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This page is list of trophies for Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle.

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McBoo Series

That One Series With a Long and Uninteresing Name That I Do Not Wish To Remember

Henry the Moose Series

Purple Koopa Bro. Series

Purple Koopa Bro. GameCube Purple Koopa Bro. A Koopa dressed like a ninja. He is loaded with every ninja item you can think of. Machetes, shurikens, daggers. He is a strong player and well balanced. His attack, Shuriken, is his signature move from all of his many games.
Wii New Ninjakoopas
Machete Blow Wii New Ninjakoopas PKB's final smash first used in a battle against Tatan. PKB takes his machete, charges up a blast, then fires it at top speed. This attack can defeat a player with 0% damage.
?? Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle

More series coming soon...

Ella Metals Series

Ella Metals Wii Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life! The Main Character of the Series of the Same name. Ella Metals is a girl with the Power to Manipulate Metal!
Rob Ber Wii Ella Metals: Run For Your Life The Robber in Ella Metals: Run For your Life. Has learned a lesson or two

Dashed Koopa Series

Dashed Koopa VP Luigi and Cure Search A Koopa Troopa that wears purple shell, blue shell and gloves. He likes boxing very much, and he have younger sister named Jingy Koopa. His first appearance was in Luigi and Cure Search, where he helped Luigi in his quest. After some time, he gets his own series, where his friends and enemies were revealed.
Wii Dashed Koopa: Boxing!
Star Unleash Wii Dashed Koopa: Boxing! Dashed's Final Smash. Dashed throws stars on enemies, trapping them, then he throws them in the air. He then punches enemies multiple times, and stars come to Dashed. Their power get inside Dashed's gloves, and turns into gold. He them unleash his final punch, instantly defeating enemies, like it do in Dashed Koopa: Boxing!.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle

Shroobster VP Luigi and Cure Search This young Shroob is Dashed's rival. He isn't that good in boxing as his rival, but he always he been a champion in all kinds of shooting. Whatever it is - bow, gun, or even knife - he can handle it. In Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure, he showed his heroic side, as he tried to rescue citizens, but mainly Jingy.

Clyde & Dashed Tennis

Plasma Laser VP

Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure

Shroobster's better gun. He gets it, and his moves are all helped by plasma effect. In addition, he is super fast! He can't be hurt too, but because of his super speed, he can easily fall to holes.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle

Toadtool VP

Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure

Smart Toad inventor hailing from Wasresh City. He is great at repairing things, plus is having many tools, and takes them to every place. He is good friend of Dashed's, and others. In Dashed Koopa: Shadow Adventure, he is fourth party member, using tools as weapons and mechanical armors as armors.

