Fantendo Smash Bros. S.M.A.S.H is a fan-installment of the Fantendo Smash Bros. series by Annoying Inc. for the SES. It is the first installment to introduce 'character quests' which gives each individual character a kind of 'story mode' that consists of five 2.5D platformer levels with a few unlocking new characters.





Name Info

The blue beorn, most famous for being Fantendo's mascot, joins the fight once again attacking using electric projectile and other techniques.

Netnu shatteredNetnu TOSWALAUNTIDNWTR

The red beorn, rival to Unten, joins the fight to show Unten who's really boss! He attacks using his flamethrower arm and trys to outsmash Unten.


Zerita, the elegant catonea, is tough, stealthy and sometimes chaotic. She cares for the ones she loves, but to be friends with her is a whole other story.

TaBooki NewTaBooki TaBooki

Yvan, better known as TaBooki, is a boo with tanooki powers on a quest to find his parents. When he's not saving his loved ones, he's racing a car 'round the track with Mario.

Flynn 2Flynn TaBooki

After being saved by him, Flynn decided to join TaBooki on his quest. Flynn can sometimes be very clumsy and fails when practicing stunts!

Theodor3Theodor TaBooki

Theodor is TaBooki's shy but smart friend. Besides his smartness, his family thinks he is useless, a joke to the family even. Joining TaBooki's quest is the perfect way for him to prove he isn't a joke.

MQMBooMcBoo McBoo

After years of scaring people and feeling that the Boo Troop is not right for him, McBoo feels that it's finally time to settle down. Murphy is able to hover like most boos and attacks using boo bombs, boo balloons and even boo rockets.

BooberryBooberry McBoo

McBoo's loving wife and newest member to the Boo Troop, Booberry attacks similar to McBoo while not copying him entirely.

PeshShatteredPesh Pusher's Pile

Pesh was, as a kid, fascinated with knights of the Medieval age, and hoped in his childhood to become one. While not exactly one now, he acts like one and attacks like one. Pesh uses his sword in most attacks but sometimes uses pushies as long-range weapons and to walk on if high up.

314Shattered23.14 3.14

3.14 is the clumsy but brave hero with a odd obsession with pie. What does he eat? Pie. What does he attack with? Pie. 'Nuff said.

SpaghettiFOCSpaghetti Gridlock

Whilst she may look similar to the famous pink puffball, Spaghetti is a whole other story. She gets excited really easily and is shown to be hyper.

HenrytheMooseShatteredHenry Henry the Moose

Henry, the loveable moose, returns to the smash once again! He attacks using his horns and is quite the quickster.

SketchNewExoSketch Paintverse

Sketch can be a bit wild sometimes, getting into stuff without thinking, that's why in a way Pincelle works as his voice of reason, Sketch tries to help as many people as he can! The same applies here really, Sketch attacks using Pincelle.

Anna BiscuitAnna Biscuit Motor Chickz

Since Anna is very weak, she rides here motorcycle on the smash field and fires a bubble blaster at her opponents. With her everyone will live happily ever faster.

IronMask WastelandWarriorsIron Mask Wasteland Warriors

Iron Mask was originally born a orphan and adopted by Lo who abused him constantly. Iron Mask's attacks are normally kicks or punches but sometimes uses a sword which was given to him for unknown reasons.

Bombell2Bombell Bombell

Bombell was a normal, little Bomb Boo, but he didn't know how to use his explosive powers. The other Boos just made fun of him, and he left the mansion. That was until he accidentally got sprinkled by one of Booster's potions. Bombell is kind, friendly and heroic. He has explosive powers stronger than any other bomb boo.

Alice Harumi MoFS NewAlice Harumi Master of Four Seasons

Alice is a human who is descendant of a god who as magical powers based around Spring. She was created to protect Senkaihi but she never knew about her powers until she became twenty. Alice's attacks are mostly long range.


Name Series
Home Fantendo
Chat Fantendo
Village TaBooki
McBoo's Mansion McBoo
Town of Bu-Ru-Shia Paintverse
Candyland Motor Chickz
The Wasteland Wasteland Warriors
Bomblob Factory Bombell
Aozora Fields Master of Four Seasons
Nexus Temple
The Temple of Dreams Temple
Gabrielgate University Mr. Know It All
Radioactive Arena Radioactive
New York City Ordinary Mailman
Square Woods Blockz
Dibbles Stadium Dibbles Town
SEGA Town Nintendo V SEGA Racing

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