Ella Metals 3D
It's Ella Metals! The Metal Bending Girl who has some metal to move, with he own hands. She is now ready to defeat others enemies, and she also uses her signature metal moving attack!


Ella's attacks are metal based and can be used from a distance so try not to get attacked from behind. Oh and don't let her grab you, you could fly off the stage flying on metal.

Final Smash: Ultimate Metal Move!

Ella's final smash is powerful and unpredictble. She kicks you and then metal starts firing at you until you have flew off the stage, if there still is about 5 of the 10 final smash seconds left, she will start firing metal at someone else.

Easter Eggs

Now, we will reveal some secrets in the game. When you have a Bullet BoB and use taunt, it will levitate in air. Also, when Strafe and Ella are both in battle and helping each other, they may give sometimes a quick kiss each other or hold hands to make a joint attack at metal pistol thingy. While in Lunar Lake you will use taunt, Ella will look in the background and nods.

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