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Fantendo Smash Bros. Scuffle is an upcoming Fantendo Smash Bros. game developed by Vaccum Inc. and Steli Entertainment, released for Vaccum Player, and Wii. A Dojo will be able to be found here. It's direct sequel is Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar. This page will no longer be worked on as of 2012.


For the Story see here.


Add your characters here we can remove them if me and Uil Team want to.

Default Characters

Series: Fighter: Description: Sprite:
That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember Unten As he is mascot of Fantendo, he must appear in the game! He has a good fighter moveset! Untendo
McBoo series McBoo The scary, pink Boo, returns to another round of Fantendo Smash Bros. McBoo's Mansion 2 McBoo Sprite
YoshiEgg series YoshiEgg Nook The green heroic tanooki comes to fight once again! YE NEW ML!!!
Henry the Moose series Henry the Moose The well known moose returns to game! Henry FSB
Ella Metals series Ella Metals Hey? It's Ella Metals? Yes! She is now ready to defeat others enemies, and she also uses her signature metal moving attack! Metalssprite
Dashed Koopa series Dashed Koopa

The Koopa with purple shell, blue gloves, and shoes. It's Dashed! He gained some new attacks while fighting on stages...

SSBX2 Dashed
Dark Fungi series Gorge The is a teenage Goru, and the protector of the Elemental Stones, but a protector doesn't mean he can't pack a punch! GorgeFSBD
Pusher's Pile series Pesh The Pouchet knight of Pushopolis, who is ready to fight anytime! Pesh FSB
Pusher's Pile series Pashie Pesh's girlfriend has some nasty moves you'd never expect to a girl!
Nightwolf series Nightwolf The shadow wolf return to Fantendo Smash Bros. with impressive array of dark moves! Nightwolf FSB
3.14 series 3.14 A pie throwing black silhouette makes nect appearance in a fighting game! Watch out - you may lose the battle spirit when he will throw a pie to you! 3.14 FSB
Litle P and Sandslash series Litle P Don't call him Marcus of his little attitude will turn into a super scuffle! Litle P FSB
Sinless series Sinless Devil
Ghost Smile series Smile SmileFSBD
Teardrop series Teardrop The mascot of Hybrid Co. He is a good fighter... mostly because of his water powers. TeardropSprite
Doodleland Zak ???

More to come...

Unlockable Characters

Series: Fighter: Description: Sprite:
McBoo series O'Lantern This friend of McBoo's is ready to return to the fray! O'lantern sprite test ML
Henry the Moose series Porkchop Children can still pack a punch. A knockout punch.
Ella Metals series Andy Pasta Get comes back with some more eggs, flour and water as Andy is back.
Robo Madness Scyplo Scyplo the robot of the future, but is he programmed to be a fighter?
Pusher's Pile series Besh Pesh's rival may have a rusty sword, but that doesn't mean he's weak!
Doodleland Series Hooly You are lucky to even laugh him, you will PROBABLY be knocked out of the arena before then! HoolyspriteFSBD
Tucker series Tucker All the way from Los Angeles, it's Tucker! He is very skilled with Hand to Hand combat! Tucker
3.14 series 4.13 3.14 again? Oh wait it's 4.13, discover the differences with his speedy attacks. 4 13 FSB
Litle P and Sandslash series Sandslash P The castle street wonder comes with some sand to slash in a scuffle! Say that 10 times, and your out, by 1! Sandslash FSB
Nightwolf series Argus Argus comes back with more power with his Ninja fighting skills, so beware of his attacks! Argus FSB
Henry the Moose series Tango the Llama Lord Tango appeared in the first game, so why can't he be in this game, but beware, his attacks are slow, but powerful!
Fantendo Silence Johnathon Hades He can run you over with his high-speed car, but can you walk over to victory facing him? Hades Sprite
3.14 series Strafe It's Strafe! Watch out for his dual pistols and don't give the criminal from Noah any rules.
Teardrop series Inferadness The classic antagonist from the Teardrop games. Can he success and make everything burn on this scuffle? InferadnessSprite
Elfain Professor Elfain, programmer of Scyplo and wife of Teardrop, but there will there be happy families here?
Robo Madness Betolpy
Game Freak series Jake Jake will be quick and agile with his special attacks, along with his hacking powers. JakeSprite



Add your stages here.