DS Dashed Koopa: Shadow Adventure

Pusher's Pile Series

Pesh DS Pusher's Pile A Pouchet dressed as a knight, defending his home town Pushopolis from the Hazzies. In the DS game Pusher's Pile, he used his Pushy to connect Niceys with Hazzies, which were stacked up. Pesh also has a small sword, his primary weapon. He also can use a kind of shield, as seen in Pusher's Pile Adventure.
IC Pusher's Pile RPG
Pushy Attack DS Pusher's Pile Pesh's Final Smash. He jumps off the screen and appears on the left side to the stage. He opens attack, and the Pushies fall to Pesh. Whenever he sends a command, the closest Pushy attacks in a straight, horizontal line to the right. The unlucky fighter who is hit by a Pushy, receives 200% damage and gets flung away. Pushies which go off-screen return to the upper side again. Pesh stops with the Final Smash when ten Pushies attacked, or when forty seconds has passed.
Wii Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle
Pashie DS Pusher's Pile The girlfriend of Pesh. Pashie has hobbies people could expect from stereotypical women, like shopping. However, Pashie has some skills which is actually rare to her gender. Her primary weapon is her whip, and her favorite hobby is to "surf" on her Pushy.
DS Pusher's Pals
Pushy Surf DS Pusher's Pile Adventure 2 Pashie's Final Smash. Pashie flutes on her two fingers, and her female Pushy appears. Pashie jumps on it, and she surfs in the sky, ready to attack other fighters. Each time she bumps on a fighter, the unlucky victim receives 30% damage. After thirty seconds, Pashie dismounts her Pushy, which then floats away. Everyone hitting the dismounted Pushy receives 100% damage, as the final blow of this Final Smash.
Wii Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle
Besh DS Pusher's Pile The dark rival of Pesh, who doesn't care about the world, but a little more about money instead. He doesn't even care about his clothes and stuff. I mean, look at him! His helmet and sword are rusted, and his shoes and gloves got gaps! Even though he's a loner, he has a girlfriend.
IC Pusher's Pile RPG
Pushy Rain IC Pusher's Pile RPG Besh's Final Smash. He throws his rusted sword on the ground, which sticks in the ground instead of lying down. Then, it rains tons of Evil Pushies, facing to the downside. Victims only have a lucky chance to avoid this abnormal bombardment. Anyone who gets hit, bounces up and receives just 25% damage. Why not 200%, just like Pesh's Final Smash? Even Besh complained at it, and we told that the victims already get 200% damage by bouncing on other Evil Pushies.
Wii Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle
Pushy DS Pusher's Pile Platform-like creatures which ram on other things. Pesh used his own to push Hazzies off a pile of other Hazzies. Pushies are known to carry other characters. In Pusher's Pile Adventure, a Goal Pushy was used as the goal of a level.
DS Pusher's Pile Adventure
Pouchet DS Pusher's Pile A social species similar to humans. Many characters in the Pusher's Pile series are actually Pouchettes. However, there are still humans in the Pusher's Pile series. Oldton, for example.
IC Pusher's Pile RPG
Ball Pesh Wii Pusher's Pile Gravity Roll Pesh could transform into a spherical version of himself during the events of Pusher's Pile Gravity Roll. The player controlled the world itself instead of Pesh in this game. the level could become steep, so Pesh will roll the inversed side of how the player tipped over its Wii Remote. The only time the player controls Pesh, is pressing the A Button, which made him jump, and pressing the B Button, for an attack.
Turbo Lettuce DS Pusher's Pile Cabbage is healthy, although some dislike it, that's why this crop doesn't heal any eater. But eat it anyway, because it makes you speedier! You become twice as fast in everything! In moves, jumping, running and, sadly, even Final Smashes. This was put in Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle especially for those guys who wants to be the speediest guy all around.
Wii Pusher's Pile Gravity Roll
Slo-Go Cabbage DS Pusher's Pile Cabbage is healthy, although some dislike it, that's why this crop doesn't heal any eater. It's also recommended to ignore it, because it makes you slower! You become twice as slow in everything! In moves, jumping, running, but Final Smashes as well. This was put in Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle especially to trick those guys who wants to be the speediest guy all around.
Wii Pusher's Pile Gravity Roll

Clyde/Flame Series

Clyde Bomb
Flame: The Lost World
A young Yoshi born in Reading, England - that leads the Tartan Army, from Scotland. Clyde's main rivals are Flame and Fire Master, both from his nation's rival, England. Clyde's final smash uses his army - like Flame. It can get spicy if they get a smash ball together!
Flame in the Dark
Tartan Army Bomb
Flame: UK Tour
The army of Scotland is Clyde's final smash. The Tartan Army like nothing better then getting one over on the ol' enemy - England. They multiply very quickly to help Clyde. They split into groups of how many rivals there are and out number them!
Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle
Flame Bomb
Clyde: Back to Scotland
A English Yoshi - whose main rival is Clyde. After first appearing in Clyde: Back to Scotland, he's established himself as the main Flame Games villian - above Fire Master.
Flame in the Dark
Fire Master Bomb
Flame: UK Tour
He's the main boss in the Flame series, but doesn't make a appearance in the game.
Flame in the Dark

Nugg Series

Lemmykoopa24 Series

Lemmykoopa24 Wii
Lemmykoopa24: A Hero's Journey
Lemmykoopa24 is a genetic copy of Lemmy Koopa who escaped from his castle when he was created. He built his own army in a matter of days and dubbed it the New Koopa Troop. He hates evil and will always fight for justice.

Nightwolf Series

3.14 Series

Micool Series

Litle P and Sandslash Series

Karma Series

RedYoshi Series

Indi555 Series

Ace Venturboo Series

Yukimazan Adventure Series

Xero Series

Other Series

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