Hama: Oh man, I think I just found the most unbearable fighter on the whole cast.
Corshama: But is he fast enough to break the sound bearier?
Hama: Can he bear this heat?
Corshama: Did he make that scarf with his bear hands?
Hama: He just bearly escaped the explosion of his planet.
Corshama: Oh hey, look, he is just bearly dressed.
Hama: He is going bear-serk!
Corshama: I find this conversation amoosing.
Hama: That was fucking gold.
Corshama: Your welcome.


Hama: So, is this the guy who created the facepalm?
Corshama: Uh, I don't know a palm pun.
Hama: Goddamn it.
Inula: Oh hi everyone, what are you gals doing?
Hama: Fighting a tree robot.
Corshama: Never thought that I would hear those words in the same sentence.
Hama: Fucking science.
Corshama: I heard that PalmMan has a dragon robot sidekick.
Hama: I knew that we shouldn't let Inula mess around with the Robot-Mix-Maker 9000.
Inula: Hey, I'm still here.
Hama: What are you doing here anyway?
Inula: I don't know, being a cameo?
Corshama: Well, there it goes the fourth wall. And fifth wall. And probably the sixth wall too.

Leah Needlenam






Hama: What the flying fuck is this chick doing here?
Corshama: Uh, she is Palutena, she was here before.
Hama: This makes no sense!
Corshama: Says a flying human dragon hybrid.
Hama: You know what I'm going to call my agent to get me off this fucking thing.
Corshama: You don't ev-
Hama: CARL!? How the flying fuck didn't you told me that this girl is here?
Carl: Uh, this is Domino's Pizza, what's your request again?
Hama: A cheese pizza please.
Corshama: This conversation took an unexpected turn...
...uh, where did she go?
A note appears saying "On lunch break. Go fuck yourself."
Corshama: That was fast, even though she already knew that she would be here...


Hama: White men can jump?
Corshama: I think that line was more racist than the movie that it was obviously referencing.
Hama: I wonder what if he born black, would be he called Black?
Corshama: That must be the most lazy parents of all time.
Hama: Good thing that they didn't named be because if they did my name would be White Red Black Bits of Grey.
Corshama: Yeah, it is just unimaginive as calling a british person Britanny.
Britanny: Well first of all, I'm from France...
Hama: Well, that makes even less sense.



Ella Metals




Leila Metals

John Mogwai




Hama: I just got electrocuted.
Corshama: How shocking. How do you currently feel?
Hama: I'm kind of amped.
Corshama: Watt? I can't hear you.
Hama: I said it hertz a lot.
Corshama: Good lady, I find your manners quite... shocking.
Hama: That was bad. Watt made you tell that joke?
Corshama: Maybe you should stay off the lecture circuit.
Hama: Perhaps if we switched to another topic.
Corshama: Yeah, we've just lost the spark in this conversation.
Hama: Yup.


Mika Sho

Corshama: Hey, I didn't knew that you were a rip-off, Hama.
Hama: Shut up.




Mr. Chill

Reese II

Hama: Reese II - The Quickening
Corshama: Reese III - The Revenge of Kitty Galore
Hama: Reese IV - A New Hope
Corshama: Reese V - Book of Shadows
Hama: Reese VI - Full Throttle
Coshama: Reese VII - Tokyo Drift
Hama: Reese VIII - The Shattering Knight Rises
Corshama: Reese IX - Rise of the Silver Surfer
Hama: Reese X - Now In Space!
Corshama: Ok, this is enough.
Hama: Oh hey we made a sequel joke without using the Electric Boogaloo subtitle!
A message saying "Achievement Unlocked - Not Using A Meme" appears.
Corshama: Hooray.


Hama: She is going to swing from the chandelier!
Corshama: That joke is dead now.
Hama: Goddamn.


Beth Operatino


Dark Strafe

Hama: Ow the edge.

Doomulus Grime



Happy Face

Shy Guy Yellow


Hama: Fire!
Inula: Earth!
Swan: Wind!
Clepysdra: Water!
Corshama: Heart!
Captain Planet: Goddamn kids, only call me when you have actual problems.

Plague Master

Mr. Sew'n

Dr. Norman Gai

Hama: Gai more like Gay, am I right?
Corshama: Like yes, that joke was clearly never used before. Congratulations for your original joke.
Hama: He seems like a sane person.
Corshama: He got the PhD for killing.
Hama: What a nerd. I do that for free and I barely went to school.
Corshama: How did you learn english anyway?
Hama: Uh, Brittany thought me.
Brittany: I never taught you how to speak english! I never even met you before the tournament.
Corshama: Oh great, random pointless cameos, who will we get now? Hulk Hogan?
Hama: Holy fucking shit, it is HULK HOGAN!
Corshama: Sometimes I feel like I just need to shut my mouth.
Britanny: Can't we end this conversation before someone else appears?
Hama: Aw, but I wanted a photograph.
Corshama: Okay, let's just end this now.


This one can change depending of who is fighting Corshama.

If Hama is fighting Corshama.

Corshama: Oh hey how are you doing?
Hama I'm fine, I'm ready to kill some zombie rockstars.
Corshama: Uh, I didn't knew that Alice Cooper was in this game.
Hama: What's an Alice Cooper? A trademarked mineral?
Corshama: Gosh dang, kids today.

If Corshama is fighting herself.

Corshama: Gosh dang I'm beautiful.
Hama: I hope that you like to see your face when it is fire.
Corshama: No! My expensive makeup!
Hama: I don't even.

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