This is the story for Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle.


Stage 1 - The In-between

The story starts in the middle of a big battle between two great giants, one having power over mirrors and magic and one controlling rocks and power. The two attack each other multiple times, until a big light sphere appears between the two. The sphere eventually starts to absorb every mirror the magic giant throws, creating doors to multiple universes. Then, the power giant smiles and laughs at the other, starting to destroy the wasteland where the two were fighting and all the people around him.

Unten suddenly wakes up. "Oh, it was all a dream", he says. Walking into the jungle, he soon looks at one big lake in the middle of it, and, to refresh a little, jumps into it. However, when he enters it, he feels everything is suddenly lighter, and appears in the middle of a big sphere, with a lot of mirrors around it. He suddenly sees Ella Metals coming out from one of the mirrors, and shadows trying to take and trap her. Unten looks at the shadowy hands, and a battle against them starts.

After Ella gets free, Unten helps her get up, and both of them look at the outside of the sphere. They see a wasteland with nothing on it, just rocks and destruction. The skies are crimson-like, the ground full of dirt, and pieces of buildings flying from one side to another. Suddenly, Unten remembers his dream, and runs to one of the mirrors. Ella chases him.

Characters unlocked: Unten - Ella Metals

Stage 2 - Plains of Bukrestia

The Groo is walking around some beautiful, pale green plains, with a big crystal ring in his hands. Suddenly, a light shines far away, and he looks at it. From it, there come a bear-like creature and a girl. He runs, chasing them, with the ring on his hand. However, a light appears behind him, and Pesh appears riding a Pushie.

The player plays as Pesh while chasing The Groo through the Plains.

Then, when Ella Metals, Unten, Pesh and The Groo are together, The Groo smiles and his ring starts shining. He throws it at Ella, who turns into a small metal necklace, takes it and disappears, fading in the darkness.

Pesh and Unten search for her, but when they don't find her, go back to the In-between.

Characters unlocked: Unten - Pesh

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