prime grabbing hold of Lenny with Unten FTAS following him, while Rachel follows Scratch Kat.

Unten Prime: Just wiggle like crazy if you see the crack, okay?

Lenny nods.

ScratchKat: Now I don't know about you, but I'm here to win.
Rachel: Scratch Kat!

ScratchKat speeds off. Rachel follows unsteadily behind as fast as she can.

Rachel: ..races can be deadly.

Scratch Kat speeds up to Madnesscrazy, who preforms the Chomp move with his air board, just barely missing. Scratch Kat speeds forward but Madnesscrazy speeds toward him with a trick called White Lightning. The two battle as the air boards run out of air.

ScratchKat: God.
MadnessCrazy: You made me loose the race!

MadnessCrazy attempts to attack him, but Rachel speeds into him with her board.

ScratchKat: Jesus! Is he gonna be okay?
Rachel: Eh, who cares. Hop on. We gotta stop the Shattering.

Lenny wigs the fuck out.

Unten Prime: Where is it?
FTAS Unten: He's pointing to the left!

Unten Prime throws Lenny at where Lenny sees the crack. Lenny pierces the crack and opens it, allowing them to get in. Madnesscrazy hits the ground close to FTAS Unten.

Unten Prime: Huh.

Rachel and Scratch Kat speed towards the two Untens.

Rachel: ...oh him?
Unten Prime: Uh, it's best not to ask, is it?
Scratch Kat: Yeah, that's a good assumption.
FTAS Unten: Eh, he'll be fine. Let's go in.

The five enter the portal as Madnesscrazy gets up to go in after them. Suddenly he is hit with a scythe belonging to Hein, who's eyes glow a eerie green.

Hein: Tick Tock.

Hour 7: Fantendo Fabric

Palutena, White, Data, and Sketch find themselves in a world made out of yarn.

Sketch: Huh, arts and craftsy. I like it.
Palutena: That's a stereotype.

Sketch loosens his shoulders and slumps.

Sketch: Yeah...
Data: I don't see the crack anywhere, we're going to have scout out a bit.
White: What are you talking about? There's a ton of cracks... with the creatures from the bus.
Palutena: It's the eldritch abominations. Not a lot of info on them but... they're bad.
Data: How hard could it possibly be?
Palutena: It's best we get out of here before-

They spy Leah.

Leah: Hmm... think I could use these in my experiments.
Palutena: ...that doesn't really look like Leah.
White: Eh, she's close enough isn't she?
Palutena: I think we're running across dimensional duplicates. That's the Leah of this dimension.
White: Hmm. Interesting.
Data: Oh my god, is she...?
White: She's attempting to battle them. Oh god, she's cutting up one of them now...
Palutena: She's using their blood for her needles.
Sketch: Now's she coming towards us as the eldritch abominations devour the dimension...
Leah: I can hear you.
Palutena: Whatever you're doing with that, it can't be good.
Leah: And who are you?
Palutena: Palutena, goddess of light.
Leah: Suppose I'll just have to battle you guys then. How fun.


After defeating the other Leah, Data finds a crack and opens it, entering it uncertain of where they will go next.

Hour 8: Fantendo Visual Novel: Fracture

Hour 9: Fantendo vs Fantendo II Part 2

Hour 10: Fanten-World Online

Hour 11: Fantendo Championship Wrestling

Hour 12: Fantendo Neobomb

Hour 13: Fantendo Resort

Hour 14: Fantendo Civil War

Hour 15

Hour 16

Hour 17

Hour 18

Hour 19

Hour 20

Hour 21

Hour 22

Hour 23

Hour 24: The Final Hour

After all is said and done, Unten and everyone else head to the last place on the map. The Clock Tower.

As they make their way up, they see all the past places they've been, destroyed by Clockwarx and the eldritch abominations. Suddenly, two Beorn Androids from Fantendo Resort appear and the group battles them in a boss battle. As they are defeated, Unten wonders how many Untens had to die, how many Zaks, how many Ellas, how many Strafes...

The group presses forward coming across a pit with books sprawled near the pit. Unten looks down to see a screen. He prepares to get up, but is pushed into the pit by another Beorn Android. Unten falls into the pit and the screen flashes on.


The song begins with a scene of some unknown hand playing a harp. The scene pulls out to reveal Zelena Neon playing it, looking into the lake. The scene continues for a while, panning out to reveal a lake and a sun set. Two minutes in it changes, keeping the melody. Zelena is staring at a camera.

I cried, for I didn't think it could be true
That you and I might have always known one another
And that we could not only evoke, but conjure a place of our own
And everywhere. That has ever existed
Is all on the surface of our dream
Now please, hear what I hear

Scenes of Unten being operated on in Fantendo Resort, Ella getting the robotics shoved into her hand by Dr. Philith, PAIN-T dying, Abba dying, Aurora being forced to follow the commands of White Goddess, Clockwarx awakening, Koyn Kisunagu going into the fracture, Unten getting his arm blown off in the Tavern explosion, all of these scenes cutting to static.

Let me explain

Clockwarx appears for a brief second.