Default Stages

Name: Series: Owner: Description: Sprite:
VineVille Ella Metals series
Reading Clyde series
Pushopolis Pusher's Pile series Pesh, Pashie You mainly fight on a platform with a view to Pushopolis. However, the platform will fly to various places in this big city (like the big tree in PushoPark). Pushies appear throughout the stage, and players could stand on them. The Pushies move and attack fighters on their own.
Wasresh City Dashed Koopa series Dashed Koopa You fight on buildings rooftops in the city. This place is very huge, it's ideal of characters that rely on projectives. You must watch out through - sometimes cars drive on street, and throws various things to you. Some maybe be good, but some may be useless.
Colliseum of H2O Teardrop series Teardrop It's the great colliseum! It's where battles and tournaments are host in Atlantica. Watch out for the flooding water, the acted boat battles, and more water-based hazards!
Laser Tagged YoshiEgg Series YoshiEgg Nook

Unlockable Stages

Name: Series: Owner: Description: Sprite:
Lunar Lake Annals of Orok Marlowe Orok You fight on top of the Veelmare Bus that drives through different areas of the ever-night city, including Carryon Dr. (Orok's neighborhood street), Antic Ave. (a street that runs along the beach of Lunar Lake), the top of Mt. Solarena and various suburban neighborhoods.


Add movesets for your characters here.

Dashed Koopa

Entrance: Flies on the battlefield using his Jet Shoes.

Idle: Stands in fighter pose. After a while, he yawns.

Walk: Walks while still having his hands in fighter pose.

Jump: Jumps having both his legs and hands down.

Taunt: Takes out Shadow Cloack and he dresses it on. He them levitates, and takes it out, with saying "Aww, come on".

Taunt 2: Does some boxing poses.

Taunt 3: Looks around, while saying "Huh?".

Win: Makes a uppercut, them lands on ground saying "I will accept your rematch..."


Entrance: The screen is covered by rain, the water changes into a bodyshape, and Teardrop appears from the bodyshape.

Idle: Teardrop floats in a cross shape, while water beams surround him.

Walk: Floats in the air, while water drops fall from his body.

Jump: Turns into water and jumps, then turning into his standard form.

Taunt: Explodes, and the water forms him another time.

Taunt 2: Looks at the player, and more water beams surround him.

Taunt 3: Spins in the air, while covered in water.

Normal Special: Shoots water from his own body. Deals little damage, but sepparates him from his enemies.

Side Special: Turns into a snowball and dashes, attacking everything on his way.

Up Special: Goes higher, transforming into Steam, and then falls.

Down Special: Slides in the floor, disappearing, and then appears behind one randon enemy.

Final Smash: Forsaken Judgment, Teardrop disappears, and then appears high in the screen. Then, you can shoot incredibly powerful water streams. It's similar to Snake's Final Smash in SSBB.


Entrance: Inferadness appears from fire, while he says "Come on".

Idle: Inferadness smiles while floating and charging flames.

Walk: Walks in the air.

Jump: His tail turns into an spring, and he jumps. He can do three jumps.

Taunt: Smiles and covers in flames. When the flames stop surrounding him, he says "Are you frightened?"

Taunt 2: Turns back, and says "Nice job breaking it, hero"

Taunt 3: Stops to smile, and his mask breaks a little. Then, he heals it.

Normal Special: Shoots flying fireballs.

Side Special: Turns into a fireball, and charges through the enemies.

Up Special: Turns into fire, and appears higher.

Down Special: Fire covers him, attacking everybody who attacks him in one second.

Final Smash: Infernal Inferadness: He turns into complete fire, and grows two big red wings. Then, you can control him in the air, similar to Pikachu's final smash in SSBB.


Add your items here.

Default Items

Unlockable Items

Assist Trophies


To see list of all trophies and their descriptions, go here.

Special Features

Joint Attacks

When two characters are in a Team Battle together, they will combinde a attack of there Standard B's. For example, when Strafe and Ella are both in battle and helping each other, they may give sometimes a quick kiss each other or hold hands to make a joint attack at metal pistol thingy.

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