Dashed Koopa 2
Hey! It's Dashed, the heroic Koopa! He gotted some major changes in his movesets. He is no longer defensive type; now, he is more offensive a like, to match his boxing liking. He also haves some secret easter eggs, and we will reveal them here!


As said before, Dashed got a major moveset change. Most of his attacks are boxing like, so he rarely kicks in fights. He is a strong fighter. His neutral special is Dashed Punch, where he gathers his power, and release a powerful punch. Sometimes, even fire can come out of his punch! His up special is the Uppercut, where he jumps, while punching into air.

Final Smash: Star Unleash

It's time for Dashed to punch enemies some more. He first throws all enemies into air, them makes a combo of punches. Them, with using all of his strenght, he punches enemy while stars go inside his hands. After finishing the Final Smash, stars go out of his hands.

Easter Eggs

Now, we will reveal some secrets able to perform in the game with Dashed. While he is in team with Toadtool, and they both taunt, they will give each other a high five. Where he is in Lunar Lake he (along with Orok, Ella Metals, YoshiEgg Nook and 3.14) will sometimes look in the background, and nods. Also, when he is in Wasresh City, sometimes while idle animation, he seems to be eating something.

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