This ugliness, this cruelty, this repulsiveness

Clockwarx roars.

It will all die out
And now, I cry for all that is beautiful

Scenes of Rachel and Britt adopting kids, Ella and Strafe holding hands, Unten going into the void with Thorn, Zak and Leila tending their wounds, Britt comforting Rachel after her drug trip, and Orithell watching Reese play piano.

Suddenly the scene is interrupted as Clockwarx appears on the screen with past scenes of his destruction.

Let me explain.

A scene of Zelena and Kyo embracing as Kyo heads up to fracture plays. Suddenly Clockwarx comes down the pit as the scene continues to play. Unten backs away into a woman.


The woman attempts to fight off Clockwarx, but he simply impales her.


Unten crawls out the pit as Clockwarx swoops out and the woman slides off, dead.

Clockwarx: There is no more Kyo. There is no more Zeitgeista or Zerena either.

Unten and the others begin to run but they all fall over locked into their pasts.

Unten awakens in front of a ship's control panel. A void is opened and the Fan and the Enemy are there, demanding that someone take the sacrifice to save the Fantendoverse.

Leah awakens on a surgery board, with the Twisted Cross waiting for her to dissect the newest patient X-Ray.

ScratchKat awakens to find himself being built by a scientist.

Strafe awakens to find his mom's dead body on the ground.

Iron Mask awakens to find himself in a version of his older body, a duffel bag over his shoulder, as Io asks where Cheryl is.

The entire group is trapped in their pasts, the visions they would rather would want to forget. Clockwarx watches as 3.14 gets up.

Clockwarx: You have no memory taunting you? Not your creation?
3.14: Why would I be afraid of my past?
Clockwarx: Everyone has a decision they regret. They found themselves here because of it. Thorn and her regret of leaving her homeworld. Unten's used to be destroying Zeon, but I guess he's looking at a decision one of his alternate universe selves made. Scarlet and burning down that building... the list goes on and on because they're all afraid of their pasts.
3.14: Why?
Clockwarx: Because they have a soul. I guess you don't have one in that case.
3.14: Or maybe it's because I have the biggest one of all.

We see a montage of Unten encouraged to go into the void with Thorn, Leah encouraged to take X-Ray and leave this crap show behind, ScratchKat told to run away, Strafe told to leave, Iron Man to exit all by the same ghostly image of Boare. We cut back to 3.14, who's has the ghostly image of Boare appear behind him.

Clockwarx: Boare is dead, how on Earth-
Boare: Don't pull your bullshit on other people, Kyo.
Clockwarx: Wha-?
Boare: You picked the path that was right for you at the time. You left behind your friends sure, and you became this... but everyone makes those decisions that led to this. Whether this ends with your death or not, it's what all of this led up to.

The characters awaken, standing on their feet.

Clockwarx: Very well. You accept the past. But you cannot accept your future.

Clockwarx flies away as the world distorts itself beyond reconciliation.


Unten: You called my name in the dark
Unten: Called me back to the start
Unten: The condensation is building tension

The group heads up a flight of stairs.

Strafe: A stubborn silence is formed
Strafe: Around our bodies it's warm
Strafe: The cool wet grasses as summer passes
Clockwarx: Frightened under attack
Clockwarx: Fallen flat on my back
Clockwarx: Arms and legs I’m too scared to beg
Clockwarx: You haunt me most when it's light
Unten: The thought of you don’t sit right
Clockwarx: I need the darkness a death grip embrace
Clockwarx: Raising cities to dust
Clockwarx: Faces dripping in lust
Clockwarx: Fallen empires and raging bush fires
Unten: All your words confounded
Unten: Secret lives bound and hid
Unten: Living backwards in tangled back woods
Unten: You ruined everything right
Clockwarx: So good I can’t see the light
Clockwarx: From my cave I can see the wave
Unten, Strafe and Clockwarx: Fallen empires and raging bush fires
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light

Unten, Netnu, Boare's spirit, Leah, Aurora, Reese, Trip, Rhys all charge towards Clockwarx.

Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire
Everyone except Clockwarx: We are the light, we are the light
Clockwarx: Run to the fire

The song ends as Clockwarx is hit by Unten, Netnu, and Boare, with Leah piercing him with a needle, Aurora striking her blade inside, Reese and Rhys blasting him with chrono magic, and Trip shooting him with a shoot gun. Clockwarx turns into a beacon of light and disappears as Zeitgeista appears, alive again and holding Kyo in her arms.

Unten: ...we're sorry.
Zeitgeista: You have got to stop taking credit for stuff that wasn't you.
Unten: So Clockwarx's dead now, right?
Zeitgeista: Well, it seems like it.

The Fan and the Enemy appear out of a portal.

The Fan: Sorry, dude kept us locked out. Sweet tunes though.
Unten: Isn't the Enemy supposed to...?
The Enemy: Me and the Fan had a discussion and we've come to a understanding. Both Order and Chaos can be bad, and the only way it'll ever balance out is if there's the two of working in harmony.
Unten: So I guess this it...

