This stage belongs to YoshiEgg Nook

It's Laser Tagged, the strange space station-like place in deep space where one of YE's adventures took place! It's pretty baron, don't you think? Well, think again! The robotic space station will light up every once in a while, as well as spin and move around. Sometimes in a match, A. S. Sailant will appear and open up a box of items. These items include any items in the game, as well as small Laser Blasters and sometimes even absorbers! However, if you get hit by a laser blaster 3 times, A. S. Sailant will get angry and throw a bunch of Poison Mushrooms at the players. Other times, a spaceship will come flying over the stage. Watch out, fighters, because this spaceship shoots lasers! Impacts of these lasers can result in a 1-Hit KO, so if you see a spaceship flying overhead, run away from it!

(This page was created by the FSB crew member YoshiEgg (tbc).)

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