This stage belongs to Little RedYoshi.

Hey, it's the Sky Level! Wasn't this stage WORLD 1-3 in the game RedYoshi DS? It is! This stage is very similar to the Island Level, be cause they both are moving battlefields. That means if you fall behind while the stage boundary is moving, you'll probably get KO'd. So keep on the move! But even that can be hard. Why? You'll have to jump from cloud to cloud, mushroom to mushroom, platform to platform. Sometimes when you land an a cloud, it'll instantlay fade away. Be careful when you jump on a mushroom; it can sometimes be unstable and fall to the bottom boudary.

At times, a Propeller Mushroom or Propeller Block will fly past. Also watch for a Trampoline. These things can help you with getting through the stage without any problems. Watch out, though; you can easily lose your Propeller items.

At the end of the level, a fierce blizzard/tornado comes. They'll blow you back to the beginnig. Don't you feel like the king of the world when you see the entire stage when blown back to the start?

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