Unten stares out into the space, watching as the alternate timelines fall apart.

The Fan: That's what's left of the Fantendoverse. It's all broken.
Unten: We can't live like this...!
The Fan: The Fantendoverse is pretty much shattered beyond repair, yes.
The Enemy: We have decided to create a new universe.
The Fan: This is where things get kind of complicated.
The Enemy: Most of you will not remember what happened. The friendships you have made, the developments you have made as of late... most of them will be forgotten.
Unten: Why?
The Fan: The memories of the past universe cannot haunt the new one.
The Enemy: Your revelations will still impact your new selves.
Leah: Please don't make me forget my mistakes.
The Fan: Hmm?
Leah: I... I fucked up. I was too controlling with X-Ray. Look at me.

She forms herself into a horrifying form.

Leah: I was so set out to please myself that I lost what was important. I don't want to make those same mistakes again.
The Fan: I guess we permit you to do so.
Rachel: Look, if she's getting to remember all the stuff she did then I want to turn my life around too. Stuck at a dead-end job with no future? I saw another version of myself happily married and she told me to turn my life around. I don't want to remember everything... just the people that matter to that.
The Enemy: Will tattoos work?
Rachel: If they look cool, sure.
The Enemy: That's settled then. The universe begins anew.

Abba and PAIN-T appear back from the dead.

The Fan: Reese, Rhys, and Aurora.

The three step forward.

The Fan: This is your mother, Abba. For once, you will get to live normal lives.
The Enemy: Trip, you will be separated. The Trips inside of you will live as their own people with their own lives.
The Fan: And the Wasteland Warriors, you have a choice.
Iron Mask: May I ask what that be?
The Fan: You can either lead new lives free from the Wasteland, or you can go back to your old lives in the new universe, protecting the Wasteland from what lurks in there.
The Wasteland Warriors and Orithell, in unison: Old lives.
The Fan: And I guess that settles that. Sunnyscythe, I don't know what will happen to you but I hope it'll be good.

The old universe fades away...


Zak: Wait!
The Enemy: Vokkskar fuck, what?
Zak: Leila, I want you to come to Doodleland before this whole thing bowls over.
Leila: I'd love to, but...
Ella: Leila, you can't leave.
Leila: Ella, I understand, but this may be the last time we see each other. And I don't want that.
Ella: But- ugh...
Strafe: Go.
Ella: What?
Strafe: The whole ghost thing has made me realize I have deep and unsettling issues. I don't want to kill you and leave our kid to fend for himself like I have.
Ella: But...
Strafe: I would join you but I'm too scared of what I might do to you. It's a dumb way to think, but you have to realize that I need to sort out the issues with my dad and the whole thing... you should go with your sister.
Ella: Can't you come with us?
Strafe: I'm not going to find answers in Doodleland, Ella.
Ella: I guess this is goodbye then.

Ella and Strafe kiss one last time as Ella enters the portal with Leila and the others. The universe finishes fading away.

The Fan and the Enemy admire their work as the New Fantendoverse begins to shape.

The Fan: Had to overbuild a little, but I mean I guess it's good. So long as nothing lives in that other universe...
The Enemy: I checked... it was empty save for a single temple like structure. But I mean, come on.
The Fan: What's that?
The Enemy: It's got to be a comet, right?

The "comet" gets closer, revealing itself to be a deity. The Fan looks at the Enemy with a glare.

Mysterious Deity: Hey, what gives?
The Fan: Did we build over your universe?
Mysterious Deity: Yes!
The Enemy: Look, we're sorry, we can pay the rent and all...
Mysterious Deity: I want this all out!
The Fan: We can't.
Mysterious Deity: Then I guess you'll have to deal with me, The Threat. I'll force you out soon enough.
The Enemy: We got names for you to remember too! Don't mess with the Fan and the Enemy!
The Threat: So begins the war.

Post Credits Scene 1

Leah frees X-Ray from the operating table and burns the Twisted Cross down. Unten escapes Zeon's destruction and bumps into a couple of escape pods as he does. Strafe witnesses Lock shoot his green haired mother and grows up to be a thief. Iron Mask, PAIN-T 2.0, and Scarlet battle Orithell's army of robots. Reese and Rhys say goodbye to their sister Aurora as she heads off to Boltzmann University. 3.14 is created in a laboratory at A22 Industries. PalmMan escapes with DragonMan as MineMan explodes.

The golden age is over.

Post Credits Scene 2

We open on a warehouse. We hear scurrying and some clattering of metal objects. The camera shifts focus to a chamber. A locks opens as gas and fluids spill out and something emerges from the chamber.


Green fur and torn ears. Eyes that saw thousands of horrors. A body and face rife with scars and stitches. The green racoon stands up and stares at a intercom.

"Now, I want you to listen to me very carefully," blasted the intercom. "Your name is YE. You are a male member of the species Procyon lotor, or a "raccoon", as we refer to it. I am a human, and I'm your friend. I'm here to help you out. This lab, this whole facility really, I work here. Its basically mine."

YE will return in Fantendo - Genesis.

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