This stage belongs to McBoo.

Here it is! McBoo's mansion! But why did we name it McBoo's Mansion 2? Because we made some modifiactions to it! At first you may think it's just an ordinary haunted mansion, but think again! If you hit the rails on house's sides (these are holding the house, ya know) the house will collapse! Now what? While the mansion is in ruins, Pink Boos may appear and deal damage to those it touches! If one appears right in front of a fighter, the Boo scares the foe and stuns 'im! Occasionally, King Boo will come out and strike foes with his wand... thing... He may even give you a ferocious lick with his long, pink tongue! Eventually, the home of McBoo will quake and form itself back together. Now you know why this house is no ordinary place to live...

(This article was created by the FSB Rumble crewmember RedYoshi (tbc).)

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